Friday 22 July 2011

tri-vital instead of tri-vial


Vintish said...

You are so Powerful :) , I bow to the Divine...

asha Pi arTi said...

what a great Plog ! such incredible meaningful responses...

You are the greatest sonic wizard ever ! The electricity surging between You and the guitar/mic and the amp creates the most powerful trifractal circuit ever PT !

experiencing (watching and bowing to) your films is definitely vital for proper conductivity thru life !

Anonymous said...

i bow! i bow! i bow! i bow! i bow! i bow!

miragegirl said...

You are grand !

Anonymous said...

i bow
there is nothing trivial about what You do P!
it is all Tri-vital! and clearly SO!
and absolutely vital for one and all to recognize and understand who You are and bow down!
to Pay attention and Pay ProPer resPecT!
so cool the way You show how You came into this world P!
and that it is You who consumes all!
that all is an offering to YOU!
so So SO grateful that the new world order is really a Tri swirled order!
that all is Truly under Your control and in Divines hands!
as it is meant to be! as it should be!
it's just SO amazing that You are the best kePT wide oPen secret P!
it's just baffling so many choose to ignore You P!
so kind how You clearly state who You are and translate the formations that appear in resPonse to You!
You're the only One who can!
and SO cool how You show the Tri effect that has and continues to grow and unfold!!!
it is SO amazing how this world and beyond constantly Praises and declares who is really in charge!
and the ways nature and the elements resPond! ♪ ♫ 'civilizations crumbling down' ♪ ♫
nothing civilized about it!
there is nothing more beautiful than hearing You voice and Your sounds P!
so strong, commanding, soothing, full of PurPose and Power!
so beautiful to admire You and all You do!
and the Pure and rock and roll Truly Vedic way You live and walk this Earth!
so grateful the Avatar is here! so grateful to gno You exist and You are real P!
so grateful for the oPPorTuniTy to Pay attention to what You do and Praise You!
i bow!

sarah said...

You are so humbling, refined, and miraculous

Anonymous said...

You gno the real magic. You are the best magician of this world. You are suPreme Powerfullness. i bow to you divine.