Sunday 25 December 2011

night & day

when the terms

night & day

are used in

gnowledge realm

they don't refer to the

night & day

which happen here on earth

night means 'lack of gnowledge'


day means 'true gnowledge shining'

this does not mean gnowledge

can be gotten only in the so-called daytime

in fact

night-time is much better for it

as thats the time

when one can have more access

to the real sun within

Saturday 24 December 2011

survival or servival


on this planet

are focussed on just

'survival' with an 'u'

with this very limited aim and attitude

even if one does survive

till death

of what use is it

as one will be thrown back in

this world to begin the gruesome

struggle for survival again

what is point of sustaining the body

if one has no clear goal

as to what one would do with the body

which would take one out of

the hellish cycle of 3-d existence

the real spelling

is actually


one is here to serve divine

not just survive

survival is automatic

if one serves divine

thats why the real word is


serving i value

Friday 23 December 2011


its good to be an 'escapist'

nothing wrong with

wanting to escape the

hellishness of this world/realm

but there is another kind of being

which can be labeled as


the one who wants to escape

doing the do

which is required to get

one into higher planes

of existence


it can't really 'escape'

and thus is not really an 'escapist'

it is just an unrealistic fool

who will have to learn the hard way

what it actually takes to really 'escape'

Monday 19 December 2011

no limits

there are those

who try to limit

the activities of divine

'divine wouldn't do this or that'

as if they are controllers of divine

instead of enjoying

divine's fractal pastimes

they spew nonsensical judgements

from their own lowly states

fired by negative qualities

like jealousy and anger

just like

there is no limit to

the foolishness of the foolish

there is no limit to

the leela (Play) of divine

and the fools who don't understand that

only bring about their own downfall

puritanical ?

the so-called


of now

is just a mask

which jealousy wears

it has nothing to do with P-ure

they just put on lot of clothes

to hide their ugliness

but no amount of clothes can hide ugliness

the only peaceful solution

peace amongst beings

can only happen

if they are all striving for evolution

otherwise no amount of effort

can bring about that Peace

if they all strive for evolution

their attention would be on

high & divine

not on each other's nonsense

they would also automatically

gno the right behaviour

for any situation

from this attention on divine

peace comes from creating connection to divine

not entangling strings with each other

Saturday 3 December 2011

sense & senses

how can there be


in this world

when most people

don't use their


at all

they have eyes but they don't see

they can be looking straight at you

but they are not seeing you

they are practically blind

even if they started see-ing slightly

they would not do 90% of what they do

they have nose but they don't smell

( no wonder they can be sold these horrible smelling chemical deo's )

they have skin but they cannot feel

( no wonder they can wear all these uncomfortable fabrics )

they have ears but don't listen

( no wonder any kind of crap noise can be sold to them as music )

they have tongues but cannot taste

( no wonder they consume all this tasteless genetically modified stuff )


all they do is use their mind

but mind only works from sensory inputs

they use it without using the senses

thats how it becomes sense-less

everything is just assumed, extrapolated

its like trying to solve a million piece puzzle

with 10-20 pieces


even extra sensory perception

comes from using

the senses properly first