Friday 30 April 2010


interaction amongst beings

is seen as primary in this world

still funnily

no one really cares much

about the nature of interaction

there are only 3 types of interaction

any being can have with another being

in any world

higher, lower & equal

these being decided by

soul evolution & closeness to divine

not by age or money or position in society

there are codes for all

these 3 types of interaction

which should be taught

to every child

for any real benefit to come

out of interacting

it should also be made clear that

no evolution is possible

without proper interaction

with the higher

Wednesday 28 April 2010

the gatecrasher

this world at present is an unholy ceremony

in which evil rules the roost

divine is ofc not invited


the divine

has been left no alternative

but to be a


divine consumes


that happens here

despite most of it being inedible


evil, whose sole concern is

that nothing is offered to divine

cannot do a thing about it


unless one first



actions from one's

own incoherent deluded self

& society's mindprogramming

there is no chance of

one to start acting

from divine will

in change of paths

braking comes first

Tuesday 27 April 2010

out in the open travel ideas

this is what translucents have

set up in

name of travel/tourism -

believe it or not

this is a public advertisement

aired on TV

& printed in official tourism brochures etc

so if you have the money

you can go destroy ecosystems

pollute water & land


just the tip of the iceberg

the scary part is that

majority of travelling population of this planet

finds nothing wrong with it

& some still are not sure

that this world is run by evil

Monday 26 April 2010


you can do anything -

earn as much money as you want

have a full cover life insurance

have savings for your old age

eat spirulina or vegan food

hug trees

hug each & every person on the street

cry & laugh & sing & dance

join alternative communities

wear any amount of outfits

go to any concert/festival/seminar

get/give as many awards & titles

draw, paint, write

have one night stands

have many night stands

cling on to each other

jump & shout

create or procreate

meditate or mediate

hold conversations & debates

get on stage or a reality show

live in the limelight or under the radar

live in the mountains or near the sea

work hard or laze around

drive any car

take all the pills & chemicals

research old bones or new science

go travelling into space

colonize mars

eat all the chocolates

drink all the cocktails

join yoga classes

hit the gym

travel to any part of the world

read all the books there are

see all the movies there are

play all those scenes in your life

kiss, hurt, kill, save

you still won't get out of

the blissless hell

that you're in

& have no clear gnoing of where

your soul is headed for after the shedding of the body

in fact you won't move

even an inch forward in soul-evolution terms

with each action you do

you will sink deeper

into the hellswamp

its better to stay completely still ( impossible to do )

when you're sinking

but that also just delays the inevitable

death is no escape either

coz it takes you to even more harsher hells

only to bring you back to square one

unless you

stop 'doing' as per your self's direction

& surrender &


bow down to

the higher & divine

there is no escape


Sunday 25 April 2010

the only decision

there are

only 2 sides

in this world

'divine' & 'evil'

though many want it

there is no neutral ground

those not making a clear choice

are simply on evil's side

there is no being on both sides

at the same time either

any being trying to achieve that

would only torture themselves

in this time & age

most are born

into the evil side

& have to make a clear conscious


to step onto the side of divine

this step requires

humble proactivity

& a clear continuous stance

people think that

life is full of decisions

but in reality

this is the one & only decision

they have to make here

being on divine's side leads to real immortal bliss

being on evil's side leads to boredom/emptiness/pain/torture/hells

Saturday 24 April 2010

the biggest delusion

the biggest delusion

evil has propagated on this planet



'learning is possible'

without bowing to higher/divine

so one can learn from

books, articles & internet

without ever being

humble & of service to the teacher

who by definition

has to be more evolved than themselves

thats why all

who are deluded by this delusion

languish in

depths of blissless boredom

of the hell that is their life

& will

for eternity

if they stick to this delusion

there are those who are proclaiming

that 'life/time is the greatest teacher'

if that was the case

all would be enlightened by now

as each & every person's family/forefathers

have been on this planet for

thousands of years

the same genetics

has gone through life

over & over & over ...

