Thursday 27 May 2010

mantra & tantra

there is a lot of

confusion about these

two sanskrit terms

मन्त्र 'mantra' and तंत्र 'tantra'

pronounced without that big 'a' sound

which they like to make in the west

after every sanskrit term

mantra simply means 'mind technique'

'man'= mind 'tra' = technique

mantras are always 'praises of divinities'

or 'words spoken by divinities'

any 'proper praise of divine'

or 'words from divine in its various avatars'

is a mantra

and it doesn't have to be in sanskrit

mantras are to be repeated verbally & mentally

to focus the mind on divine

tantra means 'body technique'

'tan' = body 'tra' = technique

the use of body

in service to divine

is tantra

one surrenders one's body to

the higher & divine

for purification/ascension

mantra and tantra

are always done in conjunction

one doesn't work without the other

Tuesday 25 May 2010

by george

the fact

that the name


is just an anagram

of the term


should light up a

few bulbs in any active brain

it is a saint now

as in the flag of

the main emblem of the west

Sunday 23 May 2010

Saturday 22 May 2010

who's copying who

the most famous

sage-like character in the west

is 'Yoda' from StarWars


where did they get that name from


which was what

Yogi's did

they did use that term as well

in Yogi Bear cartoons

most of Yoda's characteristics

are copied from behaviour of the

rishi's & yogis in vedic stories

not to mention the vedic avatar story of

Ram with a Bow


the all-american


who uses a bow even in socalled modern combat


in the west

all the superhero's

pushed onto the masses



from spiderman

to X-men

to teenage mutant ninja turtles

america's official national anthem

chosen by lotusocean

testifies -

realizing that they

cannot naturally get

their genes on phire

they are putting their faith

in technology, uglyness &

forced gene mutations

to get some illusory sense of

temporary useless power

at the cost of one's soul

the original superhero


9 superpowers

came from devotion to divine

& nonviolent wholistic living

not from

chip implants

or gene mutations

its elementary my dear ...

after severe disconnection from nature

& creating a plasticky concretey blissless world

people's definition of divinity

doesn't carry

connection with elements


divinity is/ has always been/ always will be

all about connection and manifestation

through elements

there is a reason why

the elementals are the devas (demigods)

the good guys/ the real goodfellas

in vedic wisdom

agni (phire deity) , vayu (wind deity), varun (water deity)

their head being indra (weilder of thunderbolt)

their mother being aditi (sky deity - the 5th element)

their support being prithvi (earth deity )

the body is made up of these elements only

& the soul ascends to higher realms

only after purification of the elements

element is elementary

the devas are always in heaven

only because they

always bow to the source - divine

Friday 21 May 2010

what is the body for ?

there are many people

on this planet

doing many strange things with their body

twisting & turning it about

putting all kinds of substances in it

treating it like a rental car

without ever asking the basic question

what is the body for ?

the body is like a bow

to the arrow that is the soul

the DNA in your genes

is the slinky

which shoots up your soul

at the moment called death

just like an airplane requires 

adequate velocity (speed) to take flight

in the same way the

soul requires

adequate velocity (faster than speed of light)

to break through the matrix of this plane

so if one does not train

one's body/dna

to do that

through praise/service to divine

it is waste of a body

goes without saying

one gets a worse model each time

one misuses

Thursday 20 May 2010

why the physical bowing ?

there are those

especially in the west

who have problems

with the physical bowing posture

kind of expected when they don't have

rolemodels like hanuman

they are only ready to

do a mental bow

they want to disconnect

body, mind & soul

in other words

they want to create

multiple schizophrenia

they don't realize that

if the body is in an unhumble posture

the mind cannot stay humble for long

its not possible

mental discipline is directly

connected to physical discipline and

vice versa

and both together affect the soul direction


there are those

who want to disconnect

adoration from bowing

it is the same thing

bowing is the bodylanguage

for adoration only

adoration requires proper postures

not ungraceful ungrateful moves

bowing is the bridge between

adoration & surrender


in this world

it had become reserved only for

females ( the intent behind that pretension is well gnown )

or evil (celebrities, money, fame)

not divine

why bow ?

