Wednesday 30 December 2009

the maths

the maths of peoples lives

on this planet

just doesn't add up

marijuana + yoga classes + stressful relationship with a retarded boyfriend
+ hive functions + 9-5 grind + self-loathing sobbing + mantra chanting

= ?

tv dinners + sodas + jogging + meditation + corporate job
+ cigarettes + gym + achohol + love dogs + eat meat of other animals

= ?

nothing coherent

is the only answer

one can give for sure

maybe it makes sense to them

maybe they can add it up

to put 'positive numbers' in front of soul evolution

the last ditch attempt at equality

beings left with no avenue

to turn to

turn to soul

for extracting the notion of equality

necessary to give the ego momentary satisfaction

they are very sure

that the very same soul resides in them

which resides in lotusocean creator

making them ... equal

yet for some unforeseen reason

they cannot see the world for what it is


their actions are also always far from perfect

belying their very own perception of soul as perfection

if something is perfect within

that perfection would automatically

reflect in their lives, timelines etc etc

the truth is clarified by 2 sanskrit terms

which english has improperly reduced to one word 'soul'

आत्मा - *atma* or soul is a name for partial coherence


परमात्मा - *paramatma* or supremesoul is a name for complete coherence

amongst souls

by proper definition

there are varying evolutionary degrees

depending on the level of fractal coherence

goes without saying

paramatman does not reside inside every being

Monday 28 December 2009


there is no seperation between

foolishness & ugliness

intelligence & grace

beauty & truth

schism creation amongst these

is not a matter of chance

but a deliberate act

the motive ... smile

mirror mirror on the screen

only in the mirror of beauty

does uglyness see itself revealed

only in the mirror of truth

does falsehood become aware of its existence


a name for the perfect mirror

only the fools after seeing their self revealed

for what it is

in the divine mirror

get angry with the mirror &

ascribe all those faults to the mirror

Tuesday 22 December 2009

am-uni-tion, not ambition

most here don't have enough am-uni-tion

(nowadays a bad word used only in relation to weapons )

to rise above

petty ambition


and all other ambi's


is the correct word for am-bi-tion

a goal can be reached only by uni - single mindedness

not bi-furcation

breaking out of the matrix

is seen as

too big an am-uni-tion to have

for most

when even setting sights on

being the best in any field is seen

as too much am-uni-tion

they would rather fall prey to

laziness or madness or both

than have proper am-uni-tion

am-uni-tion to have permanent happiness/bliss

which is basically

having uni-ty with divine as one's am-uni-tion

is a complete no-no

conservation experts

after ravaging and plundering

most of the places on earth they set foot on

the transluscents have now set themselves up

as conservation experts

in the very same landmasses they desecrated

america, australia, africa, pacific islands etc.

they have taken it upon themselves

the task of keeping forests healthy

forests of course couldn't take care of themselves

in the millions of years

uptil' their saviours came along

more surprising in the light of the fact that

they are gnown to be not able to

take care of their own health

they are the brand new caretakers of the land

they have given themselves the authority

to decide who enters their?! land and who doesn't

they take their caretaker status very seriously

as they painstakingly check each visitor's boots for foreign soil

which might contaminate their?! ultra-well-preserved land

the older caretakers like aborigines, indian tribes, maori's etc

were surely not doing a good job

too many plants, trees and animals were thriving

they have come up with innovative techniques to save wildlife

like starting forest fires

introducing new snakes, frogs, flies etc etc from other lands

it has all backfired badly

but they are sure they can solve it by introducing another specie

or raining a certain pesticide over the whole area

no its not madness at all

its all completely sane

as they will tell you right in your face

'we are good people, we are'

(refer to eliza dolittle ' i am a good girl, i am' in the film 'my fair lady')

Sunday 20 December 2009

'ignore' at your own risk

continuing with the theme of the last blog

'the art of deliberate ignoring'

its good to see

an earthling realize

the most real of reality


majority of this world's beings

can be in trouble for

ignoring the ONE who walks amongst them

'the One' not properly depicted but than its only a muggle attempt

the ONE who holds the TIME WHEEL ( सुदर्शन चक्र -Sudarshan Chakr)

Friday 18 December 2009

the art of deliberate ignoring

the genesnakes

haven't learnt much in their

long crawl out here


they all seem to have learnt

the noble art of deliberate ignoring

some are more expert at it than others

it goes like this -

whenever they see some being

more interesting & attractive than themselves &

thus naturally feel drawn towards it

they immediately retract

& feign that they are not interested at all

instead they try to attract the other being

in their limited ways

males usually jump around crazily

showing off their physical prowess

females jot out their mammary glands and

change their gait

couples start snogging each other

after making sure they are in line of sight

some try & show off their

skills/gnowledge in loud conversations

some just pretend to be overtly happy & satisfied

some start staring into their mobile

with unflinching penance-like concentration

some go to crazy lengths to appear busy

nothing subtle about this art

what they hope to gain

from this strategy

besides giving the higher being some laughs

is hard to concieve

after all

who needs who



as the word

clearly suggests

stems from

the simple matter of

' deliberate ignoring '

Thursday 17 December 2009

myth no. 314159265358...

silly pretenders of saintlihood like gandhi

have helped in establishment of the myth -

'best way to lose one's self

is in the service of others'

lotusocean states

that such service is the best way

of increasing the ego

its only in service to the divine

can one lose one's self

service to divine

is automatically a service to whole creation


in a world where

rambling incoherently

for hours upon hours

blogs upon blogs

is seen as a talent


of anything except the accepted cliche's

is seen as

the domain of the

the *not* hip and with it

the reality however is that



of a simple genuine praise of divine

is way more rewarding for the soul


all the hip talk

the desperado's can come up with

to mask their meagre intelligence

Wednesday 16 December 2009

all the good people

most people here

are pretty sure

that they are good people

its the rest of the world that is mad & bad

it doesn't add up

a world consisting mainly of good people

cannot be mad & bad

which it clearly is

the only logical conclusion therefore is

that the majority of people are not as good as they think

nothing is more traumatizing to

people than the revelation

that their self is not good

in fact for many it is a ball of negative qualities

they defend and they cry and they scream

some say they are just pawns in an evil system

thats true but why would good

willingly become pawn in an evil system

if only they could

admit gracefully

to the inherent evil within

their road to redemption won't be so tough

Monday 14 December 2009

2 kinds of 'i'

