Tuesday 31 May 2011

leaders or misleaders ?!

there are no


on this planet



some do it

out of sheer ignorance

some out of sheer evil

the result -

enmasse devolution of souls

great stress on bhoodevi

to lead

one needs

to gno

where one is going first

Sunday 29 May 2011

torture removal

most people

on this planet

are torturing their

own bodies


the bodies of others

mostly they are doing both

most don't even realize

they are doing it

this is done under various


from duty to love to spirituality

the fact is

nothing real


true bliss or happiness or evolution

can ever be achieved

through torture

divine is comfort oriented

not torture oriented

only evil creates

false notions like

'no pain no gain'

the truth is

'no gain through pain'

only gain comes through

praise of divine

and that doesn't require any pain or torture


since there is no

real substance to



is its

only resort

no matter how

bad the quality of the item/being

no matter how harmful it is

for the user

it can always be sold

or shoved down people's throat


a certain kind of packaging


plays on the infantile minds

of the masses

from candies to

so-called celebrities

its all a

matter of packaging

those who get fooled by it

only do so

because of their disconnection from nature & divine

Friday 27 May 2011

the cover-up words

beings whose

internals are filled with

quite the opposite

use words like

love & peace

over and over

in emails articles talks lectures ...

a way to

make one feel good about oneself

while fooling others

never have these words been used

so much as now

when all is quite the opposite

beings who actually embody

these words

never have had to use them

Thursday 26 May 2011

the judges of greatness

there is

general (mis)conception

amongst the masses of this planet

that a being is only great

if it does not reveal its own qualities

instead allowing

others to reveal its qualities

this would make


an incarnation of divine

not a great being

as he revealed

his own qualities

from his own mouth

in a talk now called 'bhagawadgita'

the masses think

they are qualified

to judge
qualities of

a soul

which is much higher than them in

evolutionary status

it is an

illogical impossibility

they can never come to gno the

partial attributes

let alone complete attributes

of a being

way beyond themselves

their conception of great

only stretches to what they can perceive

so what they call great

is someone basically

at the same level as themselves

in other words

they are great

would be laughable

if not so

detrimental to their evolution

the twisted definition of humble

the current society


a being who

doesn't speak out against its nonsense

respects all its structures

doesn't stand out in any way

is not magical

as a

humble being

but that is

a foolish being


a humble being

a truly humble being is

only humble to divine

not to the

evil-run society

& its advocates

a truly humble being

is always learning

and is thus

always more gnowledgable

than the rest

a truly humble being

makes nature rejoice

wherever it is

on this earth

while the

silly mindprogrammed zombies

who are like a burden upon this earth

might ignore it

or label it rude or whatever

Sunday 22 May 2011

frequency prison

the evil overlords

of the current system

on planet earth

have the majority


in a

very low bandwidth

frequency prison

which serves as fodder

for them

the surprising bit is

that many

have no impulse to

break out

Saturday 21 May 2011



always pour in

about this or that


so that

people would listen to the teachings more

lotusocean is here


give truth as it is

not pander to people's

twisted internal programming

its not a candy store

meant to lure the kids

to sell them poisons

it doesn't need votes

to get into the seats of the system

it doesn't need a nobel prize

or mass approval by a sick society

used to manipulation

the point here is not to manipulate

but to break the spell

through relaying truth in simple words

Tuesday 17 May 2011


there are those

who say they are upset

with this or that aspect of lotusocean

what they don't realize is




setting oneself up


they are higher than lotusocean

one can only say

good for them

it would do good to all beings

before they get upset

to see if

they are really UP

before they set themselves UP

Sunday 15 May 2011


the fact that

majority of people

on this planet

pretend to be satisfied


their lives, jobs,

position, place, surroundings

gnowledge, state

works out nicely

in favour

of their evil masters

they are ready to take

all kinds of anti-depressants

and pills of a million varieties

to keep up the mask

even satisfied

imprisoned in deepest hell

they would all be

no scope of improvement

with such satisfaction

Saturday 14 May 2011


majority of beings

on this planet

have become

completely & utterly


they are just stuck in their own head

& its mosquito-like buzzing of

incoherent thoughts & feelings

& thus cannot see the reality

which is all around them

their lives are being lived

without any rhyme or reason

the impracticality has reached

bizzare levels

exemplified by those

who want/expect transformation

without actually putting their


infront of the transformer

can even food get cooked

when placed a mile from

the fire stove

let alone lead turn into gold

without the alchemist

or the alchemical agent

Thursday 12 May 2011


there are many beings here

who are sure

there is no such thing as soul

there are others

who are not quite sure

than there are those

who are clear that

they have a soul


it is somehow

unaffected by all of their actions

all this confusion in an age where


is no longer an abstract concept

it can be understood scientifically

as a being's fractal charge coherence

and yes

every action

one does

has an effect on it

through the intermediary device



Friday 6 May 2011

May 21

have to bring this up again

as many have been asking

there is a worldwide frenzy now

about May 21

the banners read -

the Lord is Coming

the Judgement Day

they are all true in a sense

but the fact is

that divine has already arrived

on earth on May 21

many years ago

the judgement is happening

with each lotusocean Plog

and no the world is not going to

end on the coming May 21

Wednesday 4 May 2011

the disciple-master which can never be

the translucent

approach to learning

is well summarized

by their own selves

in the movie

'empire strikes back'

from the 'star wars' series

the approach of luke

who is instructed to learn

from yoda - a jedi master






a word they won't use


no learning is possible

with that attitude

& no real master

would ever agree to teach such a being

except in a hollywood dream

to top it all

the background sounds for the teaching

are annoying beep beeps

of a droid

the message

there is no need to leave

your playstation behind

to learn from a sage

every brat with toys

eating & drinking junk

can become a jedi

and master the force

an ambition for gnowledge & power

without any change in the

horrible internal attitude

unrealistic fantasy

Tuesday 3 May 2011


one can only attain

a higher state

than one is in

if one

is serious about it


is a very misunderstood term

in thought & in practice


is not about

being silent or

having a certain

stern outward demeanour


lack of fun, laughter & excitement

it is about utilizing everything

for the final goal

it is about not taking

one's eye off the ball

a truly serious being

will be jovial

in the sense

they will find other non-serious

beings to be jokeworthy

they will utilize that laughter

to reinforce their

own seriousness


is not applicable to petty non-serious goals

like cleaning one's car

the goals

have to be serious



real happiness & bliss

getting out of hell & slavery of evil


real seriousness arises out of

absolute sincerity

Sunday 1 May 2011

what is as is

when beings

are under a spell


can't see

what is as is

thats what majority

on this planet is

under the spell

of their evil overlords

they are programmed machine zombies

serving the evil system

losing their soul

in their process

this spell

is cast through

fake education, media, societal rules

& relies

on people's own negative qualities

like conceit, fear, jealousy ...

only praise of divine will

break this spell

those not willing so

will face the music

of their own choice