Saturday 25 April 2015

Nepal Earthquake - the Cause, the Reason, the Why ...

over the next few days

there will be a lot of chatter

in the media & amongst the people of this planet

about the nepal earthquake

and in typical fashion of these times

there will be NO talk about the WHY

so once again

its upto LotusOcean

to reveal the real story ...

last year yours truly

visited Nepal

'the himalayan kingdom'

that naturally alludes to enchanting natural scenes


what was seen was -

unending concrete jungle

horrible unembeddable unfractal structures

sharp tin roofs

rubbish everywhere

most waters polluted beyond imagination


as a reasonable response

yours truly did a RUDRA activation


this has been public on youtube since jan' 2015

today the activation effect has arrived

( took less than a year & the timing was immaculate
- not so long after the so-called earthday )


their stupid house of cards has fallen

still only a little warning of

things to come

epicenter of the quake

was (no points for guessing)

in the area

where yours truly did the activation

Friday 24 April 2015

'if' i had my way ...

they sang long ago -

'if i had my way
in this wicked world
i would tear this building down ...

well many moons later

the 'if' has ceased to exist

for yours truly

i have my way


i can bring this whole building daaaaaaaoowwnnn


hells are for ...

there is a lot of confusion

regarding hells

and who is sent there and why

so lets set the record straight

in typical lotusocean way

hells are not for


people for actions they have done

they are there for

all those

who have no intention to change

to align with multiversal laws/will


are full of

stubborn stupid attitudes like ...

' i am like this only '

' i dont need to change '

' i cannot change'

' whats the hurry '

' i am doing fine as i am '

'i am learning/evolving at my own pace'

etc etc ...

god forbid or ...

as of now

in this world

its not

god forbid


forbid god



a very familiar word in english

and its meaning is also beyond debate/discussion


when one looks at the word

from lotusocean eyes

one finds this term comes from the

Sanskrit term



the Place where God(s) Dwell


Dev Station (a place of dwelling)

Dev a Station

so according to those who compiled the

english language

there is nothing more



presence of

God (s)

hmmm ... must be a reason why

now that is not what Websters  Oxford dictionary says

does it

not facing reality ... the collective way

just a few days ago

there was a Plog

about people of this planet

not being able to face

reality as it is

now with the divine retribution 

happening in nepal

the media has taken


to new heights

at first they said only 2 people had died

now a day later the figure of dead is still only 2000

who are they kidding ?

2000 people died just in a small area of kathmandu

within the 2 minutes of first quake itself

and nepal has a lot of population

both in and outside kathmandu

just play everything down

so that the collective ego doesn't get hurt

that nature/divine got the better of them

reality is that

nepal is basically levelled to the ground


media is instead talking about sending this little band-aid

or that

lets not forget to pat ourselves on the back

in midst of utter destruction

we are doing this ! we are doing that !

not that 1000's are dying every hour

continuous stream of mis-information


'people are not going home & sleeping outside

because of fear of after-shocks'

not that people have no home to go to

all their silly living-structures are compromised and can fall anytime

just a collective attempt to

not see reality as it is


no wonder they are all in the hell they are in




as in



as is spector

or seeing/observing

so basically

an inspection

of the whole 360 degrees

how does one do that practically in any situation ?

its actually very simple

just see ( honestly & clearly )

one's own state

and than see

the state of who one is dealing with

those 2 points

make the whole circle

anyone doing that ( at all times )


circumspect enough


be appropriate enough ( behaviourally)


get out of hell


enter higher realms/worlds

the major school of this planet

on this planet

people have labeled

many schools with many names


they are supposed to be about many things


from lotusocean point of view

the only major prevalent school

on this planet

is the school of

(very) sick (very) ugly yet (very) capable


the suc school

whether it sucks or not

is ...

Wednesday 22 April 2015

earth day axis'ness

they might not


the axis

but everything still spins around it



earth day ( all these days are a funny concept ... )

as ...

elephant is the major symbol used


yours truly

had put this up just a week ago

P's elePhanTs

Tuesday 21 April 2015

this world in summation ...

as of now

what this world seems to be

in summation

is a collective attempt

to undermine the

imPorTance of

P the Axis

no wikipedia


P the Axis


wikipedia (as everyone now gnos) is supposed to carry

everyone and everything worth gnoing

that exists on this planet


P is not important at all

even the very existence of P

is denied

no takers, promoters for

the very Axis

that sustains their little world

fun times

Monday 20 April 2015

behaviour - the ultimate key

there are some here

who are waking up

to the fact that

3-d prison existence is something to get out of

but almost all of them

are missing

one crucial point


in order to get into higher realms

one has to have one's


in place

proper normal reasonable behaviour

as per multiversal laws

which none of them are even attempting to learn/instill

as they spend most of their time

swearing at those supposed entities

which forcibly keep them here

reality is that

no one can keep anyone trapped

if one does the right thing oneself

it is in one's own hands

not in other(s)

reality as it is

most people here

refuse (blatantly a lot of times)




as it is


no wonder

they are trapped here

in this




cant get out


Sunday 19 April 2015

another decision

another decision

people of this planet

would have to make


whether they would like to

listen to higher & divine

to get out of hells


keep on laughing at the

incoherent actions/inactions of fools

around the world

media ( a bunch of generally more sold-out people )

obviously prefers to feed the latter

but still

people decide in the end

Monday 6 April 2015

lie & lie

female of

the species

has turned

this whole place

into a farce


their constant lying

to themselves



the multiverse

almost everytime

a female is lie-ing with a male

one can be sure that

there is a lie there

usually quite a big lie

no wonder than that the same term - lie -

is used for both these seemingly unrelated activities

its this continuos worldwide lie

irrespective of countries, borders, religions ...

that they are "into" this or that being

( for some nonsensical unnecessary agenda or other )

enough to lie with them

which turns it all into a hell

& for most

takes out most of the chance

for evolution

or breaking out of the now hellish 3-d matrix

Sunday 5 April 2015



another term thrown around

a lot on this planet

so lets set

the record straight

it is


ka - charge

R - always for rotation

ma - matter

charge rotation into matter

there we have it

thats all

a freewill-freewheeling thing

not a rigid destiny concept many have turned it into ...