there are those

who ask why

i give so much


to bowing

well if one doesn't bow

to high & divine

one will only get angry

with high & divine

this is but natural

& will always be the case

there is no 3rd way of being

its either bow or get upset

the result of this anger/upsetness

is really bad for one's soul

which is already caughtup in a mess

it is simply a

way to deeper hell

which doesn't seem so terrible

in written form

but is way-way worse in experiencing

its all the medieval tortures

& all the so-called modern

war tortures combined

+ much worse

Wednesday 19 May 2010

gene gene genie

the wish granting genie

they talk about in fables

like aladin's lamp

is not to be found

in a lamp or a bottle

hidden away somewhere

it is very near you

in fact it is right in your body

in your blood

in your genes

gene is the onle genie

to phire it up

you need discipline

& all the divine qualities

which can only come

from bowing/serving divine

the educated

translucents have created

a specie called

'the educated '

in all the

tribes/peoples of this world

through teaching

'what is cool'


'what to strive for'

this specie

whether it be in india, africa, pacific islands,

the america's, rest of asia etc.

blocks out all divine communication

in its hyper-obsessive

striving of

translucent goals

more than the

translucents themselves

who are sick & tired

of their own structures


have a clearer notion of

'what is really cool'

only thing with them

is that

they usually get jealous

instead of appreciative

& have a problem with bowing

but nowhere as much as

their students 'the educated'

who think of themselves as the

supreme authorities on this planet

once they put on a suit & tie

& write their silly newspaper columns etc.

the only fragments of sense

can only be seen

in the so-called uneducated villagers

who haven't yet gone through

the evil programming

at least fully that is

i would rather deal with them

or the translucents who seek change

before i do with

'the educated'

another case where its better to

see the boss/manager instead of

the illogical programmed overzealous underling

the shrink

in evil's system

the high(guru) & divine

is replaced by a creature

called 'the shrink'

it is there to help you in your quest of

'shrinking' away from divine

it goes by other titles too like

psychologist, counsellor etc

it gives you a seat to sit

you don't have to bow to it

yet listen to it

it is supposed to solve

all the problems &

horrible feelings

which are but natural

in the hell you exist in

its job is take away

whatever little

natural reactions/aversions to hell

you might have left

after all the numbing & dumbing down


the fun part is

you pay for it too

Tuesday 18 May 2010

end of kaliyug

many ask me

when is Kali Yug ( the dark age )

ending ?

i say the moment

all the lies are exposed

by truth

which is these writings

Kaliyug ends

Kaliyug is a nothing but

a structure built on lies

which reside in the

minds & hearts of

beings out here

after the revelation

if they still cannot

honestly accept & change

natural consequences will follow

teacher auntie

there is a

teacher auntie syndrome

running wild

especially in

middle-aged women

on this planet

they seem to gno

right from wrong

better than anyone else

they can all teach

even the divine a lesson or 2

all this confidence

despite the fact

that their own life-choices-actions

are not a testament to divine gnoing


their creations/world-views

have brought nothing but more hell

teaching without gnoing

is the favourite past-time

of those desperately wanting to avoid bowing

to the high & divine

Monday 17 May 2010


there is a lot of talk about

the mind programming

which people of this planet are under

but it is all in a nutshell


an acute defensiveness towards divine/heaven

combined with

a gung ho approach in jumping into hell/evil

they have of their own free will

allowed their minds to be programmed thus

& it is through their using their own will

they can break out of it

by making a clear decision to

bow to the high & divine

Saturday 15 May 2010

of dogs & wolves

a quick look at

how dogs & wolves

are coping with a homosapien birth

it must be said they have retained their vocal style

from the sounds of it

they seem to be finding it hard

and want to get back to their original state

which is no different from

running in circles & chasing tails

mostly getting birth in the west

where they are beloved pets & totem animals

its has been out in the open for a while

wolfgang amadeus mozart



" nobody said it was easy

but noone ever said it would be so hard "