just like there are 2 kinds of eye's

normal and third eye

there are 2 kinds of 'i's'

the dissolution of

the imperfect 'i'

only happens through

surrender to a perfect 'i'

no 'i' in d'i'v'i'ne needs dissolution

dedicated to those questioning

the bold 'i'ness of

the 'i' transmitting this blog

Sunday 13 December 2009


it goes without saying

that one's efforts are always towards one's goal

lets look at the kind of goals beings here are setting themselves

as kids it is all about plastic toys

as teenagers its all about parties

as adults its all about gaining as high a position in

society as they can

very few beings here are even contemplating

goals like

breaking out of mrityulok (3-D matrix)

not having to be born here again

in the temporary realm of pain & disease

this is the case

even when they are living in times where

all the pain & suffering of their own and others

is all very clear and out in the open

almost everyone from a sportsperson to a housecleaner gno's

that a goal has to be set first

before any effort can be made to reach it

most are hyperbusy setting & achieving meaningless temporary goals

as soap-bubble-superfluous as

the zillions of silly new year resolutions

surprisingly there is also no real change in goals

despite all the bubble bursting

which always happens in time

the happiness they expect at the moment of reaching their goal

never materializes

whether it be the top of mount everest

or holding the trophy they wanted most

thousands of goals have already been scored in football

but the heavens haven't opened up as yet

at the end of the day

the only difference between all beings

is what goals they set for themselves

Saturday 12 December 2009


discipline is loosing the battle

in a world where all the media

is screaming/preaching loudly - 'be undisciplined'

its cool & great to have that coffee or toffee

you are indestructible & no harm can come to you

most people have a fear of discipline

from the trauma they carry from the silly school discipline

which is designed to artificially fit one into society

no matter how they all try and run away from

any kind of discipline

they find they run straight into it

the school is followed by 9-5 jobs

the same society

which blatantly propagates undiscipline

puts people in cages for 8-12 hrs a day

to toil for an undisclosed goal

even basic disciplines like eating home-self-cooked-proper food

are disappearing fast

along with them will disappear

respect for the higher

the more undisciplined one is

the more unable one is to respond properly to the higher

such beings end up becoming vampiric apathetics

for them the energy of the higher is too much to handle

so they end up

criticizing, swearing, pointing fingers and shunning

it instead

no discipleship without discipline

their is a reason why these 2 words are the same


diverse branching/cutting of P(the axis) line

in simpler terms

one has to have discipline at every turn

to navigate properly

through the phenomenon called life

caPTain PT

you walk like
you gno where
you are going
you talk like
you gno what
you are doing

but the truth is
you've got no clue

you are lost
in this world &
the other ones
don't even
enter your consciousness

you are trapped and incubated

you need a navigator

captain P is a navigator
for this world
and the big beyond

he is here
to steer
the soulship home

captain P
captian P
captain PT

the one and only navigator

Friday 11 December 2009

dear prudence

from a virtue


has now become a swearword


no wonder

many find

P rude

beauty and the beast

the tale 'beauty and the beast'

was conceived in europe

for a reason

the all pervading beastliness

& inside-out lack of beauty

had become all too apparent to them

all they could hope for now

was a beauty to come along

and redeem them

but being the twisted beasts they are

they turned the tale upside down

to placate their ego

'beauty falls in love with the beast'

when the opposite will always naturally be the case

there are a lot of beasts

inhabiting the now

who are suffering from notions of beauty

lavished upon them by the lying media

and brainwashed masses

however within their beings they gno the truth

as everyone happens to look at a mirror sometimes

if they really acknowledge this fact

than they have a chance at humility

which opens up possibilties of

an eventual surrender to the divine

otherwise its just a continuous hollow souldestroying run

to plastic surgeons &

beauty parlours

which should be renamed

beasty parlours or

'beasts - wanting to artficially generate beauty - parlours'

Thursday 10 December 2009


the absolute root of

all of this world's problems


the one single delusion

people carry

that they can generate bliss and happiness

using their own self's

ideas, tools & calculations

without bowing down to the divine

the fact that they can't

stares back at them all the time

from the time when they were kids and came off

a themepark ride feeling empty

to when they are teenagers

and come back home feeling sick

after a nightout with socalled friends

people are usually old & bitter & twisted

before they even mildly confront this fact

even than they still

just clench their teeth

which is supposed to be seen as a smile

and carry on pretending

till they can pretend no more (death)

if one is really asleep & dumb

one may ask how is pollution

& millions of other problems related to this

it is easy to trace

the root of each of these problems in

negative qualities like greed etc.

which in turn

emanate from the self's absolute belief in itself

the clear gnoing of what will make it happy

and how to get it

in those whom this self-belief is dwindling

& rightly so

evil's minions are there to

reinforce it

disguised as friends, counsellors & preachers

in this time called kaliyuga

one is surrounded by this

reinforcement setup called society

& thus

needs to have a strong sense of honesty

about one's own state

to not listen to the evil's sermons

who is just looking for recruits

in its battle with the divine

Wednesday 9 December 2009

the small matter of PT's Pics

some have taken exception

to yours truly's pictures being here on this blog

insinuating it to be an exercise in vanity

so it makes sense

to reveal their purpose

they are here

to depict beauty & grace

if anyone has problems handling beauty and grace

than they are sure to have

problems handling the contents of this blog as well

divinity always has the right to express itself

in every possible way


in a time

when evil has overflooded all the mediums

with its ugliness

it must also be stated that

all these pictures have been

taken at home or in nature (real home)

no studio light magic

99% of them are untouched by photoshop etc

most are captured by the still picture function

on low resolution camcorders

not ultra-expensive high res. still picture camera's

used for capturing the ugliness in all its detail for

newspapers, magazines, bollywood, hollywood etc


they all wanna party

especially the girls

what that exactly entails

is not clearly known

there are a few general guidelines

lots of paint on the face

followed by alchohol

followed by a pill or 2

followed by some strange moves

followed by grunts & shouts & spills & vomits

followed by a very hard walk/drive back home

to meet mr. hangover & mr. leftover in the morning

almost all the effort in this world

goes into achieving this holy end

girls partying amidst big concrete structures

its the top of the pyramid

in muggle scheme of things

real party




P being Arty

Tuesday 8 December 2009


understanding requires standing under

(most just want to stand equal or over)

you have forgotten how to listen

the g of listening
the gravity of listening

compassion or humility ?

