Wednesday 30 December 2009

the maths

the maths of peoples lives

on this planet

just doesn't add up

marijuana + yoga classes + stressful relationship with a retarded boyfriend
+ hive functions + 9-5 grind + self-loathing sobbing + mantra chanting

= ?

tv dinners + sodas + jogging + meditation + corporate job
+ cigarettes + gym + achohol + love dogs + eat meat of other animals

= ?

nothing coherent

is the only answer

one can give for sure

maybe it makes sense to them

maybe they can add it up

to put 'positive numbers' in front of soul evolution

the last ditch attempt at equality

beings left with no avenue

to turn to

turn to soul

for extracting the notion of equality

necessary to give the ego momentary satisfaction

they are very sure

that the very same soul resides in them

which resides in lotusocean creator

making them ... equal

yet for some unforeseen reason

they cannot see the world for what it is


their actions are also always far from perfect

belying their very own perception of soul as perfection

if something is perfect within

that perfection would automatically

reflect in their lives, timelines etc etc

the truth is clarified by 2 sanskrit terms

which english has improperly reduced to one word 'soul'

आत्मा - *atma* or soul is a name for partial coherence


परमात्मा - *paramatma* or supremesoul is a name for complete coherence

amongst souls

by proper definition

there are varying evolutionary degrees

depending on the level of fractal coherence

goes without saying

paramatman does not reside inside every being

Monday 28 December 2009


there is no seperation between

foolishness & ugliness

intelligence & grace

beauty & truth

schism creation amongst these

is not a matter of chance

but a deliberate act

the motive ... smile

mirror mirror on the screen

only in the mirror of beauty

does uglyness see itself revealed

only in the mirror of truth

does falsehood become aware of its existence


a name for the perfect mirror

only the fools after seeing their self revealed

for what it is

in the divine mirror

get angry with the mirror &

ascribe all those faults to the mirror

Tuesday 22 December 2009

am-uni-tion, not ambition

most here don't have enough am-uni-tion

(nowadays a bad word used only in relation to weapons )

to rise above

petty ambition


and all other ambi's


is the correct word for am-bi-tion

a goal can be reached only by uni - single mindedness

not bi-furcation

breaking out of the matrix

is seen as

too big an am-uni-tion to have

for most

when even setting sights on

being the best in any field is seen

as too much am-uni-tion

they would rather fall prey to

laziness or madness or both

than have proper am-uni-tion

am-uni-tion to have permanent happiness/bliss

which is basically

having uni-ty with divine as one's am-uni-tion

is a complete no-no

conservation experts

after ravaging and plundering

most of the places on earth they set foot on

the transluscents have now set themselves up

as conservation experts

in the very same landmasses they desecrated

america, australia, africa, pacific islands etc.

they have taken it upon themselves

the task of keeping forests healthy

forests of course couldn't take care of themselves

in the millions of years

uptil' their saviours came along

more surprising in the light of the fact that

they are gnown to be not able to

take care of their own health

they are the brand new caretakers of the land

they have given themselves the authority

to decide who enters their?! land and who doesn't

they take their caretaker status very seriously

as they painstakingly check each visitor's boots for foreign soil

which might contaminate their?! ultra-well-preserved land

the older caretakers like aborigines, indian tribes, maori's etc

were surely not doing a good job

too many plants, trees and animals were thriving

they have come up with innovative techniques to save wildlife

like starting forest fires

introducing new snakes, frogs, flies etc etc from other lands

it has all backfired badly

but they are sure they can solve it by introducing another specie

or raining a certain pesticide over the whole area

no its not madness at all

its all completely sane

as they will tell you right in your face

'we are good people, we are'

(refer to eliza dolittle ' i am a good girl, i am' in the film 'my fair lady')

Sunday 20 December 2009

'ignore' at your own risk

continuing with the theme of the last blog

'the art of deliberate ignoring'

its good to see

an earthling realize

the most real of reality


majority of this world's beings

can be in trouble for

ignoring the ONE who walks amongst them

'the One' not properly depicted but than its only a muggle attempt

the ONE who holds the TIME WHEEL ( सुदर्शन चक्र -Sudarshan Chakr)