they are having difficulties with

the job assigned by

their master - evil demiurge

shifting loyalties &

becoming a pet of divine

has not crossed their consciousness

as a valid option as yet

the competition

there is an undeclared competition


on this planet

who after

seeing me / coming across me

will be able to

ignore me the best

pretend that it never happened

and it made no impression on them

& carry on business as usual

the winner

will be awarded the prize

personally by evil demiurge

connected already

there are those

who tell me they are completely

connected with god/divine

talk to it everyday

& in the dreams at night

i say

its good for them

even though they

are not able to showcase

any divine qualities

in their manifestations

only they shouldn't ask me

any questions

as their god will surely be able to answer

all of them

Friday 14 May 2010

trust & mistrust

in a world where

people are quick to mistrust divine

which is straightforward & beautiful

while readily trusting

evil & its system

despite its obvious shadiness & uglyness

there shouldn't be any surprise

at all at the amount of

suffering & misery there is


only those

who seek real Pleasure

can enter P's world

which is full of pleasures

for all the 5 senses

& consciousness itself

real spelling of



Pleisure or

P (theaxis) at leisure

those morbid ones who seek

hell & hardships instead

for whatever reason ( ego etc )

will attain that

Thursday 13 May 2010

electric guitar & electric bodies

even though muggles

should lay off all instruments

electric guitar is something

they should completely avoid

the chances of making bad sounds with it

are enormous

as in the realm of electricity

the sound choice is enormous

wider aural spectrum to mess with ='s

greater aural damage

electric guitar/amplifiers/effects

only amplify the incoherence within

most produce mosquito buzzes

its noteworthy that she is playing the same amp i use

& jerky hiccupy wailing

he is playing the same guitar i have used in many lotusocean pieces

exact reproduction of a highly celebrated guitar hero

without bass & drums

i.e guitar in foreground

so that one can hear the guitarparts for what they are

usually they hide the electric guitar

behind bass/drums/vocals

thats what producers/mixing engineers

have done since the 1950's

there has been no person

who has been able to

handle this instrument solo

that includes all the socalled guitar heroes

& the millions trying on youtube

to maintain continuity & coherence

on an electric guitar

requires one own electrics

i.e kundalini to be working properly

it is a magical device

with complicated almost quantum possiblities

in terms of

tones, overtones, harmonics, resonance, feedback etc.

not an instrument for


back from the pub folks

if played properly

a single electric guitar

can produce more complex sounds

than a whole orchestra

while taking the whole thing

into another dimension

its not about moving your hands & fingers madly

which all muggles think guitarplaying is about

its about sound & holding the wave

one's level of evolution shows through

everything one does

but with more loud powerful electrical tools

it is all hyper-magnified

and if one cannot handle electric guitar properly

how is one going to handle another body

which is basically

all electric (nerves, brain) in nature


the more something someone is

outside their scope

more opinions people have

to prove that it is not

artificialsugarcoating world


cast the most negative aspersions on me

only to follow it up

with peace, love & love hearts

after fooling/placating the kids with

artificialsugarcoating candies

they have gotten used to the evil habit

of sugarcoating every kind of shit

in this age of typing

people use words freely

as long as

they have to not back them up with actions

trying to show

they are good people &

they are on divine's side

when the reality is quite the opposite

a real student/disciple

a real disciple is one who

whose ears just listen to the guru

whose mouth just praises the guru

whose attention is fixed positively on the guru


the guru chosen

should be higher than onself

for it to be any real guru-disciple relationship

which will take one closer to the divine

some can choose to make

divine itself their guru

the same principles apply

Tuesday 11 May 2010



a word used over & over & over again on this planet

coz everyone is so talented here

and everyone tells everyone so as well

this video - 14 million hits & plentiful praises -

below is another example of

the overflowing talent amongst

the races/genepools here

ready for the circus from the womb itself

more than the clear loss of innocence

this shows

what the races/genepools think is important

& worth pursuing

millions of people doing

meaningless (not geared towards evolution/divine)

music, art etc.

are all classified as talented

not deranged & hellbound

its their definition of talent

which seals their fate

5 star hotels

while the

majority of this earth's population

faces the hell of

malnutrition & unhy(high)genic living conditions

the so-called lucky people

with the funny quantity called money

face the hell that is

5 star hotel

the final shangrila of this system

the 5 stars stand for

dingy, concretey, claustrophobic, unbreathable & unfractal

any real being with properly functioning

nerves & biological processes

can get headache/dizziness within half an hour

the food served there takes the

digestive system on a rollercoaster ride

while the airconditioning

works on giving the guest a cold

all in all

a much more dangerous place for biological entities

than any slum in an open field

Monday 10 May 2010

state of this world

masses are always right or are they

there is this notion

floating around this planet


masses are always right

what they choose can never be wrong

their stamp is irrefutable

they are the epitome of perfect precise judgement

which in other words means

masses are God

one cannot say anything against their choices

who they choose to revere

who they choose to lead them

etc etc

funny than that

masses on this planet are in such distress

& blisslessness

all their chosen hero's/heroine's haven't been able

to change their zombie-mind-programmed state

things are only going from bad to worse

the hell deepens

but they will not admit

that they have gone wrong

labelling without proper research

after labelling me

hippy, bohemian

there are those who

are now labelling me luciferian

once again putting 'labels'

