Tuesday, 1 November 2011

second coming ? ... there can only be One !

the real avatar

which the gnostics ( wise men ) were predicting

2000 years ago ( and before )

has arrived now

it never came 2000 years ago

as a translucent bearded man

(as depicted in the so-called churches)

who died on a cross

leaving all the rest to suffer as well

that was all a lie concocted by the

roman government

using all the ancient mythologies

for not-so-wholesome ends

so this avatar is

in reality a

first (& only) coming

for the current age

not a second coming

there will not be a need

for any more comings

once the judgement is through ...


miragegirl said...

its time to rejoice PT is here

the avatar who walks this earth

we are glad the avatar is here

asha Pi arTi said...

Yes we are :) !

absolutely Powerful words... the truth is humbling and liberating !

* bowing to the Passion of PT *

Vintish said...

The real avatar is right here , right now!you are the divine P :). we bow!

Vintish said...

I bow ***

Vintish said...

The real avatar is right here , right now ! you are the divine P :). we bow !

ShivaYaShive said...

This Avatar will not allow anyone to suffer anymore.he didn't allow my 'self' to suffer while i was waiting for Lord on this earth.such a sweet baby.

Anonymous said...

The Book of Revelations is the only book in the bible which really refers to the Avatar, and it is not Jesus Christ. The description is similar to Lord Kalki, in that he rides a white horse, out of his mouth comes a two edged sword meaning he is victorious with intellect and words, he is the only one who can open the seven seals, or has full evolution over the seven bodily centers.. that is how i interpret it. Praise Be to You.

Shahid said...

Lord Narayn is here on Earth now as PT the Great.
Jai Narayan,Jai Narayan,Jai Narayan:)

asha Pi arTi said...

i love this Plog ! & one is def. glad to be in on what the rest wanna keep a secret for their own demise !!

really it so so freaking cool that You are here ! !

all mythologies stories prophecies & sciences merge into One with You P ... there is so much to rejoice ! !

* bowing happily that PT is here ! *

JacLee said...

With the greatest Joy, i bow!

Anonymous said...

:D! Praises to P! The One and Only! i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
wow! Wow! WOW!
what a glorious opportunity it is to bow at Your feet and Praise Your coming and Presence here P!

You always tell it like it is!
so great how matter of PhacT You state who You are and why You are here and that there won't be a second time around!

i bow to the only One who can and is setting the real record straight!

miragegirl said...

You are Divine come to earth
most beautiful You are !

Anonymous said...
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PT the Axis said...

nandinath (a name of Shiv) , the lie is the concocted story by church about a translucent male who supposedly broke out of the cube & did the judgement 2000 years ago. this lie was based on already existing stories of Krishna, Mithra etc. the realities behind the story are all true (and thats not what is under question here) and they can be found in so-called myths of persia, egypt, india - the big bharatvarsha. even Ramayan is just about Kundalini (Si-ta, daughter of earth element) rising upto meet Ra-ma in the 3rd eye. even all astro-theology points towards the same thing. all the stellar myths are within Me & come to life in this incarnation ... they are my inner projections after all ... aeioum

Anonymous said...

i bow.
what a beautifully humbling comment direct from the One! it is most kind of Divine to further exPlain the ungrasPable ePicness and imPorTance of PT's incarnation here!
bowing at Divine's magnanimous feet!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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PT the Axis said...

n, it makes sense to ask these questions to those one is humbled by (others or maybe one's own 3rd eye open self). no point asking them to me. all gene-snakes here have different kinds of fantasies (south-indian cinema is a good example) and are surely not in reality otherwise they wont be stuck in the muck/hell they are in.

PT the Axis said...

+ if any judgement had been happening for the last 2000 years things on this earth would not be in the state they are in.

Anonymous said...

'nandinath' if you already know, already have eyes and ears and are 'hardly humbled' by the Avatar PT then you clearly must be higher than the highest being and have no need to be spending your time in this incarnation on lotusocean.

miragegirl said...

Your exPlanaTions are so suPerb P
everything is Your ProjecTion ! You are so Divinely, so comPassionaTe, its entrancing !