Friday 18 December 2009

the art of deliberate ignoring

the genesnakes

haven't learnt much in their

long crawl out here


they all seem to have learnt

the noble art of deliberate ignoring

some are more expert at it than others

it goes like this -

whenever they see some being

more interesting & attractive than themselves &

thus naturally feel drawn towards it

they immediately retract

& feign that they are not interested at all

instead they try to attract the other being

in their limited ways

males usually jump around crazily

showing off their physical prowess

females jot out their mammary glands and

change their gait

couples start snogging each other

after making sure they are in line of sight

some try & show off their

skills/gnowledge in loud conversations

some just pretend to be overtly happy & satisfied

some start staring into their mobile

with unflinching penance-like concentration

some go to crazy lengths to appear busy

nothing subtle about this art

what they hope to gain

from this strategy

besides giving the higher being some laughs

is hard to concieve

after all

who needs who



as the word

clearly suggests

stems from

the simple matter of

' deliberate ignoring '

Thursday 17 December 2009

myth no. 314159265358...

silly pretenders of saintlihood like gandhi

have helped in establishment of the myth -

'best way to lose one's self

is in the service of others'

lotusocean states

that such service is the best way

of increasing the ego

its only in service to the divine

can one lose one's self

service to divine

is automatically a service to whole creation


in a world where

rambling incoherently

for hours upon hours

blogs upon blogs

is seen as a talent


of anything except the accepted cliche's

is seen as

the domain of the

the *not* hip and with it

the reality however is that



of a simple genuine praise of divine

is way more rewarding for the soul


all the hip talk

the desperado's can come up with

to mask their meagre intelligence

Wednesday 16 December 2009

all the good people

most people here

are pretty sure

that they are good people

its the rest of the world that is mad & bad

it doesn't add up

a world consisting mainly of good people

cannot be mad & bad

which it clearly is

the only logical conclusion therefore is

that the majority of people are not as good as they think

nothing is more traumatizing to

people than the revelation

that their self is not good

in fact for many it is a ball of negative qualities

they defend and they cry and they scream

some say they are just pawns in an evil system

thats true but why would good

willingly become pawn in an evil system

if only they could

admit gracefully

to the inherent evil within

their road to redemption won't be so tough

Monday 14 December 2009

2 kinds of 'i'

just like there are 2 kinds of eye's

normal and third eye

there are 2 kinds of 'i's'

the dissolution of

the imperfect 'i'

only happens through

surrender to a perfect 'i'

no 'i' in d'i'v'i'ne needs dissolution

dedicated to those questioning

the bold 'i'ness of

the 'i' transmitting this blog

Sunday 13 December 2009


it goes without saying

that one's efforts are always towards one's goal

lets look at the kind of goals beings here are setting themselves

as kids it is all about plastic toys

as teenagers its all about parties

as adults its all about gaining as high a position in

society as they can

very few beings here are even contemplating

goals like

breaking out of mrityulok (3-D matrix)

not having to be born here again

in the temporary realm of pain & disease

this is the case

even when they are living in times where

all the pain & suffering of their own and others

is all very clear and out in the open

almost everyone from a sportsperson to a housecleaner gno's

that a goal has to be set first

before any effort can be made to reach it

most are hyperbusy setting & achieving meaningless temporary goals

as soap-bubble-superfluous as

the zillions of silly new year resolutions

surprisingly there is also no real change in goals

despite all the bubble bursting

which always happens in time

the happiness they expect at the moment of reaching their goal

never materializes

whether it be the top of mount everest

or holding the trophy they wanted most

thousands of goals have already been scored in football

but the heavens haven't opened up as yet

at the end of the day

the only difference between all beings

is what goals they set for themselves

Saturday 12 December 2009


discipline is loosing the battle

in a world where all the media

is screaming/preaching loudly - 'be undisciplined'

