Wednesday 30 September 2009

beauty & the guru

the fable used to be

'beauty & the beast'

these days it is

'beauty & the guru'

just like beast and beauty are opposites

so has guru become an opposite of beauty

if one notices all the guru's

that have hordes of followers

one finds that they all have one

thing in common ...

they are all ugly

in a physical as well as an inner sense

outer is a reflection of the inner anyways

ugliness is now the prime prerequiste for being a guru

even more so than oldness

which is now gone down to

no.2 on the list of desirables

people are much more comfortable with something

more ugly than them

it doesn't cookup that

complex horrible feeling soup of

attraction, envy, jealousy, unworthiness

which starts simmering

when one encounters something

really beautiful & graceful

the guru cannot be beautiful & sexy & rocking

i.e more evolved than them

coz that will make one feel bad about themselves

and guru by current definitions

is all about feeling good about oneself

beauty is threatening

and by current definitions

guru has to be non-threatening

no real attraction generated by the guru


no loss of control for the self

since divine has the attributes

of ultimate beauty & grace

in overflowing abundance

it cannot be a guru

just doesn't fit the job description

the name game

so many now

especially from the west

are changing their names

to holy sanskrit terms

like gauranga das, sati devi,

savitri, tripurasundari,

krishna acharya, ma bhavna, hansavatar

kali ma, yogeshwari, yogmata,

nagarani, harihara dev
... list is longer

than the oxfraud english dictionary

they can't even pronounce these names properly

let alone

live upto the godly qualities these names


why bother changing the inner qualities

and intention

when one can just change one's name

and Be it

just another twist

from the earth genepools

to keep themselves from

really evolving

soft D's and T's

the fact that

english & all european languages

are missing

soft D (Ḏ) and T (Ṯ)

means that

all people restricted

to these languages

end up missing

this softness

in their minds

& consequently their consciousness as well

a deliberate ommission ?

hard D = Demons

hard T = Titans


you can find soft Ṯ and Ḏ in the vocals here

Tuesday 29 September 2009

eye brow eye(i) bow

the upper eye brow & lid

has to bow

it is the

first step

in the important

business of

proper agreeance

jaw follows

then neck

spine after that

a body language

fast disappearing off

the face of this planet

Friday 25 September 2009


in today's society

getting upset

in interpersonal dealings

is seen as a natural reasonable response

no one thinks twice about it

it is seen as one's birthright

almost like spitting

on sports grounds

when one gets UpSet with someone

one is actually setting themselves Up

above the other person

and judging them from that higher ground

like most words

the word Up-Set clearly carries its meaning within itself -

Setting oneself Up

i.e giving oneself a higher evolutionary status

this is all OK if that is actually the case

but if it is not

one is just setting oneself Up

for a fall

Thursday 24 September 2009


it is significant that

the root of the word 'Significant'

lies in the star constellation

Cygnus ( real spelling - 'Signus' )

also known as

The Swan


The Northern Cross

Cygnus X-3 bombards earth

with high energy cosmic rays

called 'Signets'

which is the root of the word

Signature ( Signet-ure )

even the word 'Sign'

comes out

the term Signus

which was The Sign

to look for

in the night sky

after all

its where Cosmic Signals came from ...

the fact that

devi's (goddesses) like

Saraswati & Laxmi

are portrayed

riding swans

is no longer insignificant

and no you would not find this

information anywhere in a book

or anywhere else on the internet

Wednesday 23 September 2009

divine impersonation

many these days

are playing flute

and posing with cows

to imitate krishna

and in doing so

aim to achieve equality with divine

in their great wisdom

they don't expect divine

to have enough intelligence

to change its garb

to suit a different time & age

flute always represented sound

cows were metaphor for pious souls

trapped in an evil matrix

the enchantment

& eventual release

could be carried out through

any instrument

electric guitar is the

appropriate one for this age

divine sound & light cannot be imitated

the difference is clear to those who seek sincerely

just sports

this is not a medieval torture chamber

it is not a lewd masochistic porn film either

its just a fun & friendly sport

in an unbeastly hypercivilized modern world

please turn up the volume for the full effect

surprisingly this is very close

to how they

partake in the pleasant sport called sex

as well

no pain & torture involved at all

alls perfectly well with these beings

& the world in general

Tuesday 22 September 2009


quest for a 'soulmate'

occupies the mind, heart, time & energy

of millions of females

around this planet

all woes are supposed to end

life becomes worth living

happiness pervades

whence this soulmate is found

going by these assumptions

the 'soulmate' has magical properties

not usually found in any muggle

however the search domain is

firmly restricted to muggleworld

no surprise than

the frustration that follows

its clear that they are not looking for

anything higher than them

as evolution is not on the agenda

neither is there any interest in the servility

that kind of relationship demands

its also inconceivable that

a being this magical is

going to be loyal only to them

goes without saying that someone on the same level or below

will be hmmm 'boring'

it seems that the search is

either for a pet-dog-mate or

a private-trapped-genie that serves them

forever and ever

an unlikely prospect

and even if it happens

will that bring happiness ...