there are many out there

trying to develop compassion

what they fail to understand

is that

compassion (complete passion)

is the domain of the divine

even by the common definition

it is the onus of the higher being

to show mercy & forgiveness

what most beings urgently require is to

develop humility towards higher and divine

compassion for the lower will

automatically be taken care of

keyboard terrorism

the number of those

engaging in

unnecessary & arbitrary & illogical

battles hiding

behind their keyboards

is increasing with each passing day

every lowlife

types like a king, saint & a prophet

all rolled into one

sitting behind their little keyboard trenches

they have no fear of misrepresentation

or repercussions

'all is fair in keyboard button pressing'

is their mantra

only in pics, videos or in person

are these beings revealed

for what they are

average boring identityless cowards

jumpin' & yellin'

lots of

beastly and bratty

jumping and yelling

going on by the various genesnakes


to get attention

some more than others

they call it music, sports etc etc

what they would actually

do with each other's attention

remains a mystery

Monday 7 December 2009


what are called humans in mugglespeak

are 'genesnakes' in lotusoceanspeak

even though the diversity seems mindboggling

there are not many of them here

a gathering

comprising of a single representative

from each one

would barely fill up a school hall


two major realizations which turn

people towards

suicide (a term for childish escape attempt) -

awareness of being trapped in a hell

awareness of self's imperfections & disabilities

nothing wrong with these conclusions

( parents, psychiatrists and society will tell you otherwise! )

in fact they are necessary for any kind of evolution

its just that

people are not taught simple facts like -

'suicide will not solve the problem

just increase it '

the body can be killed easily

but the 'stupid self' they are running from

will always survive

to face the music

under even more trying circumstances


one has to gno

one is in a prison

before one makes

any attempt to escape

don't stop us now ...

they are not stopping ...

to quell the boredom

they are now holding candlelight meditations

asphyxiating (suffocating) to death in sweat lodges

zillions of workshops/seminars

held everyday in the name of enlightenment

with no signs of it

at the end of the day

can't seem to give up turning everything

into a mock circus

a meaningless exercise in pretentious doing

for the sake of doing

the 'self' making hilarious efforts


bowing down to anything higher

remains a closed option

Sunday 6 December 2009

what respect is

real respect is

is simply

giving more credence to

what a higher being has said


self's analysis

of that statement

its best to

not analyze at all

& listen

so that the words

permeate the whole being


which can only happen

by ignoring

self's incessant chattering noise

Thursday 3 December 2009


whenever confronted with something higher

than oneself

it is easy to realize the patheticness of one's own being

that is not a bad thing in itself

as it creates room for humility

but the really pathetic part is the

majority's response to this feeling

they immediately look for something

more pathetic than themselves

and keep company with it

to feel good about themselves

the door firmly shut

on evolution

devolution here we come

its all worth it

as long as

the ego is safe

Wednesday 2 December 2009

the male delusion

there are no males here

they are all just females with different anatomy

despite a nagging inkling of this fact

the illusion of misplaced masculanity

keeps on pushing them to conquer


making it very difficult for them

to surrender

no recieving =

no evolution

all the meaningless in and outs

only increase the frustration &

notions of inadequacy

as they find themselves incapable

of achieving their objective

of establishing supremacy over the being

they are desperately trying to penetrate

a real male is like shiv

one who can really penetrate

one who really gno's

thus qualified for imparting


from sperm to gnowledge

Friday 27 November 2009

where do we go now ?

the translucent race

after having created all the distractions

that they possibly could

and doing all the

consuming, plundering

cheating, pretending, feigning

have reached

the end of their tether

their last generation

can't seem to understand

why their new generation is suicidal

sheer boredom

arising from blissless activities

has hit

with no end in sight

'where do we go now '

is the burning question

the answer as always is simple

'towards the higher'

that however requires the small

matter of humility

majority of that snake is choosing

meaninglessness, suicide and descent into more

hellish states

bowing down
remains all too inconceivable

Tuesday 17 November 2009

heart of gold

another new habit

amongst creatures of planet earth

is the loose ascribing of

*heart of gold*

to anyone and everyone

every simpleton

or country bumpkin

or construction worker

is supposed to have one

heart of gold


a fractal heart

something which can

control time itself

along with the multiverse

let alone this physical universe

hollow pretension amongst

the desperate snakes(genepools) here

has reached another level

Friday 13 November 2009

who'll teach who

there are lots of symptoms

given for

kaliyuga - the dark age

in vedic scriptures

but one main attitudinal point which is often

missing from all sources

is this -

when the lower boldly & shamelessly

try to teach & preach to the higher

instead of humbly learning

kaliyuga has reached its zenith

and like all things nondivine

with kaliyuga the end is very near the zenith

Sunday 1 November 2009


just heard someone say

they love violin

well violin is related by root to

2 english words -

violate and violence

it in an instrument which

creates screeching violence for the ears

and violates the listener

prime reason behind the horribleness of

western orchestra sound

replicated religiously by bollywood

in their own band/brand of annoyance

so-called carnatic music died

the day they started using the violin

what they are actually saying is that they love violence


they won't be able to

say the same so freely

current parameters of evolutionary status

as flags of equality amongst

all homosapiens on this planet

are being waved in every direction

to completely finish off all real distinguishing marks

between those more evolved and those less evolved

new marks are being constantly installed to distinguish

between the higher and the lower

what degree do you have ?

what is your job title ?

what is your annual income ?

are you published ?

how many tournaments have you won ?

are you on TV ?

how famous are you ?

how many awards have you got ?

the ones who have more of the above are

the new higher beings

i.e more evolved souls

the rest bow to them


the more your level of involvement in the evil matrix

the higher you are

bharat & britain

bharat - the real name of india

the goddess of bharat - bharati

bharati in time became britha

britha with incorrect pronunciation &

the regular 'an' suffix becomes brittany

brittany is the goddess of britain ( britannia )

she holds a spear in her hand

so now she is

britney spears

divide & rule ?