its cool & great to have that coffee or toffee

you are indestructible & no harm can come to you

most people have a fear of discipline

from the trauma they carry from the silly school discipline

which is designed to artificially fit one into society

no matter how they all try and run away from

any kind of discipline

they find they run straight into it

the school is followed by 9-5 jobs

the same society

which blatantly propagates undiscipline

puts people in cages for 8-12 hrs a day

to toil for an undisclosed goal

even basic disciplines like eating home-self-cooked-proper food

are disappearing fast

along with them will disappear

respect for the higher

the more undisciplined one is

the more unable one is to respond properly to the higher

such beings end up becoming vampiric apathetics

for them the energy of the higher is too much to handle

so they end up

criticizing, swearing, pointing fingers and shunning

it instead

no discipleship without discipline

their is a reason why these 2 words are the same


diverse branching/cutting of P(the axis) line

in simpler terms

one has to have discipline at every turn

to navigate properly

through the phenomenon called life

caPTain PT

you walk like
you gno where
you are going
you talk like
you gno what
you are doing

but the truth is
you've got no clue

you are lost
in this world &
the other ones
don't even
enter your consciousness

you are trapped and incubated

you need a navigator

captain P is a navigator
for this world
and the big beyond

he is here
to steer
the soulship home

captain P
captian P
captain PT

the one and only navigator

Friday 11 December 2009

dear prudence

from a virtue


has now become a swearword


no wonder

many find

P rude

beauty and the beast

the tale 'beauty and the beast'

was conceived in europe

for a reason

the all pervading beastliness

& inside-out lack of beauty

had become all too apparent to them

all they could hope for now

was a beauty to come along

and redeem them

but being the twisted beasts they are

they turned the tale upside down

to placate their ego

'beauty falls in love with the beast'

when the opposite will always naturally be the case

there are a lot of beasts

inhabiting the now

who are suffering from notions of beauty

lavished upon them by the lying media

and brainwashed masses

however within their beings they gno the truth

as everyone happens to look at a mirror sometimes

if they really acknowledge this fact

than they have a chance at humility

which opens up possibilties of

an eventual surrender to the divine

otherwise its just a continuous hollow souldestroying run

to plastic surgeons &

beauty parlours

which should be renamed

beasty parlours or

'beasts - wanting to artficially generate beauty - parlours'

Thursday 10 December 2009


the absolute root of

all of this world's problems


the one single delusion

people carry

that they can generate bliss and happiness

using their own self's

ideas, tools & calculations

without bowing down to the divine

the fact that they can't

stares back at them all the time

from the time when they were kids and came off

a themepark ride feeling empty

to when they are teenagers

and come back home feeling sick

after a nightout with socalled friends

people are usually old & bitter & twisted

before they even mildly confront this fact

even than they still

just clench their teeth

which is supposed to be seen as a smile

and carry on pretending

till they can pretend no more (death)

if one is really asleep & dumb

one may ask how is pollution

& millions of other problems related to this

it is easy to trace

the root of each of these problems in

negative qualities like greed etc.

which in turn

emanate from the self's absolute belief in itself

the clear gnoing of what will make it happy

and how to get it

in those whom this self-belief is dwindling

& rightly so

evil's minions are there to

reinforce it

disguised as friends, counsellors & preachers

in this time called kaliyuga

one is surrounded by this

reinforcement setup called society

& thus

needs to have a strong sense of honesty

about one's own state

to not listen to the evil's sermons

who is just looking for recruits

in its battle with the divine

Wednesday 9 December 2009

the small matter of PT's Pics

some have taken exception

to yours truly's pictures being here on this blog

insinuating it to be an exercise in vanity

so it makes sense

to reveal their purpose

they are here

to depict beauty & grace

if anyone has problems handling beauty and grace

than they are sure to have

problems handling the contents of this blog as well

divinity always has the right to express itself

in every possible way


in a time

when evil has overflooded all the mediums

with its ugliness

it must also be stated that

all these pictures have been

taken at home or in nature (real home)