without doing any proper research

is the norm amongst muggles

i praise all divinities

including ganesh, devi, shiv, narayan

in my works

this is the very antithesis of so-called luciferianism

which they don't understand fully either

divine manifests a different manifestation

for different times, planes & planets

being one for the now

is not a crime

Saturday 8 May 2010

the audacity

there are so many now

especially in the socalled west

who are using words like

cosmic, ascension, kundalini, 3rd eye

while their actual state is that

of a depressed deluded addicted muggle junkie

they don't have a properly awakened kundalini

or fully flowering sacral centers

or an open 3rd eye

but don't mind posing as such

no proof to back anything up of course

this audacity is the worst quality

of the races/genepools here on earth

pretending to make it

when they are quite clearly sinking

all it does is take away any real seeking

when they think they have made it already

west started it after

learning some lingo from the vedic wisdom

and now everyone is in on it

what good would it do them in the end

how will their acting/pretension

serve them when they die

& face the hells that await

Friday 7 May 2010

the not so exalted exalted

amongst the masses

there are many

who have an exalted almost-divine status


gandhi, mother teresa, the pope, dalai lama, amma etc etc

the established 'holy'

to clear up this illusory hype

lotusocean states that

these beings are very very far from divine

divine is not dumb like these beings are

divine is no pretentious social worker

divine is more like krishn

connected with the elements (none of these beings are)

perfectly kundalini awakened (none of these beings are)

& destroyer of evil (these beings don't even gno what evil is)

divine supports

one helping oneself

before helping others

one helps oneself


being fully kundalini awakened

through praise/service of the divine

Pgo not Ego

some snarl at my straightforward confidence

call it a big ego

well i tell them its


not Ego

Divine is finally in charge

of this universe & all of the multiverse

no matter how they would like

something else to be the case

so that they can freely do their nonsense

& get away with it

they expect Divine to be

underconfident, understated & under everything

but that is not its nature


Divine does manifest on Earth

is what are called Avatar's

& its here now ...

Wednesday 5 May 2010

LotusOcean Radio

there are a lot of radio's

blaring sounds out there

to drag each & every one towards

hell & hellish states

so here are some sounds

from lotusocean

for doing just the opposite


the real stairway to heaven

sounds to clean your mind/consciousness

ofc only if you approach

them with respect & receptivity

if you do

we can promise

your ears will never be the same again

Sunday 2 May 2010


everything is considered a trip

from a travel to LSD to a relationship

but all these just make one trip

on the way to

the highway to higher worlds

there is only one real trip

it is


the three pronged

time with P

Saturday 1 May 2010


may i introduce may to you

may is when i was born

month of the may queen

when in distress its may day

its ma its ya

its maya

it all spins

around the maypole


may be you will ...

you know what you want but
you don't know what you need

you know what your name is
but don't know who you are

you know who i am but
you don't know what i am

what i do
what i am
thinking of you

maybe you will make it happen
maybe you will make it happen

maybe you will find your way
maybe you will find your way

maybe you will just run away
maybe you won't like what we have to say
maybe you will just run away
maybe you won't like what we have to say

you know what you say but
you don't know what it means

you know what you hear but
you don't know what's the deal

you know something's missing but
you don't know what it is

you know who i am but
you don't know what i am

what i do
what i am
thinking of you

maybe you will make it happen
maybe you will make it happen
maybe you will make it happen
maybe you will find your way

maybe you will just run away
maybe you won't like what we have to say
maybe you will look the other way
maybe you will wait for the judgement day
maybe you will wait for the judgement day

you see
it's been a long time

we've gotta have a little talk

your all so wasted
wasted now
you're all so wasted
wasted now
you're all so wasted
wasted now

maybe you will make it happen
maybe you will make it happen

maybe you will find your way
maybe you will find your way ...