Monday 30 March 2009


fools masquerade around as scholars

turning meaninglessness

into a profession


how to describe those

who turn giving them legitimacy

into a profession

Sunday 29 March 2009

the One vs the Many

the fallen ones

having realized that

individually they weren't good enough

to create any real magic

decided to

put the numbers together

to create

'industrial light & magic'

lotusocean sound & light

is primarily

manifested by 'one'

with minimal equipment - a handycam

their sound & light

takes 1000's to manifest

the credits can roll

longer than the film/program

the amount of resources burnt

are enormous

still there is no magic

just low vibration sound & light

nonsense is still nonsense

no matter how organized

the charade

inchoerence added & multiplied

doesn't equal coherence

tribes are binded together

by slogan's like

'unity is strength'

yes ganging up is necessary

for demon armies

but can they outdo 'the one' ?

same old story with the same old result

Saturday 28 March 2009

long term planning

the coal miners are

now born

as supermodels

(still as ugly)

strutting on

the ramps they built

thousands of years of

generational toil

to finally pose as the brats on

super sweet 16

the snake

planned long term &

put in enormous effort

to build

these structures

for what ?!

simply for


trapping others

to follw

its own futile path

was always a bonus

Friday 27 March 2009

shaping the future


the consumer programming

has made people

take the idea of 'replaceable'

to unchartered degrees

a bulb blows in the house

it can be replaced easily

as there are so many of the same

available at the superbigmassivestore

the boyfriend doesn't work out

he can also be replaced easily

from all the generic tom, dick & harry's

out there at the pub

some of these

'everything is replaceable' types

stumble across 'me'

& the fun begins

hmmm interesting and different

they think

still the idea of 'unique'

doesn't enter the fray

their ego's won't allow for it

their 'ego's' simply cannot handle

the concept of some-thing/being


nowhere/one else to run to

get the same experience/utility

when the ego gets upset

through feeling small

even though the

inherent childlike curious nature

is yearning to run after anything interesting

it is easy for them to

ignore me, shun me or forget about me &

move on without blinking an eyelid

because deep inside

they haven't given up

hope of replacement

someone even better

or tailored more

to their ego's parameters

regardless of the fact

that no replacement is available

a search for the replacement

begins immediately


i wish them luck

Thursday 26 March 2009


if it is encouragement

you are looking for

to push you forward on any path

it is only the path to hell

you are likely to receive

encouragement for

in these times

one has to have the ability

to completely stand outside

the family/social structures

one deems onself a part of

in order to take the

path of evolution

one will most likely be shunned

for taking the higher path &

one has to have the individuality to

not let that affect them in the slightest

herd or hive mentality

will not work

because the

herd is heading towards -

Wednesday 25 March 2009

quelling the beast

like everything else
psychologists never gets to the point
when it comes to
the various attempts at
'getting out of it'

alchohol, tobacco, gutka, pot, drugs
are nothing but
escape devices
but what exactly are they trying to escape

its simply
the beast within

this is not put here to
encourage johnny's praises
which some will be ever-ready to do

it is here as a confession note
of a desperate being

there are those
who for various reasons
don't even admit
to its existence within
which just allows it free reign
to do what it pleases
such folks are often referred to
as sane & happy folks

for those aware of its existence
and trying to sedate it
through substances or expression
here is the deal

the beast cannot be quelled
by anything
except surrender to the divine


because it was created out of
a rebellion with the divine

Tuesday 24 March 2009

the old coin trick

hollywood & the west
produce a lot of material
about the continual battle between the
thief & cop
bad & good
dark & light

funnily though
no matter how hard one tries
one cannot find
the light or good side
in these productions &
that includes 'lord of the rings'
the whole scene
never steps out of hell & hellishness

the good, the bad & the ugly
can be read as
the ugly, the uglier & the ugliest

the dark trying to actout the light
makes for hilarious watching
after all
how can dark gno what light is really like?