no studio light magic

99% of them are untouched by photoshop etc

most are captured by the still picture function

on low resolution camcorders

not ultra-expensive high res. still picture camera's

used for capturing the ugliness in all its detail for

newspapers, magazines, bollywood, hollywood etc


they all wanna party

especially the girls

what that exactly entails

is not clearly known

there are a few general guidelines

lots of paint on the face

followed by alchohol

followed by a pill or 2

followed by some strange moves

followed by grunts & shouts & spills & vomits

followed by a very hard walk/drive back home

to meet mr. hangover & mr. leftover in the morning

almost all the effort in this world

goes into achieving this holy end

girls partying amidst big concrete structures

its the top of the pyramid

in muggle scheme of things

real party




P being Arty

Tuesday 8 December 2009


understanding requires standing under

(most just want to stand equal or over)

you have forgotten how to listen

the g of listening
the gravity of listening

compassion or humility ?

there are many out there

trying to develop compassion

what they fail to understand

is that

compassion (complete passion)

is the domain of the divine

even by the common definition

it is the onus of the higher being

to show mercy & forgiveness

what most beings urgently require is to

develop humility towards higher and divine

compassion for the lower will

automatically be taken care of

keyboard terrorism

the number of those

engaging in

unnecessary & arbitrary & illogical

battles hiding

behind their keyboards

is increasing with each passing day

every lowlife

types like a king, saint & a prophet

all rolled into one

sitting behind their little keyboard trenches

they have no fear of misrepresentation

or repercussions

'all is fair in keyboard button pressing'

is their mantra

only in pics, videos or in person

are these beings revealed

for what they are

average boring identityless cowards

jumpin' & yellin'

lots of

beastly and bratty

jumping and yelling

going on by the various genesnakes


to get attention

some more than others

they call it music, sports etc etc

what they would actually

do with each other's attention

remains a mystery

Monday 7 December 2009


what are called humans in mugglespeak

are 'genesnakes' in lotusoceanspeak

even though the diversity seems mindboggling

there are not many of them here

a gathering

comprising of a single representative

from each one

would barely fill up a school hall


two major realizations which turn

people towards

suicide (a term for childish escape attempt) -

awareness of being trapped in a hell

awareness of self's imperfections & disabilities

nothing wrong with these conclusions

( parents, psychiatrists and society will tell you otherwise! )

in fact they are necessary for any kind of evolution

its just that

people are not taught simple facts like -

'suicide will not solve the problem

just increase it '

the body can be killed easily

but the 'stupid self' they are running from

will always survive

to face the music

under even more trying circumstances


one has to gno

one is in a prison

before one makes

any attempt to escape

don't stop us now ...

they are not stopping ...

to quell the boredom

they are now holding candlelight meditations

asphyxiating (suffocating) to death in sweat lodges

zillions of workshops/seminars

held everyday in the name of enlightenment

with no signs of it

at the end of the day

can't seem to give up turning everything

into a mock circus

a meaningless exercise in pretentious doing

for the sake of doing

the 'self' making hilarious efforts


bowing down to anything higher

remains a closed option

Sunday 6 December 2009

what respect is

real respect is

is simply

giving more credence to

what a higher being has said


self's analysis

of that statement

its best to

not analyze at all

& listen

so that the words

permeate the whole being


which can only happen

by ignoring

self's incessant chattering noise

Thursday 3 December 2009


whenever confronted with something higher

than oneself

it is easy to realize the patheticness of one's own being

that is not a bad thing in itself

as it creates room for humility

but the really pathetic part is the

majority's response to this feeling

they immediately look for something

more pathetic than themselves

and keep company with it

to feel good about themselves

the door firmly shut

on evolution

devolution here we come

its all worth it

as long as

the ego is safe

Wednesday 2 December 2009

the male delusion

there are no males here

they are all just females with different anatomy

despite a nagging inkling of this fact

the illusion of misplaced masculanity

keeps on pushing them to conquer


making it very difficult for them

to surrender

no recieving =

no evolution

all the meaningless in and outs

only increase the frustration &

notions of inadequacy

as they find themselves incapable

of achieving their objective

of establishing supremacy over the being

they are desperately trying to penetrate

a real male is like shiv

one who can really penetrate

one who really gno's

thus qualified for imparting


from sperm to gnowledge