Friday 21 May 2010

what is the body for ?

there are many people

on this planet

doing many strange things with their body

twisting & turning it about

putting all kinds of substances in it

treating it like a rental car

without ever asking the basic question

what is the body for ?

the body is like a bow

to the arrow that is the soul

the DNA in your genes

is the slinky

which shoots up your soul

at the moment called death

just like an airplane requires 

adequate velocity (speed) to take flight

in the same way the

soul requires

adequate velocity (faster than speed of light)

to break through the matrix of this plane

so if one does not train

one's body/dna

to do that

through praise/service to divine

it is waste of a body

goes without saying

one gets a worse model each time

one misuses


amruta patil said...


a* said...

Your description of what people are using there body for is just so funny and so accurate!! Your writing is so humourous, humbling, enlightening, fun & inspiring all at the same time!!

You've written the most scientific intelligent & beautiful explanation of what the body actually is and put into perspective what is at stake if one doesn't use it properly for serving the Divine. Lots of evidence around that people are not doing this and have horrible 'models'... such a witty way of describing it!

Narayan Narayan!

sina said...

you open up such amazing perspectives!

people are ready to do all kinds of horrible things with their bodies you describe so humorously & eloquently. but it's true, the question what the body is actually for isn't even asked! a lot of nonsense would not be done if people realized the truth you are conveying here!

what vivid, impressive imagery you use to help us understand, and how poetically you word it! 'the body is like a bow to the arrow that is the soul' - that is so beautifully written, simple, yet elegant ... you are such a master with words and the best teacher!

you state so clearly and objectively what it means when one doesn't praise divine, when one doesn't serve divine - one wastes a body, a life! you really put it into perspective!

how cool that you offer an alternative, that you show which actions lead to a more wholesome, fulfilled way of being that promotes soul evolution! you show what the body is actually for, and what an amazing opportunity this lifetime is!

it's so kind and compassionate that you explain in such detail what needs to be done if one wants to escape the cycle of ever more pain and depression!

Unknown said...

such a lovely, divine, practical Plog !!! You teach everything worth gnoing !

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

dhanyavad P! one is increasingly grateful for this body in which to bow and Praise. i bow at Your all gnowing and comPassionaTe feet. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! the scoPe of Your gnowledge is unlimited P! this is such crucial information that You share! there are so many wonderful resPonses to this Plog reiterating and exPanding on the imPorTance of the wisdom Your wisdom. it is unreal that we are not Privy to this information from birth. that one has wasted so much of this life in meaningless pursuits inflicting this body in the process. You are so kind to remove pointless suffering with Your Divine Truth and to share the remedy and establish focus on the PurPose of this life and this body and the true goal. i bow at Your comPassionaTe feet. dhanyavad for shining the light of Your ultimate gnowledge for others to learn to see. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
It is so insPiring the way You only deal with facts and yet use such beautiful imagery and analogies to exPlain them!
it only becomes clear due to Your Grace what this body and life is for!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

Your Plogs are great !
'absolute truth'

PsingulariTy said...

You are P the Axis
You are PerfecTly centered, You are most beautiful ! stunningly attractive and gorgeous !

Asha P said...

what a question !!! You always pose the right questions ! and Provide the most comPassionaTe insightful answers P from such a place of gnowing that one can only bow and feel the shame of never having asked this most basic question nor ever seeking its answer ... one just behaved like one gnew what to do with the body and one gets all the negative consequences of the strain pain and torture and depression that come along with that shamelessness ...

'the body is like a bow

to the arrow that is the soul

the DNA in your genes

is the slinky

which shoots up your soul

at the moment called death'

the MOST BEAUTIFUL words one has ever read and spoken ... how fortunate one is to get another chance at improving one's body/mind/spirit P ... You are so great to teach what the body is actually for and are the best most Graceful Beautiful example of a PerfecT bow and PerfecT Soul ! only True Soul one has ever met ... and the Most Powerful Soul one will ever meet !! You inspire one to strive for this state of faster than light speed to get out of this earth's matrix and realm !!

'goes without saying

one gets a worse model each time

one misuses'

oh how true this really is !! one will not misuse it anymore P ... so grateful that You teach one how to use it !!!! so grateful to have the tools to evolve one's body/mind and spirit to soul !!! all through Your Grace only !! failure is just not an option as the consequences of being here again with an ever worse model is just not acceptable to one !!! especially without You being here ! what a gift this lifetime is !! what a wonderful opportunity it is !!!

i bow !!