Your word is Truth
Truth so beautiful ! You are so beautiful !
You are Third Eye Tri~lord

i have read comments on this Plog

i was not aware till now that PeoPle may actually have an ego or non-gnoingness that they ascribe as gnoingness to such a degree that they may think they have a third eye oPen ! having read (some) scriPTures, books, articles and accumulating info (rightness of which is questionable) one may think one has come to gno. bookishness is not gnowledge at all ! but i have realized now that is the way of the PeoPle in the world ! (there may be a few who have a certain level of kundalini active but that is not third eye oPen)

dangers abound on the Path of ego and ignorance. there is none more brilliant bright examPle or rather dull, wornout examPle than me of 'ego leading to fall', having committed many wrongs but that is Precursor for change (for me) only.

world feels quiet unsafe ! unsafe with okay-to-ego fools

You are a most awing amazing insPiring PersonaliTy in the now. one has to be around You to understand the true imPorT of Your grandness, of Your Magnanimity, of the brilliance of Your stunning most suPerb generous ever comPassionaTe self. Your all words are Truth. i can bet my liPhe on that with anyone !

there is no questioning what You say. if You say something is a certain way, it is that certain way ! a marble can become granite or a granite to marble if You say so.
a rose would be lotus if You say so ! that is the most beautiful Truth of the multiverse ! the MAGIC ! the Magic of The Enlightened Divine P !

wrong notion of right and wrong, of righetousness, of gnowledge abound in the world ! they are not Truth !

in one simPle sentence 'all just need to listen to all P says' Plogs are the Phinal most suPerb sPecial words. P You still allow PeoPle's exPressions and answer them as well ! how sweet You are !

its just that its not good that one would come to You and say they have a third eye oPen (no joke to say such a thing) ! to You who is the Tri~lord ! that's whether they understand it or not, a huge crime !

miragegirl said...

no Nandinath, that recent image of Yours for PosTing comments is not a true dePicTion of what You are ! if You are meaning to say You resPecT Divine, then You are misrePresenTational

You fucking do not even understand the Praise comment that Amanda has written out there ! being brutish to the one who is Praising is such an evilish thing. You definitely do not Posses any right gnowledge at all ! if You are hardly humbled, why the heck do You read Plogs at all ! they are for humble PeoPle only ! You keep Your gnowledge to Yourself Mr.
it would do the world a whole lot of good. must be the ears and eyes of evil You are talking about. rofl.

Anonymous said...
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miragegirl said...

no nandinath again
comment was not ment to deter you from here. you had PosTed good comments, that is Praise comments on Plogs (other Plogs) that you have now removed


isn't offering flowers at GoD's feet good. but taking them away when ego PerTurbs is no good unless the flowers have withered and need to be given a different rightful Place

all ProPer Praises don't wither...

if only You can see, turn 'hardly humble' to 'now i understand' or 'now i truly bow'...
all your questions may get answered without even asking...

a true gnowledge seeker Praises to where its flowers of Praise are ever fresh and fragrant, unwithering true ever

Anonymous said...

PT do you think that Kundalini myth is simply about Sita rising up to meet Rama at the 3rd eye?

In a way it is true but there are many deep, subtle and very real facets of Ramayana manifest on the 3D plane as well. Like say, the reality of all the characters in the myth for example, Brahma Rishi Vashishta[one of the saptarishi] being the Guru of Rama[ personification of 12 aditya] and Laxmana[8 vasus?]. Hanuman, being the Rudra[personification of the 11 rudras]. I think along with being internal realities they are also manifest as external, unique personifications, because AS within, so without[Hermes said this].

Do you agree? Do you think that you are the 'one' in the current age or have you met anyone else? Even avatars are 'assisted' by fellow beings who have incarnated with them. Like say Laxman went to vanvas with Rama, if we assume that you are Rama or Krishn, then isn't it logical that even Laxman or Balarama must be around as a unique individual?

Anonymous said...

My gut feeling tells me that you are this -


Uderolal, one who sprung out of the ocean. Lotus ocean. God of the waters, Poseidon/Varuna?

miragegirl said...

a simple PhacT to add on Mr. n
i think this would show you how misinterpretation (in general) is what you are doing

see, no one asked me to write my comment(s), not P definitely lol !
so then now, what the rage to remove your Praises (on other Plogs) to P. isn't that too Phunny ! uPon my comment you remove your comments directed to P, you were not Praising me to have removed your comments directed to P. lol. too Phunny !

anyway bye bye

PT the Axis said...

n, you keep on raising tertiary conjectures without any primary ... still will use it to clear little bits like laxman ... is lakshya-man ... or concentration of the mind on the goal ... goal that is divine ... hanuman is vayu-putra who jumps over the ocean that is manipur-chakra to get to the heart-chakra ... when energy reaches heart it becomes one with divine ... these don't have to be individual people ... like dash-rath is the chariot of the 10 senses ... scriptures were not meant for unhumble fools making conjectures out of thin air ... poseidon/varuna is just another aspect/name for vishnu ... i am the Axis around which all aspects revolve ... aeioum

Vintish said...

