Saturday 27 February 2010

to feel alive

people are going to crazy extents to

feel alive

climbing vertical cliffs in -20 degrees celcius

swimming the lengths of the most polluted rivers in the world

handrowing across the atlantic in smallest of boats

munching alive lizards, insects etc.

living amongst grizzly bears only to end up being eaten alive

aside from the momentary adrenalin rush

they don't really get the result

they are after

quite ironic


the aliveness they seek

resides right within the body

the kundalini has to be awakened

above the 3 lower chakras

no fancy moves required

only way this happens is

alignment with the divine

through humility & praise

but as the song goes

i would do anything for ...

but i won't do that

Friday 26 February 2010


being imprecise about things

is what makes people 'muggles'

for example when they exclaim


they have no clear idea as to

what they are saying


= increasingly edible

this word is often exclaimed

for things which are inedible or barely edible


Tuesday 23 February 2010

the SOS's

the brits

have certainly reached a point

where some of them can

blurt out the honest truth

a call for help -

can't say the same for other europeans

or the colonies like america/australia

they are all still busy proclaiming

'we can do it by ourselves'

its worth mentioning that

as of now

still no brit has been able to take the next step ...


another major general misnomer

on this plane-t is that

any level of evolution

is possible

without losing

one's accent

its like saying

an animal can evolve

to any degree

without giving up

that which makes it that animal

beings here have no idea

how the accents they have

trap them within

certain strata's of consciousness

the ignorant and evil

both (for different reasons) proclaim that

all accents/tongues are okay

none is better than the other

it doesn't matter how you speak

once again in complete contrariety

lotusocean declares

that sounds/accents/tongues have a hierarchy

thats why higherbeings/sages/wizards

in all fables have 'a voice'

& a way of speaking which can affect

consciousness to the point of

what maybe called magic

divine perfection

does exist

in voice/speak as well

its not just a matter of like or dislike

its a matter of grace

a matter of hell & heaven

a matter of soul's destination

Saturday 20 February 2010




'i am pressed'


being pressed enough to act

so one is not really



one cannot help but act

many here

are impressed by

many things & beings

mostly at their own level or lower

but not many are


by divine

or real beauty

if they were

one won't miss it

as there would be

lots of actions


in that direction

artificial glitz

majority of this planet

is too impressed by

artificial glitz

to ever be enchanted by

nature or natural

you can see them descending

like moths to flame


hyperlit shopping malls &

suffocatingly lit airport lounge shops

after all that brightneonhalogenbuzz

they (predictably) find nature boring

as there are no blinding flashing lights

& gaudy colours

which they are used to from

their regular diet of television shows


keep the mirage up

by using blinding filters

on all the outdoor scenes

glitz which is short from of 'gravity light'

has no gravity left

just a lot of lifeless artificial light

Wednesday 17 February 2010

meeting god

everytime 'meeting god'

is raised in the west

the only concern is

what question will one ask ?

its not about bowing down

or praising

its all about unhumbly

standing up


asking questions

angrily is okay too

the benefit ?

they haven't cared about that for ages

to be in the state they are in now

Tuesday 16 February 2010


many ask if there is a god

why is there so much suffering

suffering arises as a direct result

of disconnection from divine

& is necessary in the sense that

it is the only thing which prompts beings

to reconnect with divine

indulging in one's suffering

is what comes in the way of the


this indulgence

is what is put on a pedestal in society

& promoted through music, movies & all media

still at the end of the day

there is only so much beings can take

before they turn back to the divine

right has to be right

to those who think

that it is their

right to ask questions

by just the mere act of existing

lotusocean informs that

only right they have

is to praise/serve something

higher than themselves

coz it is the only right thing to do


there are many who ask me for my

view on this or that

for having any real access to my view

one has to atleast be in the

same flight as me


one cannot just purchase

the ticket for this flight


entry requires

proper attitude


there are those who think

that they can learn/acquire gnowledge

by just asking questions

to whoever/wherever/whenever

they have no idea

that one has to earn the right

to ask a question

for the answer to have any

actual lasting significance in their life/afterlife

under-standing happens only

through standing under

not asking questions

they are aware that they have to do some actions

just to survive in this world

but for learning

they feel all that is required is

mouthing/typing a question

a funny attempt at completely eliminating

the immortal & logical guru-disciple concept

based upon secure foundations of

humility & service

all this has happened

from the myths propagated by the west

to promote brattiness ( one whines for an icecream and gets it )