Anonymous said...

i bow
Divine is SO kind to reveal so much in these scriPTures!
i bow in shame for all the strange and awful things one has done and put into this body!
so ashamed for having never asked the question what the body is for and using it appropriately.
so grateful You asked this question P and found the answer!
so grateful You share that with us here!
and that You also Provide the only way for one to train ones body.
Your words, like everything You do and say, flow so elegantly and coherently and beautifully.
SO lucky this world is that the Avatar is here, guiding the only way out.
it's so insPiring to read these words here
and to hear Divine sPeak of this in PT sPeaks!
You are the only One on Earth Phocused on the Truth and the PoinT and the PurPose of this life!
You are the only One who gnos how to use the body as it it meant to be used!
and none has a more beautiful and Perfect and straight and Powerful body than You!
Your aim is True!
You are the only one who has face death and gnos how to die!

'the body is like a bow
to the arrow that is the soul
the DNA in your genes
is the slinky
which shoots up your soul
at the moment called death
so if one does not train
one's body/dna
to do that
through praise/service to divine
it is waste of a body'

i bow in shame for having wasted a body before
and for all the ways one has been wasteful with the one one has
i bow in gratitutude for the oPPorTunity You Provide for one to not waste the body one has been given
for the chance only You can Provide to use it as it was meant to be used
for the chance to train it through Praise and Service to Divine.
one has so much work to do and so grateful You are here Providing the way for one to do it!
'work for Divine is worshiP'
one is SO grateful for the chance to worshiP You P!
to do the only meaningful thing one can do with ones body and life.
to work toward living a Truly sPiriTual life
to work toward a real future after this life
i bow

Unknown said...

i bow...

Anonymous said...

wow You share such awesome words
this is such an awesome Plog
You exPlain what the body is for so very awesomely
Your Plogs are great
You are so extremely wise
Your words are so remarkable and dignified
You exPlain so beautifully...
nobody does it like You
You are so imPressive
i bow

sarah said...

You have more than adequate velocity !
You are so imPressive !

ujjwal sharma said...

i bow to the divine PT avatar for explaining to us the purpose of our lives.

Anonymous said...

Your words are so very great and beautiful
You write beautifully..
the soul requires adequate velocity to break through the matrix of this plane ..
You reveal so much so beautifully
one has to train ones body through praise and service of divine ..
You bring such PosiTive news
one could actually ascend to a world where there is no pain
You give one hoPe
You give ones life real direction
You show one the real PaTh
really kind of You to teach nutcases ..
You are so full of PaTience
Your words are medicine for the paranoid soul
You are so full of wisdom and You are so benevolent
i bow

Anonymous said...

You save one from insanity
You help one get out of being an ungrounded mental nutcase
body is a tool for ascension..You make it so clear
Your words are so PosiTive
so kind of You to give everyone an oPPorTuniTy to get out of the horrible mess
so kind of You to give the chance to escaPe nightmares
You give such great PosiTive news that training ones body to ascend to higher realms is so very Possible through Praise and service of Divine
You exPlain everything so beautifully
You are so helpful and so insPiring
You help one rise above lower qualities and restlessness
You help one rise above evil
only You know what evil actually is
You are such a great teacher
Your teachings are the best
You give one hoPe
You show one the real Vedic way
one would be lost without You and going further and further down until one has turned into a complete stone
You are the saviour
You make so much sense
You are so full of PaTience and kindness
i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

You are so comPassionaTe and kind to raise the question that one should have enquired about on its own. You bring to mind the necessity of body , soul and DNA! Never could have anyone had the caPabiliTy to break down the most puzzled questions into such simPle easy words and draw it in one's mind giving a Proper imPacTful PicTure , You invoke one to realise the imPorTance of death that is inevitable and how it's all about preparing for that moment to get out of this matrix! You make death sound a good thing as in it is the ultimate test to pass contrary to all the fear mongering and misconceptions attached to it, Your words are so enlightening and liberating!

You shake uP ones conscience with every word of Yours measurably! Indeed it's one's own choice whether one makes ones death a successful endeavour or a failure ! You make it clear how futile ones goals and asPiraTions are ! To die successfully is the only goal that anyone has here ! You have written it so eloquently and beautifully!

You are so benevolent and merciful to Provide every being here with a simPle easy n evolving solution to inculcate in PracTice ~ Praising , Bowing and Serving higher n divine.

