Friday 29 June 2012

refuge ... refugee

one should only come

to higher & divine

as a refugee

which automatically means

no demands

no frills

no nonsense

its just simply

'whatever you say'


don't delay in coming

they come as they are

are not reluctant to change

have no inhibitions or exhibitions

those  who

refuse refuge *

or are not seeking it at all

for whatever egoical reason

are well not wellcome

& would not

make it through

the door out of this world


refuse and refuge

are actually same words

with same meaning

'to reunite with divine'

Sunday 24 June 2012

for the hell of it

there are too many things

being done

in this world

for the hell of it

so no wonder than

of the hell

that exists

in people's lives

inside & outside

Monday 18 June 2012

not all-right when not right-at-all

there is a constant

almost lunatic

repetition of

' its alright '

' its going to be alright'

in the so-called west

its a pathetic impractical joke

they play on themselves


nothing is ever going to be all-right

in their hell-bound not-right way


until the way is changed compeletely


cows are treated right

those who mistreat/kill cows

find hell in this life


experience it in their afterlife too

there is no doubt in that fact

cow is the very representation of earth

its the mother principle on this plane

those who unleash violence against the cow

have no right to & will not last on this earth

cruel unnecessary spirit-sapping dependency

when people get to hear about

facts like

many of the pills

they buy at pharmacy's

including anti-depressants, viagra etc

are made from bodies of homo sapiens

they get panicky

they think hannibal/cannibal is only reserved for movies

they don't see

how easily this kind of dependency comes about

when a certain path is taken

nowadays its easy for many people

to get to a state

where they say

they can't have a meal without chicken

and than soon it is

they cannot eat a meal without cow's meat

so where is the line drawn

which will stop them from feeling the same away

about homo-sapiens & their organs

so those who have gone down this path

led by the translucents

have become the real rakshasa's now

vampires are not just in movies

they are a reality

a straightforward result


turning against divine

real student


when the



the 3-d matrix

one's own state

& mad society of the present

gets more than

one's ego

is one ready to

be a real student

it doesn't happen

from being forced into so-called schools

wearing the school uniforms

entering buildings called universities

it happens from

an urgent realization

something has to be done

Wednesday 13 June 2012



who come here

thinking they are

doing a favour

by coming here


do themselves a favour

by not coming here

& take their

favour elsewhere

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Monday 11 June 2012

students only

the lotusocean Plogs

are not a

school assignment

up for marking or evaluation

so those offering

general corrections, spelling corrections

expert comments &

all kinds of all-gnoing

uninvited teacher stuff

best stay away

& do their teaching elsewhere

their rantings will not see

light of day here

this is a place for




Saturday 9 June 2012

the thirst

having an overwhelming



getting out of this 3-D plane existence

getting real gnowlege about this multiverse

getting to higher planes after death

getting close to divine

is essential

for any being to behave correctly

& make use of their life here

this thirst cannot be

given to anyone

one has to feel it oneself

quite easy to do

in the desert that is this world

those who have it

don't waste their time

doing/saying nonsense

those who don't

well ...

Thursday 7 June 2012


undisciplined beings

out of their

basic undiscipline to

control negative feelings like jealousy

always point fingers

at more

disciplined beings

undiscipline is root of all evil

to continously praise/serve

higher & divine requires


which undisciplined brats

run away from

those who are disciplined


no time for mud slinging

& taking-up moral highgrounds

they are too busy doing the do

to evolve & improve their state

getting closer to divine

the mass epidemic

the biggest disease on planet earth

the absolute mass epidemic

much worse than all the madeup aids etc


majority of beings here

try to

bring everything down to their own level

instead of

raising their own level

to that which is higher

that requires bowing down (to) and agreeing (with)

the higher

instead of sticking by one's own silly conclusions

which to them

seems like the ultimate travesty

Wednesday 6 June 2012


there are too many beings

in this world

trying to hold


without having any