Thursday 30 June 2011


the word


is not a very liked word

in these times

people are

doing everything

they can to run

as far from


they can be moronic, confused,

retarded, schizophrenic etc etc

but not simple

simplicity arises out of honesty

a quality they struggle with

like its the black plague

lotusocean only



many doubt it

using their complicated brains

how could

the truth and the answer be so simple

they say

lotusocean says

it won't be the truth

if it wasn't simple

PT's EarthShip CropFormation

at their own pace ... surely

there are those

who say

that they are learning

at their own pace

& everyone doesn't have to be

at lotusocean's pace

wonder what they think

their lifespan is ?

a minimum of

100,000 solar years ?!

people do live like

thats how much time

they have in their hands

10,000 years for playstation

another 10,000 for procastination

make mistakes and learn from those

trial & error

all kinds of funny methods

can be tried out

whats the hurry

there are ages left

childhood is for making no sense

youth is for making mistakes

old age is for struggling with the body

they also seem to

equate time with evolution

things will only improve with time they say

as if devolution is not a possibility at all

a snakes and ladders game without snakes

either they don't want to face

the reality called death


they have a really bad



reading books ?

for the last

100 odd years

people have been made

to believe that

they can gain gnowledge and evolution

just by reading


so no contact with

the author/guru

is required

just pay the money for the book

& you're done

lotusocean declares

that no one can really learn anything

worth learning

without first hand


under a guru

the whole world is reading books

at the price of millions of cut trees

& no evolution is happening

more books they read

more confused they get

learning & evolution

is a more

hands on practical thing

than people are willing to accept

it is not just some

foofoo mental concept

evolution happens through

right speech

right diet

right postures

& most importantly

right behaviour towards higher & divine

no book can teach one this

the practise of it

can only be

done under a guru



they will call an animal

which tries to defend itself

from being killed by their bullets

by charging at them

as aggressive

they will label

a tree which tries to defend itself

from being cut

by dropping big fruits on the cutter

as aggressive

they will call nature

which retaliates

for all the abuse that has been done

through earthquakes, floods ...

as aggressive

but who is the real aggressor here ?

they think they can do harm

but not have any repercussions

thats why they hate higher & divine

as they are powerless in front of it

the loss of control

makes them scream that

'divine is the aggressor '

but who is what

is very clear

to see


people talk

about all viewpoints being relevant

all the time

why should only lotusocean's

viewpoint matter ?

well for starters

there is

no point

having a


which leads one to

pain, torture & hell

that is not a viewpoint

it is a blind-no-point

a view

requires a high point

for viewing

a high evolutionary status

promises a proper real view

for those


there is hardly any


to have a


negative ?

its strange


beings who are pointing out

the actual negative

happenings in this world

which are creating a hell here





it is the most positive thing

to point out the negative

and not take part in it

how else would one

distance oneself from

the real negative called evil ?

seems like

evil has banned

anything from being called evil

under its rulership

a perfect recipe

for devolution

Tuesday 28 June 2011

the challengers

there are those

who come challenging lotusocean

but they don't even

reveal their real/full identity

its also funny to see

how these folks

don't challenge the

evil beings

who control their lives


have reduced them to a

zombie mineral borg barely-conscious

dumbed-down schizo

pathetic blissless hellbound state

they instead challenge

something which is giving

them a way out

a chance to raise their soul

out of hell

into bliss

as these words

are written

there is huge thunder & lightning

where they are being written

in bharatania

(now called UK)

even all the sold-out folk on TV

are saying

that 'Gods must be angry'

as this doesn't happen in england

at any time of year

let alone this time

challenge ... hmmm


there are those who say

that lotusocean is

not really do-ing anything to change things

they seem to be completely unaware

of the fact that

there is no greater do-ing

than telling in plain words

what is

right & wrong

good & bad

divine & evil

only education from the core

which hits out at the core

can bring about any real change

lotusocean is not

stupid or impractical

enough to

start going out there &

pulling plugs from all the polluting factories

as they suggest

& if they feel thats the way

they should go out and do it themselves

instead of asking lotusocean to do it

lotusocean fortunately doesn't work

from their limited consciousness spectrum

once people hear the truth

its up to them to change

if they change

than all nonsense stops automatically

if they still don't change

there are other much more practical

& simple ways

to end it all

nature, earth & lotusocean films

lotusocean films


earth's nature

in all of its beautiful forms

they are an amalgamation of divine & nature


there is a purpose to them

unless people appreciate

nature & its beauty

why would they stop

destroying it

so those who say

these films are just about some

flimsy rainbows etc.

& thus not practical

are in their ignorance & bad attitude

completely missing

the P-oint


people of this planet

only believe in power

in following forms -

physical power, economic power, political power

they say


has none of these powers

& thus cannot

issue any notices

they don't seem to be aware

of a power called

Divine Will Power

which streams directly from highest divine

this power

is beyond all the powers

which they worship

even regarding what they hold important

their perceptions are hollow

they talk about physical when their

bodies are electrically dead

they talk about economic when

they are part of a fraud money system

they talk about pole-i-tics

when the whole crumbling dysfunctional system is cut off from

the Pole, the Axis

the P

the P is the P-ower

Monday 27 June 2011

a notice

beings cannot be

stopped from

ruining themselves

thats their use of freewill



can't be

won't be

allowed to

ruin the earth


New World Order swamped by P's TRi Swirled Order - CropCircle Stamp Confirms

the hellbound rulers

the lowly beings

who control the

other beings called masses

on this planet

are not fit to rule

they can't direct

their own lives positively

let alone anyone elses

yet they have given themselves

this position by hook & crook

for the last 5000 years

no wonder the

world is in the state

it is

they make the masses believe that

its the masses who are ruling

through demo-n-cracy

so its the fault of the masses (humanity)

if thing are going wrong

but masses everywhere in this world

are only given options

( democrat or republican, capitalism & communism etc )

all of which are created and control by them

it is all still an aristocracy

with demons being the aristocrats

things can only change

if masses install

devic evolved souls

who care about humanity

in all decisionmaking positions

otherwise its hellboundness

for all of them


of course they won't be

allowed to continue ruining this planet

by powers higher than these



the translucent existence

on this planet

can be summed

up in a useless activity



all of their so-called


has just led to a device

called lawnmower

which creates a continuos horrible noise

doesn't allow flowers to grow

kills all organicness in a mechanical borg fashion

Saturday 25 June 2011

different or clones ?