without ever getting out of

mind-programmed hell

they have been stuck in

there are those who think

learning is possible through

combined effort of

many incoherent beings

but sum of incoherence never added upto coherence

simple mathematics can reveal that fact

-12 + -4 + -8 + ... = - a lot instead of a '+'

all ancient scriptures

especially vedic purana's

point towards

learning happening only through

bowing/service to the real learned rishi's (seers)

& direct manifestations of divine


many are given this title of 'teacher'

in society

none of them

having the slightest clue

about even the

T in T-each

T being the crossing for 'each' soul

still these

well-respected members of society

do this pretend game

of gnoing and teaching

every day

surely as or more evil a deed

than any so-called criminal does


there is a phenomenon

on this planet

called school

supposedly meant for teaching beings

it doesn't teach beings

how to sit properly

how to speak properly

how to live properly

how to evolve one's soul

than what does it teach

one wonders

it teaches

swearwords, gremlininess

through providing a common ground for

interaction with other spoilt brats

all it does is prepare

them for being part of

the mindless system


stuffing them up with

incoherent data

still every parent
wants to send their progeny to it

& there are many who think

school system can be improved

that it is not essentially flawed

they took the guru out of the

gurukul system of learning

to create s-kul (s-kool)

they replaced guru with s for system

a system which appointed

multiple unaware teachers

to setup

an assembly line

producing unhumble robotic zombies

serving evil & hurtling headlong

down the conveyer belt to hell

Friday 23 April 2010

funds for nature ?!

world wildlife fund for nature

doesn't make sense

is earth going to chew money

& become alright ?

once again no one wants

to hit out at the

root of the issue

which lies in the

'i want more material

than i need or deserve'


of the people who run this evil system

and those who are willing participants

all judges

most in this world

have sat themselves on a

very high judges chair/position


judge actions & happenings

rights & wrongs

without having any real gnowledge

they are not looking for the higher

just the validity of their own flawed judgements

judgement of most doesn't find

anything higher than themselves

& others adjudicate frauds to be higher

only to cry foul when the fraud becomes all too obvious

a complete judicial fiasco

but no one is losing trust in their judgement

or showing any interest in learning

how to judge

thats why in ancient times

where things followed divine order

the lower never directly looked at higher's face

so that they don't make misjudgements

about the expression

Wednesday 21 April 2010

exit door - open for all

since many have raised

this issue

let lotusocean declare

once & for all


all beings

on this planet

regardless of

race, gender, specie ( all birds, animals, bipeds, quadrupeds etc)

or type (elementals, mineral consciousness etc)


move towards the divine

out of the clutches of evil

if they want to

the exit door is open to all

& the same conditions apply

divine is not biased

its an individual decision

which each being can only make for themselves

not their family or friends or community

Tuesday 20 April 2010

nature of nature

someone wrote to me saying

" nature cant be controlled,
or told what to do
such is the beauty of nature "

another case of self-mirroring

it is not the

nature of nature

to be a brat

just because one is a brat

one thinks all is bratty

nature consists of 5 elements

- earth, wind, water, fire & space

& all of them bow to the divine

only evil is uncontrolled

& it gives it no beauty

just sheer ugliness

also only evil finds

nature to be uncontrollable

& tries to find forceful ways to control it

only to lose control over itself

in the end

Monday 19 April 2010

undeserving travellers update

as soon as

lotusocean brought

up the issue of

undeserving travellers
(the article date - 13th april)

the iceland volcano blew up (14th april)