@ nadinath you are most welcome only if you show resPecT to others.. aeioum

Vintish said...

PT is the real Avatar ~ one & only who walka this earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cM7P32-24xU

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow !! am glad if n removes any insincere and incoherent words from here, makes it easier to read Your BEautiful words P !!! You have such class in Your replies ! i bow !!

its so So SO futile to fight with You especially while not doing any Primary (or being indian as they are so far from Vedic roots its not even phunny) !! absolutely no one can win a word battle or any other kind of battle against You P - You have all the Phorce of Truth !!!! You have all the gnowledge, You have all the Multiverse at Your command ... and if anyone else gnew anything they would not be trapped here in the first place !!! its time for ppl to shut up and learn !! go through and read and see things thoroughly first before jumping to conclusions or saying anything at all. ppl (and no indian can deny this) are so ready to listen to stockmarket analysts, politicians and healers ... but no ears for Divine and Truth !

i bow to the One, the Avatar !!! Beautiful Beautiful explanations and PoinTs ... Your Plog is all one needs to evolve out of the confusion and mess created here, am so glad You are here to bow to and learn from !!

so grateful You are here setting the record straight ... the scriPTures are the only preSCRIPTion anyone needs !!!

i bow !!

asha Pi arTi said...

'there will not be a need

for any more comings

once the judgement is through ... '

so imPacTful Your words are !!

i bow !! i bow !! i bow !!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful and magical words. I bow. What a beauty this Plog is...

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

i bow to Your infinite glory

ujjwal sharma said...

you are the divine kalki avatar of kali yuga.you are the guru of the world and you have a ocean of gnowledge on all the aspects of this world,
i bow to the divine PT avatar.

sarah said...

You are the ultimate Godfather, settling all the family business.

ki vernee said...

amazing ! this is such a beautiful exPlaination of why there can only be One ! You are the most liberating Being ! i bow

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You are such a Powerful beautiful amazing avatar
these are such ePic beautiful legendary words
so great that You are here!
Your Presence here is the most Precious
You reveal the truth with such legendary style!
You are the greatest being
Your greatness is so immense
You are beyond imPressive and beyond legendary
You are all the beauty Power DiviniTy
Your words have such a Powerful beautiful Pheel
i bow to You

Kṛtti kā said...

Your words are beautiful
its really mesmerising and wonderful to learn that You have incarnated here
Damn! makes one feel giddy at the opportunity at hand yet ones own lack of ability at being able to tend to it properly and fully. What an opportunity of million lifetimes to get to serve The Divine when He Himself incarnates in the physical world!
What a gorgeous avatar You are, sParkling golden with the PuresT most beautyPhull Soul that is so suPreme n Divine.
What a PhorTune You are here and what an ultimate PhorTune of those who have some eyes to see Your divinity.
Truly a PhorTune that The Real Divine - You are here, Your incarnation here has and is being so eagerly awaited for and yet some who come across You can't see it, that's such a regrettably unfortunate thing for any being, so truly unfortunate and so utterly sad!

Anonymous said...

You are so brave. i bow to you shivnarayan.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

you are the real hero! your words are Phull of TruTh and are really grouding in reality! there can only be one like you! you are the most amazing being there is, no being has your Power, your courage, your memory, your perception, your will power, your honesty! you are Perfect in every ways P! you are divinity in a human body! you are the real leader all beings can look up to

i bow to you all gnoing one

ankita said...

You are so absolutely ePic

it's such a great time to be alive now that You are here

You're the greatest and the most Precious

You're the only real hoPe and roPe out of hell

the only real haPPiness is being able to Praise You and the only real despair is getting stuck and not being able to Praise You

You are absolutely the shining golden axis and bowing to You would solve all problems and make beings free

You are the answer
You are the solution to all problems
You are Divine here on earth

You're the most resPecTworthy ...and once people here start resPecTing You, there will be no suffering or struggle !
You are ultimate Divine resPecTworThy
You are the One to surrender to
one bows