most people

have at least

another 100,000

exactly like them

prototype no. 1, 2, 3 and so forth

still they all believe

that they are different

or have

thoughts and emotions which

are somehow their own

and no one else's

most of their

thoughts and emotions

come from social conditioning

which is in turn controlled

by beings/forces which control society

everything about most people (muggles)

is from the same limited box

to become an individual

requires a seperation

from the hive

which most are unwilling to do

to become

one of a kind



sadhana ( penance )

which most find daunting



does require

doing really different

and evolving

even if one is born

as one of the clones

Thursday 23 June 2011

victim mentality

there is a lot of

victim mentality

going around

in this world

people are always

blaming other people

& the system

for their state

yes the system is evil

but one's own destiny

lies in one's own hands

noone can stop anyone from

praising and serving higher & divine

and raising one's soul & state

the truth is that

most people

who continuously complain about their lot in life

are not willing to take

an opportunity to change their state

even if it is presented freely

so the evil which keeps them in hell

lies as much in them

as it does in the system

revolution ='s re-evolution

so much pseudomyth has

created around

the term revolution

in the last 400 years

american, french, communist revolution etc etc

people are going around wearing che guevera t-shirts

but nothing actually ever really happens

it all ends up in a big mess

with no one any happier

just some superficial change in government

which is all futile in the end anyways

is no revolution

revolution is only about evolution

it happens within each being

through personal effort

not staging demonstrations

or buying/using weapons

or wearing t-shirts with photos of confused beings

who neither care for

nor gno about



is one's own personal responsibility

doing the right things oneself

and connecting with divine

is real r-evolution

Wednesday 22 June 2011

evolution is the only revolution

some ask

what is the point of evolution ?

why be so concerned about it ?


if one is fine

doing what one does not want to do

if one is fine

being a slave to an evil system

if one is fine

being helpless

if one is fine

with things not going their way

if one is fine

being blissless in hell

than there


actually no need to worry

about evolution

but once you have made the decision

do not complain about

your job, your boss,

your boring life

your pathetic existence

if you however

Do want to

break free of the matrix prison

you would need to evolve

there is no other r-evolution

which can save you

revolution is just real evolution

& for evolving

you will have to

be respectful to higher/divine

another basic difference between divine & evil

evil tries to make simple complex

divine makes even the complex simple

even survival ...

even bare minimum

physical survival

requires certain

practical physical functions


people somehow feel


evolution, bliss, ascension

do not require


practical physical effort

they are only ready to make it

a mental or emotional game

no wonder

there is mostly devolution happening

wherever one looks

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Monday 20 June 2011

hallowed ground ?

the english (anglo-saxons)

after having concocted funny rituals

called tennis, cricket etc

like to refer to the places

where these are practised

( pitches, courts,

lords, wimbledon etc )

as hallowed ground

strange since

no holy being

has walked

on them





a hollow




unless they mean


Sunday 19 June 2011


there is lot of


going around in this world

people are continuously creating

unnecessary drama in their lives

just to feel alive

not gnoing what to do with their time

people are

entangling themselves & each other

in dramatics

without any purpose

they are living a drama

not a life

their reasoning is

if they cannot raise their soul

than why not just do drama instead

the answer to why-not is simple

to not sink into hell

drama has become a thing of art

a profession

it is respected

as can be seen by

popularity of soap stars

who are paid to create drama out of thin air

media is promoting

drama in all forms

number of soaps is increasing exponentially

all over the world

one will find that

the beings who

actually pursue evolution


higher states of consciousness

are those who are


more focus = less drama

more drama = less focus

less focus = loss of soul


of praising higher & divine

without any drama or fuss

is the only way UP

Monday 13 June 2011

who needs who

lot of messages are thrown

at lotusocean

stating stuff like

' i won't be back here again '

etc etc

it seems like

they think

lotusocean needs them

instead of

them needing lotusocean

maybe these infantile tactics

work for silly meaningless games

like elections

where one can say

' you won't get my vote '

and get some response


is not here

for acceptance

from anyone

let alone confused beings

who are already in a hell

and heading into deeper ones

those who think they are

doing a favour

by coming here

don't need to come here at all

no point in

meaningless exercises

Saturday 4 June 2011


people of this planet

love to keep animals

behind bars

in place they call a


thats why there are

so many of them

let lotusocean

break the news to them

that they themselves

are in a


which is managed by

their evil overlords

and they

are as trapped

as caged animals

in their corporate offices

what makes them worse than the animals

is that animals

at least want to

break free from their cage

machines or beings

most beings here

are functioning like machines now

working at supermarket checkout counters

doing robotic motions all day

others are answering phone calls

like machines from call centers

most people's response

to any outside

circumstance or stimuli

is becoming

more & more

narrow & limited

a computer program can


all their responses/activities

from their dayjob to

cheering at games/concerts

people are becoming

no better than droids

a computer could run this planet

and all these

people will comply easily

they have no idea

what life is for

so they are ready

to do whatever their

evil masters

lay out for them

even if the price is their soul