its taught in indian schools

that the british (more accurately those who ruled britain
along with 75% of the earth's land)

policy to conquer india was

'divide & rule'

the reality is that the policy of every invader

since time of chanakya has been to

dislodge the guidance of real brahmins

this is easily done by luring the lower castes

with visions of equality and abundance

Prithvi Raj Chauhan only lost

to Ghauri after defeating him 17 times

because of not listening to his brahmin guru

thats what the rogues who came under

the banner of britannia did

they hit out against the caste system

basically the top of it - the brahmins

and put themselves up in the position of the

guide of indian masses


to this day

the west remains the guru of majority of the indian populace


they continue to wonder why is it all going wrong

no matter how hard they try

or how much work they put in

Thursday 29 October 2009

the american experiment

when asked about my views on

the experiment gnown as america

i have just one simple observation -

'no concept of moderation'

whether it be the

size/weight of people & their bellies

size of their burgers

size of supermarkets

size of vehicles ...

of course there is so much else wrong there

from the very root

but this part just sticks out

above all else

relative to rest of the earthly settlements

of course the extremism

is not divinecentric

how can it be when

they don't even

have any proper conception of it

lack of seeking/striving ?!

yes it is

and the reason brings us back full circle -

an environment

lacking moderation

when a bunch of thugs are given a large piece of land

to rape and plunder

moderation is the first quality to disappear

Wednesday 28 October 2009

emergency of emergence

souls/beings here seem to have

no sense of emergency

when it comes to

breaking out of this collapsing matrix

rather than take action immediately

they need to actually think about it

long and hard

when searching for the reason behind this

one comes to realize that

they have other urgent matters to attend to

like paying bills in time

meeting office deadlines

changing oil in the car

sense of emergency is already reserved


catching flights & trains

getting to appointments on time

problems with the mobile

emergency = emerging from a contingency

they do act like they have no idea

what the contingency is

so there is no question of emergence


despite all their heavy handed splashing efforts

most beings here

are drowning quickly in the

ocean of this samsar (world)

amongst the gasps

as they look up to see that

which is effortlessly standing above it all

they only choose to hurl abuses at it

and scream

'we are in this only by choice

and can get out any time we want

we don't need you or your help'

quite a spectacle

a show of supreme confidence

in the most calamitous of situations

Tuesday 27 October 2009


gratitude is just

short form of 'great attitude' (gr-attitude)


what is a great attitude ?

it is simply

not getting

upset or grievous

when something higher than oneself

says something

which offends the ego

or which the self cannot fathom

it is a perenially joyful state of being

borne out of real thankfullness

which flows out of true humility & reverance

for the high & divine

Tuesday 20 October 2009

the prime arguement of devil's advocates

"goodness sucks

coz it is so goddamn boring "

quite a statement

considering that the ones

who proclaim the above

are so bored themselves

after taking every

twisted ungoodly/godly turn


which can only arise from

goodness ( praising divine )

is the absolute opposite of boring &

is only labelled so

only by those who have not experienced it

ps. yes we gno that argument
is the spelling which oxfraud dictionary provides
but to us arguement just makes more sense

Tuesday 13 October 2009


in a world turning robotic fast

any emotion

no matter how negative (devoluting) it is

is seen as a sign of heart

depression is the major emotion

which sells in today's music

people are often found raving on

about how they can feel this or that song

which makes both the song and singwriter great

great always is something on the same level as them

bubble bursting time -

most of the emotions which

grip the mass consciousness

are generated from 3 lower chakras

root, sacral, solar plexus &

don't involve the heart at all

thats why most cannot relate to

lotusocean music

which deals with emotions

way beyond hurt, disaffection, jealousy,

self-loathing, fake self-aggrandizement etc

they are quick to point out

that it doesn't move them &

thus must lack proper emotion

the fact that they are apathetic &

don't really have a heart

is inconcievable

Monday 12 October 2009


there are widespread notions that

one owns their body, thoughts, emotions,

cars, houses etc etc

but the truth is that

one's attention is all one owns

and it should be used

to focus on divine & its activities

this makes the attention pure, free and undivided

the result of which is a permanent bliss state

the most fatal mistake

in soul evolution

a spiritual aspirant can do

is to put one's precious attention

on one's own self

i.e body, thoughts & feelings

mirrors have to be discarded

both external and internal

this is completely opposite to

what all the faulty systems

have been deluding people with

telling them to self-reflect

focus/analyse their own

physical responses, thoughts, feelings

basically getting them more and more entangled

in the unfractal spider web of pain & unhappiness

Wednesday 7 October 2009


in dealing with a higher being or divine itself

one needs proper res-pect

to trigger a

proper res-ponse in one's own being

which includes the

neuroelectrics in the brain/spine

& the consciousness as a whole

more res-P-ect

= more response tingles

= more resolution in attention terms

= more restraint on devoluting impulses

= more respite from tension

= more rest from restlessness

= more results in evolution

= soul ressurection ( res-sur-action )

res = rotating energy spirals
P = Pole/ the axis
ect = electric charge turnings

Saturday 3 October 2009

is awful really awefull

when there is some 'awe'

its all good

its awesome

but if one is full of awe

its deemed not good

in fact awful,

which is just a coded way of spelling


whats so bad about being full of awe

for the divine

nothing really

except that certain words & languages

are deliberately designed

to create certain impressions

Friday 2 October 2009

getting out of it

smoking pot, drinking alchohol, taking hallucinogenics etc

are all covered in the blanket phrase

'getting out of it'

yes this matrix requires

getting out of it

and that realization is good

but one must also realize that

these activities

just get one into it deeper

one can lose consciousness for a while

but after the trip its back to normal reality

and everything is harder than before

one might even die of overdose or choking

but that is no escape

as one will just have to come back

and be born again

in worse circumstances

and the same predicament

desperate but ...

