Saturday 22 July 2006

Real ॐ Revealed

alternative text

in the Beginning arises the dot

the dot moves to create an arc (golden mean spiral!)

one becomes two

static & kinetic, Shiv & Shakti

three arcs are created with the dot in the center

Trinity is established

Multi-verse is born

AEIOUM is thus the symbol of creation

called Om or Aum when true knowledge is lost

amongst children of earth

every vowel is part of the play ...

Thursday 20 July 2006

the Name

whats in a name ?

not much considering the number of
john's & david's there are
in this world

it is just an 'identity tag'
which you unfortunately have to share
with many others

but if one looks deeper a 'name' might turn
out to be more than that
it might reveal one's function within
the bigger scheme of things

no i am not talking about numerology
even though that is also a good starting
point to discover the workings of multiversal functionings

for example going into the basics of yours truly's name
we discover ~

Prashant ( pronounced Praha - shant with a soft 't' at the end)

Trivedi ( pronounced Tri-vaidi with a soft d )

actual Sanskrit ~

Pra-shant = (Pra) Very (Shant) Peaceful

Pra-shant is thus also the sanskrit equivalent of Pacific (Peacefic)


Praha - shant = Waves + Peace = Wave Resolution
nondestructive interference amongst waves
leading to superluminal faster than light implosion

Tri-vedi = 3 Vedas or 3 Main Systems of knowledge
also known as the 3 IDS or the 3 ME's

if you look at it in a Egyptian sensibility ~

P = Virgo = Mercury = Hermes

Tri-vedi is the same Tri-smestigus

so P Trivedi becomes Hermes Trismestigus

my initials PT become root of PTAH etc

which in its sanskrit root is Pitah, meaning father

or Patih meaning husband

P = Proper
T = Crossing

PT Skywalker sounds fine too in a birdtribe context


P = Axis
T = Turning

to sum it up i like to say,

P is the P-ole you spin around

what was lost is now being found