Tuesday 30 April 2013

heaven & beyond ..

the sanskrit word for

heaven is



which means

swa-self (sustaining)

rg- fire


self-sustaining phire

so how does one get

this self-sustaining fire ?

since it has to be sustained by self

lets see what is in

self's hands ?


now for sustainability

actions would have to be


so what is right action ?

eating/living right is an obvious answer

but the definition of right in all that

can get very complicated

so what is a simple yet always right/correct/perfect action ?

praising/serving higher & divine

is the most right action

which is accessible to anyone

does not require any special skill or gnowledge

just a desire to evolve ( get out of hell )

& an attitude of service


reach heaven & beyond ...


Monday 29 April 2013

when the unintelligent create a world ...

in most of the cinema

which is produced on this planet

especially hollywood

( &

cinema is the

mindscape of its creators )

most of the actions

of the people in it

are incoherent to

the point of mad & crazy

obnoxious-ity and wrong attitudes

oooze out of every pore

this kind of way

would just lead to

destruction, torture and hell

as per

mutiversal pure principles

but oh no

not in their dumb unrealistic world

their happy endings


that they make it through it all fine

without having to change anything about themselves

cinema is their chance to play god

reality would always be different

and the more they repeat this nonsense

the more denial they create for themselves

and less they are ready to



only thing/step/way which is going to help


Monday 22 April 2013

rock 'n' roll

real rock'n'roll

is about having

individuation & independence

its about taking responsibility for

one's own self

self being the body, mind, spirit/soul trinity

it takes lots of

discipline, learning attitude & gnowledge

to get there

the prevalent publicized globalized version

which has idols

who are basically suicidal

and do not take any responsibility for the self

is not rock 'n' roll

that rock is never gonna roll

real rock'n'roll

is only by higher/divine

which can actually take one higher ...


culture and agri-culture

the so-called west

which is basically just a term for
translucent occupied territory

did not have any


so it is pointless to expect them to have


they did a really bad job of learning it too


the worst part

they have been/are spreading

their own

hellish mechanical chemical genetically modified anti life version

all over the planet


even worse part is that

others have adopted this madness

Wednesday 17 April 2013

the next level

the basic primal urge

of existence

is to get to the next level

of existence

no wonder than that

so many are

totally engrossed/obessesed in the pursuit

of getting to the next level

in the video/computer games

of course it does not make

a difference what one does

in a virtual space

people also misinterpret

the next level of existence

as just having more money to buy more stuff

the next level is

a dimensional concept

dealing with state after death

and charge-coherence while alive

most people have subverted this primal urge

with trivial goals and pursuits

beneath all that

the obsession for getting

to the next level is there

it just needs to be channeled

to the real levels

not the virtual world levels

or society made levels