Thursday 31 March 2011

the trap that is 'lack of belief'

the translucents

have created a notion

for themselves and others

that nothing better exists

than the hell they have created

on this planet

of course they don't even label it as hell

and neither can their blind followers


it is hell despite

all the signs (blisslessness) in their own life

pointing to it

those who

can comprehend the hell to a certain extent


lack the belief


something better does exist

just because they don't see anything

in their immediate proximity

or small little hive matrix

will be caught in

this hell

as long

the lack of belief continues

one has to believe

in the very logical notion

with all their heart

that something better

always exists

until perfection is reached

there is a point/world/realm

of 100% bliss

goes without saying that

one also has to be ready to

move towards the better/higher

when it is seen

Sunday 27 March 2011

posers and doers

this society

gears one to be a poser

posing as per one's job description

posing as father, mother, brother, friend

posing as happy, contented

posing as believer in god

posing as a normal sane person as per society's script

posing as a supermodel ( whatever that means )

posing as an artist, musician

posing as all the things beyond oneself

after all this posing

one forgets how to do

anything for real

even going towards divine

becomes a posing

instead of actually doing

what it takes to serve

the high & divine

thats why most here

are devolving


have no hope of evolving

until they

get rid of

this posing virus

the only real pose

is the pose

to serve divine

it involves an actual doing

pretenders cannot keep it up for long

Friday 25 March 2011


the more their

soul light gets dimmer

the more

bright flashing

external artificial lights

the biped creatures

of this planet

seem to need

whether it be

any so called concert or event

or a music video

its all about

migraine inducing


artificial light effects

a no-focus zone

a blinkrate higher than

clinical madness

in any saner time

it would be simply called torture

would come under war crimes and atrocities

even 50 years ago

even insects

& their movements seem

less scattered & disjointed

by comparison

maximum punjabiness

minimum soul

putting down

there are those

who insinuate

that lotusocean puts people down

in their myopic vision


what is as is

is considered

putting down

they cannot handle the fact

that the

only thing that

is/can ever be

responsible for

their own

down state

is they themselves

and no lifting is


until they can

honestly acknowledge

their current state




hell that ensues from it

those who dream of being lifted up

while being in denial

of their current state

will have to just keep on

dreaming the nightmare

aimless world

most people


don't have



on their

to do




aims & ambitions


thus the mess

even those who

pay some attention

to evolution


just satisfied

with fake notions

of learning & evolution

as they

keep on

going down

the seeking

is not real or sincere


the urgency

completely missing

even in as

short a lifespan

as they have

on this planet

Saturday 19 March 2011

May 21

it seems that

the collective unconscious

of the souls of this world

has finally gotten the message

( some of it at least )

they are flashing

yours truly's



ominous !

'aeiouminous' in lotusocean lingo

if your eyes are open

you are likely to spot it too

the game reaches

its climax

Tuesday 15 March 2011


have been asked

how does one

love those higher

than themselves

as one cannot possibly help

with their evolution

answer is simple

as always

through resPect

being humble to them

is loving them

& your own self too

as it shows you care about

your own evolution & wellbeing

so caring love for lower

and respectful/obedient love for higher

there is no positive

interaction possible with

the higher


proper resPect

repeated turning

around P ( the axis)

energy countinuum

Sunday 13 March 2011

speaking & writing

yours truly

has never written anything

which didn't come out of

the mouth first

in this world however

there are many

frantically typing stuff

which they have never spoken

& will never speak

writing (especially typing)

is a mechanical activity

it is superficial

& thus allows people

to roll out any nonsense

it can be seen that

people can always write more nonsense

than they can speak

speaking involves the whole body

it defines ones being

only the word matters

there is a reason why

all ancient gnowledge

was transmitted orally

not textually

now everyone with a typewriter (computer)

at hand

is going crazy

typing/writing gibberish

the end result is just

waste of energy

promotion of evil aimlessness

& devolution

terra update

yours truly

left pacific

islands including samoa, newzealand

just a week ago

and now

its all shaking & rolling

japan yours truly concentrated

on for whaling

Saturday 12 March 2011


as long as

the car is shining

it doesn't matter

if the body looks like hell

& earth polluted

car shining

boot shining

furniture shining

everything takes

precedence over

soul shining

strange priorities

in a

strange world

Sunday 6 March 2011


the word love

keeps on getting used on this planet

a trillion times a day

without a clue as

to what it is

an extensive air of mystery

has been

created around a simple concept

to love someone

means that

you want the best for them

and the best that can happen to


is that they evolve

from their current state

to want evolution of anyone

is loving them

to want evolution of everyone

is loving everyone

the real spelling of evolve


reveals its

absolute connection to


Tuesday 1 March 2011


everyone expects to

get Paid in this world

for everything little thing they do

but the only time

anyone really gets Paid

is when one

comes to P's aid


the evil of this world

has created

a new lonely monster



lonely because it stands on its own

without any connection to

education or evolution

in any sane time

education for evolution

was entertaining enough

anything else was

as it should be


out of this monster

has arisen a creature

termed as


it is basically a clueless being

after all

there is no qualification required

except shamelessness

& the propensity

to make a fool out of oneself

in front of the masses

enter-containment of the masses

is what it is now

as there is no

T - ain

crossing over the dimension

one is stuck in

every graceless action

is entertaining

for the mindless zombies

while their souls

are being dragged into hellish oblivion