Monday 21 September 2009

the rules

most people on this planet

are quite sure about

whats good for them

and they move towards it with confidence and gusto

they don't need any real guru ( higher being )

to tell them

whats good for them

even the guru's they choose are

according to their rules

rather than actual evolutionary differences

they trust their own perceptions

& rules

even if

it all leads them to utter misery & confusion ...

they can discard rotten vegetables

with ease

but not 'the failed rules'

they can cry, torture themselves

but letting go of the rules is out of question

in the end

even divine has to fit their hocus pocus rules

Sunday 20 September 2009

clap clap

in muggle world

anything organized

is clapworthy

and has to be gotten into

especially if they

bought the ticket

celebration of the misery

Tuesday 15 September 2009

service compendiums

lets deal with another

swearword in modern parlance


which is deemed okay in reference to

made-up inanimate collective franchises like a

football club, company or government

but a complete no-no when

used in context of individual dealings

the ancient vedic literature

called Puranas

which the epics Mahabharat and Ramayan

are a part of

can easily be called

'Servant/Service Compendiums'

to make them relevant in today's world

they are all primarily aimed at

showing how one should serve the

higher & divine

whether it be Hanuman serving Ram

or Kunti serving Durvasa

or various disciples serving their respective guru's

the primary emphasis of todays world

is to get

as far away from

the servant/serving state as possible

thats why the peasants are trying to become

govt. officials and corporate ceo's

only to find that they end up serving

something or the other

not necessarily higher than them

in terms of soul evolution

to put it straight

they end up serving the evil demiurge

this obviously has been propagated from

what is now called 'the west'

where the whole servant compendium was

limited to

'how to be a butler'

but the butler archetype was no real servant

as it expected things in return like pay etc

and was many a times smarter than its master

the hierarchical system propagated by the west

was not based on soul evolution

which was a given

considering that they occupied a very low position in

spiritual hierarchy

instead of humbly rising upwards

they decided to turn it upside down

and put themselves on the top

by simple methodologies like 'divide & rule' &

setting up money systems completely under their control

to make others serve them

they conveniently forgot that

any upside down system has its fatal repercussions

& a time limit

the sand is running out ...

higher & lower

in a world where equality

is a mass slogan

propagated by evil's minions

applied to gender, race, beings etc



are seen as swearwords

lotusocean declares

that there is higher and lower

the definition of

a higher being

is quite simple

'a being is higher than oneself

if the being is more connected to the divine than one is'


how will we gno etc.

it is very clear within the first instant

to those that are honest

if one doesn't gno how to behave properly

with a higher being

one has no chance of progressing towards the

eternal delicious overwhelming bliss that is divine

Monday 14 September 2009

legal & organized suicide

in muggle world

goodness statements like

'its not good to laugh at

misfortunes of others'

are sported about like divine laws

but how do these misfortunes come about

in the first place ?

in the parts of the world

populated by a certain race

most of them come through

meaningless activities

like skateboarding, bmxing,

mountain biking, binge drinking,

motor racing of a zillion types,

bungeejumping, speed wrappling

stunt jumping, daredevil shows,

high wave surfing and

numerous other society sanctioned activities

legal ways to attempt suicide

where injury is not a misfortune

but a fortunate option

organized torture

to quell the

divineless boredom

they don't want all this to be laughed at

just encouraged

Sunday 13 September 2009


when they say

vampires cannot handle the sun

it actually means that

vampires cannot handle the truth

which reveals them for what they are

sun is just a symbol for truth

one can practically see

all the vampires

squirming, wailing &

running away

as they read words on this blog

not many on this planet can handle

the words in lotusocean blog

which tells us a whole lot about the creatures here

contrary to popular perception

all vampires don't literally drink blood

there are different ways of manipulating and drawing energy

the main characteristic of vampires is that

as a result of their disconnection from divine

they don't generate their own fire (blissforce)

they rely on stealing the fire of others

and of course

the truth hurts

Saturday 12 September 2009


education is a big word

in this world

when none is actually happening

the so-called educators

going under the accepted social term 'teachers'

gno nothing themselves

but have assigned themselves the role

to set up curriculae, tests &

environments for learning

under the banner of change & improvement

one encounters jokers

who aim to breathe life into

this fundamentally faulty & dead system

where instead of evolution

jobs & fitting in is the key

they consider themselves

experts on what is good for kids and others in general

without being sure about

what is good for themselves

the fact is that

in countries like india

where education is the buzzword

it is way more difficult to talk sense

with an educated person

than with an uneducated villager

belief in temples is dying but

the belief in

schools, colleges and universities

shows no signs of abating

education in its current context

is simply a conveyer belt

to churn out slaves for a borg system

all its grandiose institutions

consuming enormous resources

are no different from waste landfills

this pseudoeducation doesn't tackle

any real issues like

life or death

what else is there anyways

Friday 11 September 2009

instant ascension

after instant coffee and noodles

there are many out there

who are seeking

instant enlightenment and evolution

the newagers are saying its possible

without any bowing down or discipline

since the demand & clientel is rising

charlatans are appearing out of every corner

its all just a few bucks away now

the new way they call it

goes without saying that

none of it involves surrender to the divine

its all fueled by

the jealousy they feel towards those who are higher than them

the root of this whole phenomenon is

the drive to (quickly) reach that exalted state

to restore parity

the final aim is to become equal to the divine

in a crash course

no penance required

no changes in attitude required

just some pretension and currency will suffice

Tuesday 8 September 2009



the entals

mental, dental, rental ...

Saturday 5 September 2009

youtube tubing tuning

although its originators intended
a cathode ray tube television connotation
it happens to be that
the name/term
implies tubing
which at a core level
refers to
projecting the inner sound
in the outer 3-d physical
through tubes
also known as valves
which are the heart of a tube/valve amplifier

tubes are the best way for
expressing ones own individual sound
because they
besides being analog (warm & full bodied)
program themselves to the
player's touch and expression
everytime one plays through them
its a quantum etheric electric bonding

so the same tube amp will
sound very different
even after a week of use
by 2 different electric tube guitar players

Friday 4 September 2009


Time =

T = Turning

i = line to circle

m = matter

e = energy


time is the turning which causes light energy (line) to turn into matter (circle)

time can be created

time can also be inhabited in

just like one inhabits a physical body

its called a timebody

thats what timelords do ...

Kaal the Sanskrit term for Time

also has the same meaning

Kaa = Charge

eL = rotation

Kaal = Charge Rotation