to spew enough ash

accompanied by PT's signature lightning

to create

a situation where

airtravel has


severely disrupted

many are stranded and

supposedly desperate

hopefully it gives muggles

a scare

when they are

planning their next

meaningless mindless travel

Sunday 18 April 2010


they say one has to

want less

to be spiritual

lotusocean says

one has to actually want more

to be really spiritual

one has to want

out of their boring hell

more gnowledge

more interesting life

every day to be sunday

more worthwhile activities

more real adventure

more parties

more real music

more magic

more happiness

to be part of PT's world

the fake bows

people are ever-ready to do their

formal get-it-out-of-the-way fake bow

to established frauds like

pope, queen, dalai lama & other such charlatans

its all about bowing to the

system itself

rather than an individual

in some places

they are forced to do such bows to all elders

elder being decided by age not wisdom

in some places they do this bow

to stones & statues

ego doesn't get perturbed

especially since everyone else is doing it too

people everywhere

do this bow to

money & those who have it

in various forms

they bow to the people on stage

who bow back to them

a mutual bowing scene

which leads no-one anywhere

people are not bowing to the higher

partly because

they have wrong definitions of higher


mainly because of the plain evil

which takes over them with feelings like

inferiority complex
& jealousy

when they do gno in their guts

it makes them not want to bow

because it will have to be a real bow

& it will have to be continuous

useful to remember that

all evil only arose from

the simple decision of

not bowing to divine

Saturday 17 April 2010


there are many here

who think

that they can


without bowing to the real higher & divine

as they lounge on their sofas smoking away

or lie in their beds dreaming

or watch the world with puzzled befuddled eyes

they think they are learning & evolving

lotusocean has news for them

all they are doing is confusing themselves further

getting more entangled in the spiderweb

sinking further into the quicksand

the only solution -

'bowing' to higher & divine

without bowing

mental & physical

with requisite postures

there is only downfall

if they are honest enough to admit it

it is happening right before their eyes

as the world including them sinks

into deeper hell of

boredom, depression, pain & torture

most are ready to do anything for happiness

except bowing

they can bang hard on all the walls

until they realize

the simple logical truth that

there is no way out

except humbly following those who gno the way out

for 'whom/what not to bow to' click here

for 'whom to bow to' click here

Thursday 15 April 2010

posture is primary

there are many

who say to me

that they are humble

but their posture

gives them away

majority of beings these days are in

continually unhumble postures

because vedic culture

which pervaded the world

in times where there was alignment with divine

is now firmly in the background

they don't realize

it is impossible to have humble thoughts

in an unhumble posture


one having humble thoughts will automatically

get into an humble posture

Tuesday 13 April 2010



another word like 'love'

thrown around by people

without any proper understanding

so much pain, heartache & break arises

from the misuse of these key words

free has nothing to do with

doing whatever one pleases

or having all the money in the world

free = phi-ree = phi recursive =

phi rotation

at faster than light speed

which gives an ability to switch dimensions

in simple terms

it is ability to take the soul to higher realms

after death

real freedom has always been

freedom from

pain/torture of lower realms

& cycles of birth & death therein

complete freedom =

ascension to the highest realm of divine

a brief glimpse into PT's world


in this evil-run world

the only parameter for


is money

a fraud, baseless quantity

which can be acquired

from all kinds of despicable activities

like selling drugs

so if you have money

you are deserving

of travel, goods, service

etc etc.

deserving of now has nothing to do with

your spiritual evolutionary state

which is your actual ability

to utilize travel, goods, resources ...

for the greater good

money is now just numbers on a screen

& the ones who control it

can add as many zero's as they like

but does the

earth have enough resources to

provide all the facilities

to everyone

which money has promised

fact -

the amount of money already floating

on this planet is

60 times

earth's actual resources

still evil (calling itself governments) goes on promising

everything to everyone

cars, big houses with swimming pools,

tv's, mobiles, worldwide holidays ...

a promise which cannot be fulfilled

even after all the forests are cut

& all the rivers polluted

& all the earth dug out

the only way out is

a hierarchy

based on soul-evolutionary-status

rather than money status

lotusocean once & for all

states a truth

which is a taboo on this planet -

'everyone does not deserve everything'

people given tools beyond their level of evolution

will only drive themselves crazy & harm their surroundings

which is what has happened for the last 100 years

the evidence is all around

as people fry their brains with their mobile phones

& romp their off-road quad bikes through virgin forests

armed with technological tools & resources

they are hazard to themselves, others & of course the earth

in a sane system

based on spiritual hierarchy & divine rules

they would never be given these tools & resources

simply because they are



the fear

people have no fear

of their self

directing their life

no matter how many bad situations

the self leads them into

but there is immense

fear of

being directed by

a higher force, being or divine

on the highway of life

they are ready to crash the car

any number of times

& reach deadends after deadends

rather than giving the steering

to someone who gno's the way

& how to drive

Monday 12 April 2010

if one doesn't ...