there is no shortage of

desperate beings in this world

which makes sense

considering the hell it is

the nonsensical part is

their response to this desperation

which is to immediately seek something lower

be it a pebble or a pet or a pal

very few seek the higher

after their breakdowns

an obvious logical path

but deserted at the moment

Wednesday 30 September 2009

beauty & the guru

the fable used to be

'beauty & the beast'

these days it is

'beauty & the guru'

just like beast and beauty are opposites

so has guru become an opposite of beauty

if one notices all the guru's

that have hordes of followers

one finds that they all have one

thing in common ...

they are all ugly

in a physical as well as an inner sense

outer is a reflection of the inner anyways

ugliness is now the prime prerequiste for being a guru

even more so than oldness

which is now gone down to

no.2 on the list of desirables

people are much more comfortable with something

more ugly than them

it doesn't cookup that

complex horrible feeling soup of

attraction, envy, jealousy, unworthiness

which starts simmering

when one encounters something

really beautiful & graceful

the guru cannot be beautiful & sexy & rocking

i.e more evolved than them

coz that will make one feel bad about themselves

and guru by current definitions

is all about feeling good about oneself

beauty is threatening

and by current definitions

guru has to be non-threatening

no real attraction generated by the guru


no loss of control for the self

since divine has the attributes

of ultimate beauty & grace

in overflowing abundance

it cannot be a guru

just doesn't fit the job description

the name game

so many now

especially from the west

are changing their names

to holy sanskrit terms

like gauranga das, sati devi,

savitri, tripurasundari,

krishna acharya, ma bhavna, hansavatar

kali ma, yogeshwari, yogmata,

nagarani, harihara dev
... list is longer

than the oxfraud english dictionary

they can't even pronounce these names properly

let alone

live upto the godly qualities these names


why bother changing the inner qualities

and intention

when one can just change one's name

and Be it

just another twist

from the earth genepools

to keep themselves from

really evolving

soft D's and T's

the fact that

english & all european languages

are missing

soft D (Ḏ) and T (Ṯ)

means that

all people restricted

to these languages

end up missing

this softness

in their minds

& consequently their consciousness as well

a deliberate ommission ?

hard D = Demons

hard T = Titans


you can find soft Ṯ and Ḏ in the vocals here

Tuesday 29 September 2009

eye brow eye(i) bow

the upper eye brow & lid

has to bow

it is the

first step

in the important

business of

proper agreeance

jaw follows

then neck

spine after that

a body language

fast disappearing off

the face of this planet

Friday 25 September 2009


in today's society

getting upset

in interpersonal dealings

is seen as a natural reasonable response

no one thinks twice about it

it is seen as one's birthright

almost like spitting

on sports grounds

when one gets UpSet with someone

one is actually setting themselves Up

above the other person

and judging them from that higher ground

like most words

the word Up-Set clearly carries its meaning within itself -

Setting oneself Up

i.e giving oneself a higher evolutionary status

this is all OK if that is actually the case

but if it is not

one is just setting oneself Up

for a fall

Thursday 24 September 2009


it is significant that

the root of the word 'Significant'

lies in the star constellation

Cygnus ( real spelling - 'Signus' )

also known as

The Swan


The Northern Cross

Cygnus X-3 bombards earth

with high energy cosmic rays

called 'Signets'

which is the root of the word

Signature ( Signet-ure )

even the word 'Sign'

comes out

the term Signus

which was The Sign

to look for

in the night sky

after all

its where Cosmic Signals came from ...

the fact that

devi's (goddesses) like

Saraswati & Laxmi

are portrayed

riding swans

is no longer insignificant

and no you would not find this

information anywhere in a book

or anywhere else on the internet

Wednesday 23 September 2009

divine impersonation

many these days

are playing flute

and posing with cows

to imitate krishna

and in doing so

aim to achieve equality with divine

in their great wisdom

they don't expect divine

to have enough intelligence

to change its garb

to suit a different time & age

flute always represented sound

cows were metaphor for pious souls

trapped in an evil matrix

the enchantment

& eventual release

could be carried out through

any instrument

electric guitar is the

appropriate one for this age

divine sound & light cannot be imitated

the difference is clear to those who seek sincerely

just sports

this is not a medieval torture chamber

it is not a lewd masochistic porn film either

its just a fun & friendly sport

in an unbeastly hypercivilized modern world

please turn up the volume for the full effect

surprisingly this is very close

to how they

partake in the pleasant sport called sex

as well

no pain & torture involved at all

alls perfectly well with these beings

& the world in general

Tuesday 22 September 2009


quest for a 'soulmate'

occupies the mind, heart, time & energy

of millions of females

around this planet

all woes are supposed to end

life becomes worth living

happiness pervades

whence this soulmate is found

going by these assumptions

the 'soulmate' has magical properties

not usually found in any muggle

however the search domain is

firmly restricted to muggleworld

no surprise than

the frustration that follows

its clear that they are not looking for

anything higher than them

as evolution is not on the agenda

neither is there any interest in the servility

that kind of relationship demands

its also inconceivable that

a being this magical is

going to be loyal only to them

goes without saying that someone on the same level or below

will be hmmm 'boring'

it seems that the search is

either for a pet-dog-mate or

a private-trapped-genie that serves them

forever and ever

an unlikely prospect

and even if it happens

will that bring happiness ...


Monday 21 September 2009

the rules

most people on this planet

are quite sure about

whats good for them

and they move towards it with confidence and gusto

they don't need any real guru ( higher being )

to tell them

whats good for them

even the guru's they choose are

according to their rules

rather than actual evolutionary differences

they trust their own perceptions

& rules

even if

it all leads them to utter misery & confusion ...