that everyone deserves everything

& thus

everyone has a right to access

all the multiversal gnowledge

but that would never be the case

beings will only have access to as much gnowledge

as they deserve

thats why most beings here

gno less than 2%

about the reality of this world's system

they put their faith in and work for

let alone multiversal functionings

Sunday 14 February 2010

महाकुंभ - MahaKumbh

there are millions

bathing at Triveni in Prayag

for the Mahakumbh ( महाकुम्भ )


this bath is supposed to happen

somewhere else completely

Triveni ( त्रिवेणी ) refers to the

confluence of three rivers

these 3 rivers are within

as the 3 channels

Ida, Sushumna & Pingala

the real Mahakumbh happens in the

Sahastrar ( सहस्त्रार )

1000 lotus-petalled crown chakra

where these 3 rivers meet

the term Mahakumbh

is derived from 'Kumbh' or Aquarius

it is a pointer for the auspicious moment

created by the grand (महा) meeting of

Sun, Moon & Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius

which happens once every 12 years

Aquarius is the last of the fixed signs

presided over by Shiv - the blue lord

PT just happens to be aquarius/kumbh rising ...

Saturday 13 February 2010



is the most misunderstood term

in muggle world

it is usually equated with

being accurate about

how many toffees one ate

how many apples one stole

how much tax one avoided

the unending information on forms

or other such useless petty trivia

meant for upholding the unholy system

krishn who always denied eating the butter

would be considered a liar

under current definitions

which people like gandhi have propagated

real truth as in

सत्यम शिवम् सुन्दरम
' satyam shivam sundaram '


'truth is shiv is beauty '

has nothing to do with

anything to do with this artificially created

society & structure

& its banal matters

real truth

is more to do with

seeing reality as is

without any distortion

truth is facing the reality of one's own being

and the lack of happiness therein

truth is in the laws of nature & divine

which are pure scientifically verifiable principles

not subject to change in time

truth is that divine exists

truth is that happiness can only exist

where/when divine is praised

Friday 12 February 2010

the one & only disease

on the surface

there appear to be many diseases

plaguing beings on this planet

lotusocean however sees

only one disease

which is

not being able to state the obvious truth

people lie to each other

about each other's state

every day trillions of times

straightforward speaking out of obvious perception

is looked down upon like a cardinal sin

petty ego's have to be saved blushes

at all costs

this vow of never speaking out of truth

leads to a real dis - ease

with in the self

& than the world

if people just practiced

speaking what is as is

without crazy agenda's

all diseases are sure to disappear

evil was only born

from not wanting to speak of

the obvious divinity of divine

the quest for the pathetic

females of this planet

tend to go for the pathetic amongst males

in the hopes of the praise

it will bring into their boring lives

also presence of something pathetic next to them

makes them feel better about themselves

there is a catch though

they want something pathetic

but not ugly, decrepit & psychotic

ugly they can overlook

through their intense practice

of ignoring reality


psychoness is scary

it bursts all their pity bubbles
which they shouldn't be having in the first place

they can't seem to understand

why all these come together in the same package

lotusocean clarifies

the very same psychological disturbance

which emanates from an antidivine stance

( P-atheist being the root of pathetic

not believing in P or not believing in a Divine Axis)

is responsible for

patheticness, decrepitness, uglyness and psychoness

the male-female completion illusion

males and females

on this planet

have the illusion that

even though they feel incomplete within themselves

once they unite

they will reach godlike completeness

this is the whole basis for

sex, relationship, marriage etc etc

it doesn't take them long to find out that

their union doesn't lead to divine bliss

in fact things just get worse

the honest admit to it others don't

but the facts & the fighting remain

its a hard pill for them to swallow that

completion they seek can only be achieved through

union with divine

not with other imperfect beings

Wednesday 10 February 2010

rise not fall

fall in love

they say

lotusocean says

rise in love

they have made out love to be

a pursuit of the lower

when it always really was

a pursuit of the higher

emphatic repetition

everyone can perceive

at least one of the unlimited exalted qualities

of divine's manifestations

within this 3-D matrix

and that is enough

for evolution

all that is required is

emphatic verbal repetition of this perception

rising above self's inherent laziness

speech is the starting point

the body follows

mind after that

soul ...