if one doesn't

bow down
to higher

( in terms of spiritual evolutionary status )

one gets an uncomfortable feeling

which will surely turn into

jealousy & upsetness

which will lead to incorrect behaviour

which will automatically lead to

a very quick devolutionary downfall

which leads to hells

of pain & torture

its all that simple

the 'we want to save the earth' hypocrisy

there are many who are

crying out loud

to save the amazon rainforests

but does even One of them

have the guts to

get up and say

a simple statement like

'not all require to play/buy/have/own a guitar'

they can't

and fact is that if

a guitar was made

for each & every one on this planet

there would be no rainforest left


there is an over-riding rule on this planet

which almost everyone agrees to -

'everything should be available to everyone'

anything said against this rule is blasphemy

yet they all pretend to be concerned

about saving earth's ecosystem & resources

a mathematical, logical & realistic



most of the activities

being done in this world

are pointless

pointless in the sense they are not geared

for evolution

either of the planet or the people

the few sane voices

are getting lost

in the din of the sea of pointlessness

what they who are responsible for this mess

don't realize though is

that the power of divine

is much more

than the power of

the sheer numbers which

make up this jungle of pointlessness

without a connection to P

all is P-oint-less

Real Magic

like many other words/terms

muggle definition of


is restricted to

pulling rabbits out of a hat

through slight of hand

it is all about fooling others

without anything real happening

'Real Magic'

is different

it deals with time & elements

on various levels of this multiverse

Magic is creating a rainbow in the sky

through getting into an ecstatic state

it follows natural laws

& in some cases transcends them

in accordance with divine laws

best part is

it makes

one's Soul rise

to higher states

in this life & afterlife

Sunday 11 April 2010


people ask

what is bliss ?

bliss is DNA on phire going past speed of light

bliss is kundalini going through the crown chakra

bliss is all the chakras flowering like lotuses

bliss is ability to steer one's soul after death

bliss is creating a rainbow at will

bliss is the brain on ecstasy through kundalini juices

bliss is surfing time without ever falling

bliss is to have one's fate completely in one's own hand

bliss is the ability to play with the elements


this is just a little taste of bliss

it is many more such things which most cannot even fathom

no pill, alchohol, drink, drugs, relationships,

self-guided diet, meditation or yoga

can give it

only way is

learning from those who have it

by bowing/serving


its no secret

this world is fueled

by alchohol

most dedicate all evenings to it

its present at almost every celebration

its the center of most so-called parties

people vouch by it

don't tire praising it

it is the main facilitator

of conversations & copulations

it is the only muse

without it

most of the so-called music in muggleworld

wouldn't exist

it is the most worshipped 'goddess '

they go through strife of each day

only in the hopes of


this holy liquid

interesting then

to look at

what it gives -

a haze



fried liver

bliss - they only wish

what a goddess

it shuts out conscience

brings out the audaciousness

to express frustration in a variety of ways

including violence

the cheapest legal option for getting out of it

every person's need when they can't get to bliss

its the obvious choice of the mob (masses)

& as they like to perpetuate

the mob can never be wrong

there are many who think that they have

it in moderation

and are thus not drunkards

so lets define it for them

a bottle of beer, a pint, a glass of wine, a shot, a cocktail

is enough for getting anyone tipsy

it is drinking of alchohol

to get drunk

its not using it as a medicine

in which it is used in miniscule amounts

like in ayurved & homeopathy

most don't even admit that they are addicted to it

despite the fact that they can't imagine life without it

Saturday 10 April 2010

the puzzling puzzle theory

in order to eliminate

difference between

higher & lower

in terms of evolutionary status

west has come up with

a theory

which many (especially translucent females) vouch by

as it makes them feel special

even in their depressed lowly state

which states that

each one has a piece of the puzzle (of life)

and so all are equal

they completely ignore the possibility

that there are those who have

a wider higher perspective

from where they can see

more of the puzzle


some One can be

perched so high

to be able to

see ALL of it

acknowledging this would mean

they would have to bow down

in order to gain the

puzzle solving perspective

the hardest thing

Friday 9 April 2010

use a camera

to all those

who don't face the reality of their being/selves


like to do actions with

eyes, senses, minds & conscience


lotusocean suggests

getting a camcorder (quite cheap nowadays)


recording their general way of being

+ all what they

consider important activities

including sex (especially females)

