Thursday 30 July 2009

the lightworkers

there is a general thinking

in those wanting to evolve

that evolution depends on

going to the right organic health food store

all kinds of practices

like past life regression, reiki, fengshui,

personal channeling, dna activation,

astral projection, vipassana, group meditation etc etc.

have been propagated by new agey charlatans

they call themselves the lightworkers

surely a pun

coz they are in reality evilpropagators

beings struggling with their own soul direction

are talking about & actually attempting

planetary grid restructuring

they are talking about 3rd eye activation

without having even a basic kundalini experience

they are going to heal the world

through their out of shape bodies & lowvoltage auras

people find that no matter

how many of these practices they do

the end result is blisslessness & depression

one cannot expect anything else

from something which is done

for pretension/image

the simple fact that

all that is required is

a humble attitude

towards divine

eludes them

they want to reach higher states

without a change in basic internal attitude

the new motto is -

i would do anything for ascension

but i won't do that

Friday 24 July 2009

Friday 17 July 2009


muggle is a term that is used

repeatedly in

lotusocean blogs

so its best to throw some light on it

a muggle

as now many children gno

courtesy the hari-putra (harry potter) books

is simply a non-magic person

i.e someone completely unaware

of the greater realities beyond

the 3d physical matrix

muggle is basically a being

who accepts the 3-d prison reality

as the only reality

and spends its time

continuously creating & dealing with petty problems

it goes under many pseudonyms

average joe, simple person, mass, mob, dude, bloke

it desperately tries to eek out happiness

in domains which don't have any

it defies divine

& creates tailormade gods suited to its own narrowmindedness

it has opinions

but no gnowledge

it has thoughts

but no clarity

it is theroretically awake

but practically asleep

it has fear

but no real curiosity

it has questions

but does not want any answers

on the edge

most of the muggle time

is spent trying to make

sense out of nonsense

that is institutions

educational, religious or beauruecratic

they are all on the edge

of insanity

but somehow still don't lose faith

that things will work out

only if this or that was changed

its like expecting

something rotten from the root

to bear fruit

Saturday 11 July 2009

CropCircle Phenomenon Explained


majority of people's actions are not guided

by any real purpose or intent


by restlessness

if the intent is not to serve the divine

there is an inner lack of bliss & fulfillment

which leads to restlessness

this restlessness is the main driving engine of evil

all that is unnecessary & negative & devoluting

stems from this perpetual neverending restlessness

Thursday 9 July 2009


ignorance leads to excitation
from almost anything

the experience leads to boredom

boredom may lead to real gnowledge

real gnowledge leads to excitation
from the divine and divine only

this excitation is the only real bliss

Monday 6 July 2009

the numbers game

these days the validity of anything

is supposedly dependent on

how many attest to it

the numbers rule

whether its youtube, myspace, elections or selections

the mob cannot be wrong

no they are not just mindprogrammed zombies

they are all wise sages full of precise discernment

going by this logic

if thousands of flies

gather around some shit

than that shit isn't shit anymore

used the word 'supposedly'

coz the world is still ruled by a handful of beings

and they don't rely on the mob ratings

they control & manipulate the mob ratings

a birdtribe emblem cropcircle appears in response to lotusocean sound & light

Saturday 4 July 2009


Mist is the root of the word
they told you to spell as
to further mistify the mistery

Mistery only exists outside
because of the
Mist inside the minds of beings