seems like even just the mock posing
makes it feel good
about itself
for a moment
it almost believes its own lie

what is portrayed
is nothing more than
internal squabbles
within the dark side

just another illusion
utilizing the mind's
natural inclination
to get excited about
the prospect of being
in favour of the light side
and in the process
ending up
favouring the dark side

an old trick
a cointoss with
both sides of the coin being the same
both sides of coin being evil

disillusioned vs the chasers

in vedic texts like the upanishads
disillusionment or vairagya (वैराग्य)
was seen as the stepping stone
to enlightenment

in these times
getting disillusioned
is considered
a crime
a disease
same as delusion
one risks being thrown
into a mental asylum
for getting bored of the chase

on the other hand

the chasers
i.e those chasing the illusion
are considered
absolutely sane
awards & accolades
await the most dedicated chasers

Monday 23 March 2009


all are



all the






Saturday 21 March 2009

inferiority complex ain't that complex

in its rebellion against the divine

one particular race

has now reached

a state

where it has to run around polluted jungles

holding various bugs, lizards & snakes

screaming ' what a beauty '

in its deepseated phobia of the 'higher'

arising out of

a stubborn unwillingness to acknowledge

something 'higher' than itself

it is now stooping to the lowest in the

animal kingdom

to lavish its praise

having already exhausted

the lower races, amazonian tribals etc

it is still continously on the lookout

for something uglier

and more beastly than itself

to elevate

no wonder than that the term

'inferiority complex'

was coined in the west

they were the only ones to feel that way

in other cultures it was a non-issue

by praising/serving the higher

one raised oneself

by praising the lower

one lowered oneself

not an option

until you were totally OK with torture

its all good

one hears a lot of

' its all ok ... its all good ... its alright '

as a fast descent

into the abysses of hell continues

babies comforting each other

as they try hard not to face

the prospect of more upcoming discomfort


Friday 20 March 2009

gods of their liking

in bharat the land of deities

no matter where one looks

one finds pictorial representations

of the 'trinity' especially

shiv & vishnu

thats not a bad thing in itself

but for the fact that

they all look like fat shopkeepers

talk about making god in your image

or your desired state's image

or simply your liking & convenience

in the last 100 years one can

see these representations


from leaner to fatter

not surprising in a decaying culture

which sees chubbiness

as a sign of prosperity

and fattyness as the emblem of 'personality'

the female deities

are all based on faces/physiques

of popular bollywood actresses

even the representations from the west

convey more deitylike qualities

simply bcoz they don't suffer

from the worship of plump bollywood stars

if this is what is being worshipped

one is not surprised by the results

pictorial human representation of deities

belonging to other dimensions

is a subtle tricky process

requiring coming together of the

best of everything

not a pandering to the

convoluted programmed aspirations of the

lowest common denominator

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Plastic Eyes

just marvelling at

the multiple superpowers associated with a piece of plastic

stuck in front of one's eyes

once the plastic is on

chin is raised

mannerisms change

superhero status is acquired

proactively ready for anything & everything

they say they

serve as protective shield

against eyecontact with the

denizens of hells like night clubs

one must visit in

the unending quest for fun

they are also

an indispensible just-being-silly-for-the-hell-of-it totem

helping people being silly in general in

tribal gatherings like music festivals

a confidence boost in important outdoor activities

whether it be snorkeling or skiing

or shark chasing or whaling

an essential fashion accessory

enhancing ones looks

by covering

bloodshot, dopedout, cokedout or

assymetrical ( the norm ) eyes

aptly called shades as they are a must for being shady

staring at what you want to stare at

without getting caught out for it

its clear that 90% of the 'fun'

