Friday 31 October 2008


just a quick observation on the

terminology assigned to a particular

race/tribe on this planet

the race/tribe termed 'white'

is not really 'white'

might come as a surprise to some

but those who have doubts

are advised to take a look at the colour

( over & over if required )

the so called white race is

actually more translucent

than anything else

reason being

lack of pigmentation

a disease called albinism

the complexion varies from yellow to red

skin is usually ruddy, pimply & scaly

the translucents is a more apt term

to describe this race/tribe

the colour white conjures up ideals

of purity & righteousness which are

erroneously ascribed by the subconscious to this

particular race through this false terminology

so much for the black & white

chessboard world which has been created

by those whose objective is to confuse

ps. though these words might rub some

people the wrong way,

it must be stated that

this blog is not here to promote racism

but as an exercise in seeing/naming things

as they are

Wednesday 1 October 2008


there are lot of people running around in

this mad world spewing this word 'Love'

infact it might be the most used word

in the world, after expletives that is

even through the simplest observation we find that

this word has been reduced to a bond

pushed vigourously by media & society

created primarily between -

1. a man & a woman (lovers)

2. a woman and her child (holy mother-child relationship; we exclude the father-child relationship here because it is not so celebrated)

3. a man and a man or a woman and a woman ( friends; gay/lesbian club takes this to the lover level)

through an honest look

one finds that ALL of these relationships

end in tears, sorrow, heartbreak

in fact most beings end up

being completely disillusioned by the whole concept of 'love'

so does True, Pure, Real, Everlasting Love exist?

and if so why do these society okayed relationships not have it?

lotusocean answers ~

YES it does exist but can only happen between

a *soul* & *the divine supersoul*

the only Love which makes sense

it is for something greater than yourself

something perfect

a Love which can actually make one transcend

all the evil of this plane

the only Love

which makes one Evolve

i.e do what Love is supposed to do

ALL the relationships of this plane are all

based on varying degrees of *selfishness*

even the love

for animals, country, religion etc is

tinged with this 'identification selfishness' which

ironically doesn't do any good for the self

though some might argue

that mother-child relationship is an exception

but it can be proven quite easily that mothers

only do something for their child as they expect

them to fulfill their own unfulfilled expectations & dreams

mothers are themselves no perfect beings

and in their ignorance push their child towards

devoluting ways without even knowing what they are doing

same applies to everyone else

how can one imperfect being Love another imperfect being perfectly ?

one can delude oneself that they do

for a while

but the illusion is likely to break

sooner or later

in ALL these relationships one

is not really loving but just expecting someone

to behave the way they want them to behave

this training in fact doesn't allow beings to

even Love the *absolute* perfectly because

they are so used to their own constructs

being fulfilled by someone else

the TRUTH is/was/willbe that only

the perfect being CAN

be loved perfectly and only that love

can lead one to perfection within

rest is just a timepass with ever-rising stakes ...

stakes are high because evil beings/demons etc

are using this word to exploit the light beings

of their soul & energy with disasterous & painful consequences

for the involved