& watching it back

eyes open of course

if you don't like what you see

read this one

Thursday 8 April 2010

transparent world

lotusocean advises

one shouldn't do any action

which one can't film

watch oneself &

share with the world at large

with cameras everywhere

& internet broadcasting everything

the world is getting more


keeping up appearances is getting harder

which is how it should be

privacy/secrecy is a

tool used mostly by evil

as only evil needs to hide

behind closed doors

too general ?!

there are those who say that

lotusocean blog is too general

maybe they don't find it specific enough

as they can't find their exact name in it

let it be clear

than that this

PT-log applies to everyone on this planet

& no being exists

to whom it doesn't apply to


it not only covers all beings

but covers the full scope of their activities

to get specific training

one needs to

specifically enrol

in the

LotusOcean University of Magic

the thinkers

those who think

that they will get closer to divine

just by thinking

praises of divine in their head

are as delusional as those

who think the food is going to cook

without them lifting a finger

in this 3-D physical world

one has to use one's

body, speech, action

in praise/service of divine

to have any chance of

stepping out of the

hell they are in

all beings from hanuman to mira

have done it giving it all

it is but logical

that unless all is used

it is not sincere

if one just does it in the mind

it won't last

it has no grounding

& sooner or later other thoughts will come

& its back to square one

Tuesday 6 April 2010

wine or divine

when it comes to the choice


wine & divine

most of the west seems

to have made its choice

they have taken over many lands

only to set up

miles & miles of

wineyards ( should be called winemiles )

to make more & more & more


america, australia, africa

its all just one big winery

no effort is spared

to produce the

pungent bittertasting alchoholic liquid

they are not concerend about growing crops

which can actually feed

the starving millions

wine is way more important

so are sour grapes

charlatans from the west

its not just the east

which has come up with charlatans

the west

has come up with its own dribble

to set itself up as a guru

& portray itself as all-gnoing

millions of text/vids

can be found online

where the new-age guru's

are telling people

with annoying synth background sounds

& spooky voices/tones/accents

how ascension is round the corner

everyone is going to riseup into light

one doesn't have to do anything

coz its inevitable

all one needs to do is

just be as they are

& everything is going to be fine

no need to bow down to divine

or maintain 24/7 discipline

these rants are mostly powered by

wine & cigarettes

the perfect diet for becoming an ascended master

Monday 5 April 2010

how to tell between fake & real guru's

many in this world

are duped by charlatans

because they don't seem to be aware

of the


marks/traits/signs of the higher/more divine

society has only one definition for holy

'no sex or sexuality/beauty '

all any ugly charlatan has to do is put on a celibate image

to get adoration

however in this age of cameras they often get caught

everyone gets disappointed &

starts losing all faith in holyness/divine

to clear this up

lotusocean states that

the more enlightened/higher/divine can always be


not by their lack of sexuality or age


by their connection to elements / nature

for example

if a musician plays for rain

& rain happens

that musician is a more evolved soul

& thus closer to divine

nature not only follows the will of divinity

but plays with it

in this 3-d world

the higher/divine is easy to spot


their superior more graceful

sound & light

(voice, music, image, movement)

most can see it

even though many might not like to admit to it

through negative feelings like jealousy


the enlightened will always speak

clear precise truth

without any fear of the repercussions

unlike charlatans

who speak to please

who say mumbo jumbo which doesn't make any sense

& spins people around in circles

the truth is that these fake gurus don't gno the truth

they don't even gno about the truth of this world

let alone other worlds

the enlightened don't wear fake smiles

like the fake guru's of today

who resemble newsreaders

in putting on cringy fake smiles

the happiness of the higher/divine is real

& comes from real gnoing of their own divinity

& the ability to navigate their soul after death

& while here they live fractal lives

i.e everything falls into place perfectly

in whatever they do


most people in this world

are looking for trouble

consciously or unconsciously

females look for it in troubled males

alchohol & the dramas that come along with it

males look for it in

cops & robbers drama

climbing rugged cliffs, skateboarding etc.