they can discard rotten vegetables

with ease

but not 'the failed rules'

they can cry, torture themselves

but letting go of the rules is out of question

in the end

even divine has to fit their hocus pocus rules

Sunday 20 September 2009

clap clap

in muggle world

anything organized

is clapworthy

and has to be gotten into

especially if they

bought the ticket

celebration of the misery

Tuesday 15 September 2009

service compendiums

lets deal with another

swearword in modern parlance


which is deemed okay in reference to

made-up inanimate collective franchises like a

football club, company or government

but a complete no-no when

used in context of individual dealings

the ancient vedic literature

called Puranas

which the epics Mahabharat and Ramayan

are a part of

can easily be called

'Servant/Service Compendiums'

to make them relevant in today's world

they are all primarily aimed at

showing how one should serve the

higher & divine

whether it be Hanuman serving Ram

or Kunti serving Durvasa

or various disciples serving their respective guru's

the primary emphasis of todays world

is to get

as far away from

the servant/serving state as possible

thats why the peasants are trying to become

govt. officials and corporate ceo's

only to find that they end up serving

something or the other

not necessarily higher than them

in terms of soul evolution

to put it straight

they end up serving the evil demiurge

this obviously has been propagated from

what is now called 'the west'

where the whole servant compendium was

limited to

'how to be a butler'

but the butler archetype was no real servant

as it expected things in return like pay etc

and was many a times smarter than its master

the hierarchical system propagated by the west

was not based on soul evolution

which was a given

considering that they occupied a very low position in

spiritual hierarchy

instead of humbly rising upwards

they decided to turn it upside down

and put themselves on the top

by simple methodologies like 'divide & rule' &

setting up money systems completely under their control

to make others serve them

they conveniently forgot that

any upside down system has its fatal repercussions

& a time limit

the sand is running out ...

higher & lower

in a world where equality

is a mass slogan

propagated by evil's minions

applied to gender, race, beings etc



are seen as swearwords

lotusocean declares

that there is higher and lower

the definition of

a higher being

is quite simple

'a being is higher than oneself

if the being is more connected to the divine than one is'


how will we gno etc.

it is very clear within the first instant

to those that are honest

if one doesn't gno how to behave properly

with a higher being

one has no chance of progressing towards the

eternal delicious overwhelming bliss that is divine

Monday 14 September 2009

legal & organized suicide

in muggle world

goodness statements like

'its not good to laugh at

misfortunes of others'

are sported about like divine laws

but how do these misfortunes come about

in the first place ?

in the parts of the world

populated by a certain race

most of them come through

meaningless activities

like skateboarding, bmxing,

mountain biking, binge drinking,

motor racing of a zillion types,

bungeejumping, speed wrappling

stunt jumping, daredevil shows,

high wave surfing and

numerous other society sanctioned activities

legal ways to attempt suicide

where injury is not a misfortune

but a fortunate option

organized torture

to quell the

divineless boredom

they don't want all this to be laughed at

just encouraged

Sunday 13 September 2009


when they say

vampires cannot handle the sun

it actually means that

vampires cannot handle the truth

which reveals them for what they are

sun is just a symbol for truth

one can practically see

all the vampires

squirming, wailing &

running away

as they read words on this blog

not many on this planet can handle

the words in lotusocean blog

which tells us a whole lot about the creatures here

contrary to popular perception

all vampires don't literally drink blood

there are different ways of manipulating and drawing energy

the main characteristic of vampires is that

as a result of their disconnection from divine

they don't generate their own fire (blissforce)

they rely on stealing the fire of others

and of course

the truth hurts

Saturday 12 September 2009


education is a big word

in this world

when none is actually happening

the so-called educators

going under the accepted social term 'teachers'

gno nothing themselves

but have assigned themselves the role

to set up curriculae, tests &

environments for learning

under the banner of change & improvement

one encounters jokers

who aim to breathe life into

this fundamentally faulty & dead system

where instead of evolution

jobs & fitting in is the key

they consider themselves

experts on what is good for kids and others in general

without being sure about

what is good for themselves

the fact is that

in countries like india

where education is the buzzword

it is way more difficult to talk sense

with an educated person

than with an uneducated villager

belief in temples is dying but

the belief in

schools, colleges and universities

shows no signs of abating

education in its current context

is simply a conveyer belt

to churn out slaves for a borg system

all its grandiose institutions

consuming enormous resources

are no different from waste landfills

this pseudoeducation doesn't tackle

any real issues like

life or death

what else is there anyways

Friday 11 September 2009

instant ascension

after instant coffee and noodles

there are many out there

who are seeking

instant enlightenment and evolution

the newagers are saying its possible

without any bowing down or discipline

since the demand & clientel is rising

charlatans are appearing out of every corner

its all just a few bucks away now

the new way they call it

goes without saying that

none of it involves surrender to the divine

its all fueled by

the jealousy they feel towards those who are higher than them

the root of this whole phenomenon is

the drive to (quickly) reach that exalted state

to restore parity

the final aim is to become equal to the divine

in a crash course

no penance required

no changes in attitude required

just some pretension and currency will suffice

Tuesday 8 September 2009



the entals

mental, dental, rental ...

Saturday 5 September 2009

youtube tubing tuning

although its originators intended
a cathode ray tube television connotation
it happens to be that
the name/term
implies tubing
which at a core level
refers to
projecting the inner sound
in the outer 3-d physical
through tubes
also known as valves
which are the heart of a tube/valve amplifier

tubes are the best way for
expressing ones own individual sound
because they
besides being analog (warm & full bodied)
program themselves to the
player's touch and expression
everytime one plays through them
its a quantum etheric electric bonding

so the same tube amp will
sound very different
even after a week of use
by 2 different electric tube guitar players

Friday 4 September 2009


Time =

T = Turning

i = line to circle

m = matter

e = energy


time is the turning which causes light energy (line) to turn into matter (circle)

time can be created

time can also be inhabited in

just like one inhabits a physical body

its called a timebody

thats what timelords do ...

Kaal the Sanskrit term for Time

also has the same meaning

Kaa = Charge

eL = rotation

Kaal = Charge Rotation

Sunday 30 August 2009

lets get physical

the number of gyms around the world

is growing at an exponential rate

because the number of

those who think that

physical strength is the only real reflection

of a being's power & strength

is growing exponentially too

the lower the soul spark

the more the effort to get muscle bulges

its termed as having a 'personality'

in their worldview

only this bulky personality commands respect

hollywood, bollywood etc concur

these people find it easy

to laugh at & put down paperthin sages

after all what harm can possibly come

from something they see as physically weak ?