most people are willing to go

to any extent

to not have to face ridicule from society

wear certain clothes

behave a certain way

cross the atlantic in a rowboat if they have to

to win the respect of their hive

they have no concerns however

about not having to face ridicule from divine

whatever they are doing in order to

enhance their self-image in society/system

is hilarious/ridiculuos

from divine perspective

they can't be bothered as

they have no concern for

their soul or after-death state

if they decide to align with divine

they will surely face ridicule from the

unholy society/system

a straightforward choice ...

the work puzzle

another of the many major misconceptions

amongst people of this planet is

that one would be free

if only one wouldn't have to work

the truth however is that

as long as one breathes

one would have to do something

it is in the nature of 'be-ing'

even if one doesn't move the body

the mind will wander

sooner or later one will move the body

to quell those desires

people will always have to work

the key is - who will they work for?

self's ambitions or divine will

people also tend to associate

freedom with just financial freedom

they only need to look

at people who have enough money

to never have to work for it again

are they happy ?

they are bored and disgusted

all that they try and do

doesn't get them happiness either

'the self' cannot generate happiness

through its own efforts

without praising/serving the divine

people don't realize that

they are fed up with their jobs

only because these jobs are not

authorised by divine

these jobs are actually

against the multiversal laws/functionings

they serve a system which is inherently evil

if they choose to serve the high & divine

instead of the evil system

the work they do will automatically become pleasant

and soul-enhancing

they have slogans pasted on walls

in schools & institutions

'work is worship'

which need to be all replaced by

'work for divine is worship'

Tuesday 9 February 2010


only PT can have Pity


simply because

to really have Pity

one has to be above

all pitiable states

only P has Perfect Piety

& through

that Piety arises Pity

self survival

there are many

who complain

that how can they even think about

serving the higher

when all their attention/energy is used up in

looking out for themselves

in this big bad world

pity they don't realize


by serving the high & divine

their 'self' is automatically taken care of

much better than

it is by their own efforts


the term 'holy'

comes from


'w' is silent as always

to be whole

is the only way

to be holy

(w)holywood not hollywood -

Monday 8 February 2010

the real President

with their limited/twisted perceptions

& disconnected from nature sensibilities

they (the people of this planet) can elect

who they want

as their P-resident or Prime Resident

of their arbitrarily cut pieces of land called countries

but the real President of the whole earth

who can set real Precedents

would always be

what the wind & sea & rain & trees & the elementals

& the earth & the sun & the stars & the universe

& the multiverse elects

this election is based upon

the divinity/fractality within

no rigging possible

as the results are impossible to fake

it follows multiversal natural laws

not contrived absurd structures of society/government

or whims and fancies of mindprogrammed mass zombies

if the people of this planet

choose to

ignore or not-align with this real President

they can forget about peace, happiness

& prepare for ...

Saturday 6 February 2010

error messages

all of those

who have reached this blog

through the hardware/software

produced on this planet

would be quite familiar

with the continually recurring

error messages & breakdowns

does this in anyway

reflect upon its creators ?

lotusocean says yes

the incoherent cannot create something coherent

the rest can disagree

praising the impostors

this is a world

where impostors

are not looked down upon

'praise' is what they receive

michael jackson or mj

being one hype-r-famous example

it tried so very hard

to get to a peter-pan archetype

went under every knife & surgeon

it could find

only to end up looking like a ghouly ghost

the game reached its ghastly conclusion

still the praises haven't stopped flowing

from across the world

to pretend to be

what one is not

is not only acceptable

but lauded

MJ could not be PT

because it is *not* something

one can achieve through externals

the attempt of the wannabe's

to mimic true divinity

makes for hilarious viewing

from P Perspective


the situation is not that humorous

for those who actually fall for it

making movies

the snakes ( genepools )

inhabiting this planet

view the world and other snakes

with their hyperlimited perception

they spice up this ugly pitiable incoherence

with crazy self-exalting fantasies

& call it a 'movie'

whether its bollywood or hollywood

from the khans to clint eastwood

everyone is making movies

which make them appear like

the center of the universe

the fact they are not 'the axis'

is something which they gno well

but would rather not face

at the ground level also

every small emanation of the snakes

termed 'common person'

is making its own movie called life

on a smaller budget of course

whether the movie makes sense or not

is not an issue

what is important is that

one keeps on making movies

to appear busy

just in case

divine happens to drop by

they already have carbumpers saying

'look busy, jesus is coming'