yet they all wonder

why is there so much trouble

in a blissless world

trouble is the only form of entertainment

divine, ease & comfort

is not seen as an option

Sunday 4 April 2010

still learning they say

i hear

lot of people say

that they are learning

at their own pace

which might be slow

compared to mine

but not a problem

as long as they keep on learning

when they say this

they are in their minds

completely disassociating themselves

from their ancestors/forefathers

who have been on this planet

for (at least) thousands of years

for them to be

standing here

in the right now

all that all of them have learnt

is right there in the genes

that is 'You'


if in all this time

if they haven't learnt

a simple fact like

' happiness is not possible


surrender to the divine '

am not sure

what they have been learning

useless trivia &

the art of excuses


the excuses will all have to end

when the sand runs out


the oxford (ox-fraud) english dictionary

directly links

carnal to sexual

maybe thats why

most of the west links

sex with carnage

no wonder

sex has been reduced to

sheer beastiality

& the offsprings

produced thereoff gno nothing but carnage

carnal is actually

directly related to beastial

which is what the west

has proliferated through

their own depictions of it

called pornography

no connection to sexual whatsoever

which is more about grace, play & surrender

the sin never lay in sex

but the intent behind it


half of this world's population

uses petroleum

in form of petrol/diesel/wax etc everyday


feels that they are even

just because they have paid

money for it

they quiet conveniently forget

that the petrol comes from earth

& earth has no use for money

& thus cannot be paid back with it

they owe a debt to earth

everytime they use it

& don't give anything in return

smarter people like the aboriginals

who roamed the land now called australia

used to sing to the land/earth

to give back what they were taking

which didn't even include petroleum

earth is ready to share her blood ( petroleum )

only as long as

the being using it

can impart the requisite amount of

fractal emotion-awareness

back into her

Saturday 3 April 2010

age of the individual

they are calling the present

as the

'age of the individual'

just because


can lie on a bed

laze on a sofa

talk on a mobile phone

guzzle alchohol & petrol

become a consumer of unnecessary items

they surely are unable to see

that this so-called individuation

has not made people

rise above

the mass hive muggle mentality

their perspective remains as narrow

as it ever was

just because

everyone is consuming more resources

& doing whatever the heck they fancy

doesn't make them an individual

in fact individuals

are only born out of

the decision to

serve the high & divine

to gain higher perspective

it is a step

which requires discipline

not just letting go

& going crazy

which is the current

mass definition of an individual

as seen in all their popstars/rockstars etc

Friday 2 April 2010

apocalypse now

there are many here

who would rather


apocalypse now

rather than

bow down to the divine

thus all the humdrum about the world ending

all worlds end

thats not an issue

point is what is done

in between the beginning and the end

if they are thinking it will be all over

just because the physical body

or civilization structure collapses

they are in for a surprise

any apocalypse or suicide is not the end

just the beginning

for soul's journey

into other realms and worlds

there is no escape

just a descent into deeper hells

if one does not

bow down to the divine

Thursday 1 April 2010


its funny how

beings here


seek loyalty

in all relations

male & female

parents & progeny

even fictitious ones like

boss & employee

they are very surprised when

this loyalty can't stand the test of time

most of the silly soap operas

of this world are based on this


all these beings conveniently forget


there has to be some solid basis for loyalty

other than money or a fictitous airy notion in the mind

loyalty needs reality

why be loyal

what is the point ?

if the point is not soul evolution

lotusocean declares

loyalty cannot/willnot exist/sustain

thats why

real loyality can only exist for


like in ancient times

disciples had for their rishi (seer) guru's

or females had for the males higher than them

who acted as their guide's through this multiverse


perfect loyalty can only

exist for divine itself

fool for (only) a day




1st of April

as a fool's day

they have ensured

people feel wise

the rest of the days


there is a whole lot of washing

going on in this world

people repeatedly rubbing & scrubbing

themselves, their cars & their homes

the waters around the world get polluted

but the filth never goes away

after a zillion baths

they still do not realize

that only real filth is within

the enemy is not the dust

but the internal attitude

which is mis-aligned with the divine

& that won't go away by

any amount of washing powders