since no school or tv programme teaches it

they don't gno that

the damage a rishi (seer,sage) can inflict

from uttering just one syllable

will outlast millions of years of beatings by a million rambos

such beings with intense soul power

can be easily spotted through their characteristics

which include actual physical effects

on nature & surroundings

along with effortless beauty & grace

but this vision is blocked for those

mesmerized by the pale grandeur of physical prowess

Thursday 27 August 2009


people ask

why am i amused all the time

its due to

the timeless muse who resides within

and only

the muse can cause a-muse-ment

it creates muse-ic too

without relying on

fleeting moments of inspiration

Tuesday 25 August 2009

good and bad qualities

there is a whole lot of
discussion and confusion regarding
what exactly are good (positive) qualities and
what exactly are bad (negative) qualities

the answer is quite simple
the qualities which allow one
to behave appropriately infront
of a being higher than themselves
are good qualities
and those that don't
are bad qualities

there are of course the minions of evil demiurge
who would propagate that
there is no good and bad
but than they will also say that
there is no such thing as evolution either

Sunday 16 August 2009

the farce farce

some beings of this planet
suddenly wake up to label certain activities
& happenings out here as a farce

this farce label is only meant to lend credibility to
the organized collective activities as a whole
ascribing them some divinely ordained purpose

the 'love all' crowd

whenever i am confronted

with someone from the everexpanding

'love all' & 'god is in everything' crowd

i say

its time to show it

you can start with using all your bank balance

to feed the hungry children in africa, india ...

if you really love all

than you better be the busiest person in the world

coz all of your loved ones are in need of help

what a gimmick they have come up with

to completely eliminate all

division between the higher & the lower

in evolutionary terms

just because they simply refuse to accept

that something can be higher than them

which they might have to bow down to

it also gives them equality with god

coz they love all and god loves all

so they = god

misutilization of the word love

has reached its climax

only a tortured future awaits this hypocrisy

Saturday 15 August 2009

the euro pact

one hardly ever see's

a euro ( member of a european union nation )

laughing at another euro

no matter how hilarious the accent, music, attitude etc.

germans don't laugh at frenchies or italians

and vice versa

only the brits have the license to make fun of them all

there has to be some invisible unwritten pact

amongst the euros

which keeps the natural reaction from taking over

a vow of silence

which never speaks out

against the ridiculuos within the hive

under the garb of manners

the same folks are seen laughing madly

at other genepools/hives habits, accents etc

outside of the euronet

the known dislike which euro's share for each other

makes the whole situation more hilarious

india is home to many hives ( bengali, gujrati, marathi ... )

but has no such pact

a situation which supports a more realistic view of affairs

Tuesday 11 August 2009

आराम (AaRaam)

how hindi has some
logical intrinsic sense in its word structures
can be seen through this example

आराम (Ease, Comfort, Contentment)
आ राम (Come Raam)

which means
Ease, Comfort & Contentment
are only possible if one calls out for Raam
which is basically another name for Divine

Thursday 30 July 2009

the lightworkers

there is a general thinking

in those wanting to evolve

that evolution depends on

going to the right organic health food store

all kinds of practices

like past life regression, reiki, fengshui,

personal channeling, dna activation,

astral projection, vipassana, group meditation etc etc.

have been propagated by new agey charlatans

they call themselves the lightworkers

surely a pun

coz they are in reality evilpropagators

beings struggling with their own soul direction

are talking about & actually attempting

planetary grid restructuring

they are talking about 3rd eye activation

without having even a basic kundalini experience

they are going to heal the world

through their out of shape bodies & lowvoltage auras

people find that no matter

how many of these practices they do

the end result is blisslessness & depression

one cannot expect anything else

from something which is done

for pretension/image

the simple fact that

all that is required is

a humble attitude

towards divine

eludes them

they want to reach higher states

without a change in basic internal attitude

the new motto is -

i would do anything for ascension

but i won't do that

Friday 24 July 2009

Friday 17 July 2009


muggle is a term that is used

repeatedly in

lotusocean blogs

so its best to throw some light on it

a muggle

as now many children gno

courtesy the hari-putra (harry potter) books

is simply a non-magic person

i.e someone completely unaware

of the greater realities beyond

the 3d physical matrix

muggle is basically a being

who accepts the 3-d prison reality

as the only reality

and spends its time

continuously creating & dealing with petty problems

it goes under many pseudonyms

average joe, simple person, mass, mob, dude, bloke

it desperately tries to eek out happiness

in domains which don't have any

it defies divine

& creates tailormade gods suited to its own narrowmindedness

it has opinions

but no gnowledge

it has thoughts

but no clarity

it is theroretically awake

but practically asleep

it has fear

but no real curiosity

it has questions

but does not want any answers

on the edge

most of the muggle time

is spent trying to make

sense out of nonsense

that is institutions

educational, religious or beauruecratic

they are all on the edge

of insanity

but somehow still don't lose faith

that things will work out

only if this or that was changed

its like expecting

something rotten from the root

to bear fruit

Saturday 11 July 2009

CropCircle Phenomenon Explained


majority of people's actions are not guided

by any real purpose or intent


by restlessness

if the intent is not to serve the divine

there is an inner lack of bliss & fulfillment

which leads to restlessness

this restlessness is the main driving engine of evil

all that is unnecessary & negative & devoluting

stems from this perpetual neverending restlessness

Thursday 9 July 2009


ignorance leads to excitation
from almost anything

the experience leads to boredom

boredom may lead to real gnowledge

real gnowledge leads to excitation
from the divine and divine only

this excitation is the only real bliss

Monday 6 July 2009

the numbers game

these days the validity of anything

is supposedly dependent on

how many attest to it

the numbers rule

whether its youtube, myspace, elections or selections

the mob cannot be wrong

no they are not just mindprogrammed zombies

they are all wise sages full of precise discernment

going by this logic

if thousands of flies

gather around some shit

than that shit isn't shit anymore

used the word 'supposedly'

coz the world is still ruled by a handful of beings

and they don't rely on the mob ratings

they control & manipulate the mob ratings

a birdtribe emblem cropcircle appears in response to lotusocean sound & light

Saturday 4 July 2009


Mist is the root of the word
they told you to spell as
to further mistify the mistery