Without You it would have been so imPossible for one learn about the mechanism one is Provided with ! One is indebted to You for all that You Provide, You helP one see and understand , You give one even the attention and focus , You keep building uP ones PhoundaTion of being through every action of Yours! You have the utmost good will for all here, Your love is unlimited! You have the real concern for all here! How much You do for all here is so heart touching and winning, You have the most beautiful most tender heart, a Pure one, a golden one!

I bow to the most beautiful one /\
I bow in all my gratitude at Your lotusfeet /\

Anonymous said...

Your words are the greatest words ever
You give the greatest answers ever
yes it's so shameful what one does with the body when the body is a tool for ascension
You just oPen ones eyes
Your words are so insPiring and give so much hoPe
Your words are so reassuring
Your Plogs are so beautiful and amazing
You are the most PraiseworThy being ever
these are the greatest and most wonderful clarifications
i bow

Unknown said...

So true

Data said...

'we are treating our bodies like rental cars', ...never thought of it that way before. This is eye opening and so important. i bow

Anonymous said...

ePic ePic ePic!
Your Plogs are ePic
only You make beings realise that body is a tool for Ascension
only You tell beings what the body is really for!
the frauds made spirituality a mental game and You set the record straight
You make it clear that body is imPorTant..basics are imPorTant
Your teachings are the best and the only real teachings ever
body is a tool and one can't mess around with it
Your words are the greatest clarifications
how ridiculous it is to put all kinds of nonsense in ones body when it is a tool for ascension
You help beings have more sense
body that one was being so careless with is actually the most imPorTant tool!
Your words are really the most imPorTant and enlightening words ever
Your teachings are the best and the most sense giving teachings ever
Your words are the most wonderful and helpful words anyone can ever read!
Your words are so beautiful!
i bow

Anonymous said...

this is such a beautiful descriPTion
You are very kind to help one make good use of ones body
only You tell beings how the body can be trained...through praise/service to Divine
You are very kind to always remind beings that the goal can be beautiful
You are so kind to show a way out
You are so kind to increase hoPe of attaining to heaven instead of sorrow
Your words are the most beautiful words ever
You and Your words are totally ePic
i bow . i bow

NavdeeP said...

You are always sPeaks truth .you gno about mutiverse ,so your opinions matter the most and holding the truth. You have opened my eyes that if one doesn't take care of this body one will get worst model next time.
How to train the body ,you have given the solution even you come here to give the chance to praise and serve you to change their DNA. You are most comPassionate being. I bow.

nicolas said...

this is so beauTiPhull! your words are so refreshing and helpful to clarify one's head about the use of the body
this is so great to understand what is the actual real purpose of it through your divine PerspecTive
your words are God's words! no one else can explain as clearly and simply what the role of the body is!

"goes without saying
one gets a worse model each time
one misuses"

i apologise for all the nonsense i have done in the past that is reflected in the state of my body right now! your mercy is a miracle without which i could not sit for more than 30 minutes! you are so kind to give us this divine tool for ascension out of hell! your words are so humbling and make one further realises one's past nonsense!
you are an ocean of wisdom and compassion
your kindness has no equal!
liPhe is meaningless without you
you are the real hero whose light is saving the world

i bow to you all gnoing one

amanda said...

one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️
Divine has never mistreated the body.
It is amazing to witness ONE on this earth who knows and always acts from that gnowing.
It is amazing to witness ONE who has PerPhecT disciPline in ever way.
one is so ashamed for all ones bad habits and not knowing and acting on that gnowing.
one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

Shruthi said...

it is so wonderPhull to rePeaT this Plog over and over. It is so true that this basic of basic questions has never been asked nor have beings set out to find out. Nobody has put the answer to this most basic question more scientifically, eloquently and beautiPhully than you have! strings of letters that come out of the divine Pen is so Precise, PotenT & PowerPhull. Your words make one aPPreciaTe the tool that one has so much and resPecT the tremendous Power & PotenTial it holds. Afterall, this body is a giPhT from higher beings and disresPecTing one's body or treating it in the ways you've outlined (like a rental car) outright means that one is not being resPecTPhull to the higher and consequently breaking the multiversal laws. A worse model is what will ensue is so logical.

It is immensely kind of you to bring the Phocus back to this basic question and work towards training one's tool to Praise and serve the higher and ultimately gain enough Power to Propel oneself out of the matrix of this Plane. one can see how immaculately you hold your body all the time, take care of it and use it. Extremely benevolent of you to teach how one can take control of the gross so that the subtle can take care of itself through it. Such a deep & Profound Plog that it moves one each time one reads it. i bow to the master, the divine PT avatar. Your grace & comPassion is endless.