Mistery only exists outside
because of the
Mist inside the minds of beings

Friday 26 June 2009


many people on this planet
especially the new-agey kind
are expecting some ufo's to arrive
out of which some et's will step out
and solve all of the world's problems

it doesn't occur to them that et's
can have problems of their own
they don't realize that anything
that is still in 3-d universe
and heavily reliant on
blissless technology like metal craft
is nothing but a problem

they are ready to see et's as gods
in their eyes
anything with more tech = god

even amongst socalled experts
it is now fashionable to reduce the term 'god'
to some et's called annunaki who
genetically engineered homosapiens
yes the masses were programmed to see them as gods
but surely these experts
once they have given up their petty ego's
and stop spreading the lie that
'everyone is god'
can find a way for a
much more higher & all encompassing definition

the whole concept of evolution
is now so mixedup with technology
that they cannot fathom
advancement in spiritual terms

there are and have been beings
on this planet who are much more
evolved and have gotten much closer to the truth
than any et
but as the saying goes
'grass always looks greener in the other field'

the beings which come here from
higher planes of existence are the
real extra-terrestrials
( called 'avatars' in vedic terminology )
the word 'terrestrial'
refers to the whole earth(terra) plane
which according to the vedic puranas
includes the whole physical universe (bhumandala)

there is news for those waiting on ufo's/et's
they are already here
they have been here for a long time
they run the affairs on this planet (shadow government)
and is everything going groovy ?

it is just common sense to realize that whether its
the et's or the spanish conquistadors
the whole scene is driven by selfish motives

only those who have surrendered to the divine
do not have such motives
and those beings can be found on this planet
as easily
as any yoda(s) from any other planet in our galaxy
or other galaxies

Wednesday 24 June 2009


only real P-reaching

is the one

which helps one to reach P

Saturday 20 June 2009


'friendship' is another concept

accepted by society

& pushed vigourously by the media

but why friendship ?

coz it is the best distraction

for your already dizzy attention

your friends are basically

people on a similar level to you

that don't hurt your ego

in fact

friendship is a mutual ego pampering circle

friend = free-i-end

simple put

the one who puts an end to

'a chance at freedom'

thus in its modern 'english' sense

it is anti-evolution

in earlier times disciples under a common guru

could be friends

they all helped each other

in a quest for evolution

the friends of today have a different role

they assist you in your quest for hell

it is a collective escape pod

friendship of today

curtails any slight chance of

the flowering of the delicate seed of individuality

it unashamedly promotes hive mind

this socalled friendship creates a blanket

which distracts one from seeing

the reality of their hellish existence

like buddha did

unfortunately he didn't have friends

so he could not just carry on smiling & laughing

he had to seek the 'truth'

not only does friendship cause one to not seek the higher

it promotes confrontation with the higher

the street gangs you see heckling people

are never just one person

people lose their head in the strength

which comes with numbers

they feel invincible

what the whole mindset is can be summed up in -

better to have company in hell

than to be alone on the road to heaven

Tuesday 16 June 2009

the first step

when people ask me

what is the first step

for betterment of this world

i say that the world has to

stop misusing these 3 words

' Love ' , ' Free ' & ' God '

the rest will all fall into place

the energy paradox

the same person

on the street

who is very energetic

in its selfish pursuits for happiness

(eg. teenage girls out on the prowl in

miniminiskirts & skimpiest tops

in the coldest midwinter nights )

which somehow always eludes it

is often found to be

completely berefit of all energy & zest for life

when it comes to serving divine

( the same girls would suddenly feel

very cold & lethargic

if assigned any evolutionary task by any higher being

in the same weather/conditions )

the only action which can

give it the happiness it desires

it fails to find the energy for

BirdMan - Setting the Record Straight

a cropformation which appears on 14th Jun 2009
puts the whole mystery to rest ...
the message can no longer be refuted

Sunday 14 June 2009

BirdTribe Phoenix CropStamp ~ 12 Jun 2009

the cropformation imprints keep on going
the lotusocean direction ...

birdtribe phoenix right thru
the heart of the sun

Wednesday 10 June 2009


there are lots of attempts at singing
by various genepools here on earth

from an objective outsiders look
it is seen that
most of these genepools haven't
even learned to speak properly
i.e speak from the center of their mouths
they all speak in lopsided twisted ways
either to the left or to to the right
if you don't believe
switch on the telly
and start paying attention

toddlers learn to walk before they run
but here people learn to sing
before they can speak

all twisted & annoying wailing, screaming
passes off as singing as long as
it aims to hit some funny intervals called notes

no intonation or mantric power
in the voice
is seen as a requirement for singing
in fact it is taboo
to be that impactful
singing is afterall just one part of
the light entertainment circus

'gnoing' is also not seen as having any relation with 'the voicing'
despite the fact that all tales tell an opposite tale
'the voice' of benegeserits in dune
which can command or
'the voice' of sages in the puranas
which has a direct soul impact
anything real with any power has to be avoided
simply coz its not something one can relate to ...

Tuesday 9 June 2009

3 Fishes - Another त्रि Formation

another chapter in our cropcircle saga

how cropcircles/formations
have been following lotusocean intent

in this case the response was to the
following film -

Monday 8 June 2009

त्रि (Tri) Response Formation - 05 Jun 09

another chapter in our cropcircle saga
how cropcircles are following lotusocean intent

in this case the response was to the following film

Friday 5 June 2009


'worlds most amazing videos'

name of a TV progam

the content -

police car chases,

extreme stunts, torture, misfortune,

dumbness, madness, craziness

it is all part of mild easy lightweight entertainment

amidst all the loud crashing & chaos

its easy to forget that

it defines the word 'amazing' for the masses

Thursday 4 June 2009

the deal

there are those

who think that deals

which involve the soul

for fame & fortune are a myth

so lets hear it straight from a 'famous' mouth

if the voice won't chill you

the content will

yes 'the world we can't see'

people do need temptations

to grind in this hell

created by evil

some are ready to work for less

some ask for more

DragonFly Response Formation ~ 03'06'09

Wednesday 3 June 2009


on the surface

this world's structures

seem to give you many options

option to be in sports, movies, farms, festivals, religions ...

the self sees all this choice as freedom

when it is just one big trap for soul-slavery

as long as one chooses from options provided

by the society, system or establishment

or whatever else one wants to call it

one will never break out

of this hell

option of choosing amongst the many rooms on the titanic

as it sinks

is not really an option

Monday 1 June 2009


when P lays

its Play

when P is arty

its Party

P = the axis

of the multiversal tree

in other words

P is the Pole you spin around

what was lost is now being found

alternative text