is dependent upon these amazing plastic contraptions

what would 'neo' be without those dark shades

and no

they don't make you look

buglike or insectoid

or shady or inhuman

or dumb or sold out

a plastic soul-less world

where the so-called

'soul artists' don the biggest ones

Saturday 14 March 2009

Friday 13 March 2009


in ancient times

music was not a disconnected

seperative entity

to broadcast one's immature depression

it was connected with the

pulse & vibration of the multiverse &

the elements

real music when played properly

could thus invoke rain

or make it dissapear

depending upon the intention

Wednesday 11 March 2009

all saints

all this talk about lack of saints

in today's world

doesn't hold water ... here's why

contentment they say is a saintly virtue &

looking around i find many

contented beings

that don't ask for much

in return for their services

they don't want to tax the evil demiurge

with demands of

fancy cars, villas &

all that comes along with fame & fortune

their demands are quite simple

give us a husband/wife ( insured for life! )

and we will work in your factories & establishments

to feed-raise our family

we would be law abiding citizens

& never ask why

what is it except sainthood

to settle for such a meagre boring hardworking existence

instead of a luxurious hasslefree life

with servants for everything &

hordes of cheering fans

when all they have to do is ask :)

Tuesday 10 March 2009


the itinerary of some elderly

well-known folks like amitabh bachchan

can scare the living daylights out of any youngster

especially those like me

who are very reluctant to leave the bed

they easily fit in

4-5 parties, 3 simultaneous film/ad shootings

involving heavy hardcore action,

a marriage ceremony, couple of interviews,

5000 miles of travelling,

a blog

& couple of inaugurations

in one day ... yes the 24hour 1440minute solar day

since they also receive almost an award a day

one can safely add that cherry to the pie

oh and we forgot all the pillpopping,

doctor's appointments, million mobilecalls,

family commitments etc etc.

the buzzword 'busy' is taken to hitherto unknown levels

the whole multiverse is surprised

at this workrate

noone thought it was possible

bloodshot eyes and all

superhuman powers is the only explanation

even the holy trinity

are idle lethargics by comparison

happy & haPPy

from an outsider's perspective

this looks like a very happy planet

happiness from latest car models,

clubbing, dating, tv shows, festivals,

friends, chats, movies, magazines ... the list goes on

the genesnakes are happy with their long

drawn out crawl on this plane

& the wondrous thing is that they

in their infinite optimism

expect it all

the whole system, supermarkets & sodapops included

to last forever

even those completely bored out of their minds

tell me that they are happy

it immediately brings a smile

gnoing that they don't need any help

happy = satisfied = requiring no change in state

they may confess of their 'eternal boredom'

to others but never me

it is as if they are trying really hard to prove

to something out there that

they are doing fine without 'it'

with this attitude

they will never ever get

to the real


Sunday 8 March 2009

high definition

since the advent of HD tv's &

HD cable channels

the promos are getting more & more hilarious

the same old cryptkeeper's creepy cold tone voice exclaims

'now you can watch charlton heston in high definition

he has never looked so good'

surely one must have definitive interest

in counting the number of bumps, mounds & crevices

on the plateau that is his facescape

once you are done with his crystal clear closeups

why not try good ole clint & sean in HD too

feast for the eyes, aint it ?!

they have to be really confident of their hypnosis

to reveal these creatures in HD &

expect the praise to keep flowing ...

Saturday 7 March 2009

punjabi by nature


contrary to the general understanding

is not a

phenomenon restricted to the

geographical region of punjab

which lies in the countries currently labeled

india & pakistan

punjabiness is a global phenomenon

a way of being

stretching from

the british isles to europe to america

to australia to africa

'the punjabi-funjabi way'

relies upon complete indulgence in

mindless actions

from bruce willis's edgy runarounds in a vest in hollywood

to the khan's ridiculuos gyrations in bollywood

to the barmy football fans in UK

its all about being

'punjabi by nature'

the emphasis is on brutishness,

lack of refinement & pompous gaudiness

there is special affectation with a certain shade of red

coupled with unapologetic loud & obonoxious gracelessness

punjabi sermons tend to go along the lines of

'i eat more chicken than any man ever seen'

'woke up this morning & got myself a beer'

as screamed by a famous punjabi, jim morrison

this worldwide breed has a penchant

for creating unnecessary drama

wherever & whenever it can

they call it 'making movies'

punjabi's all over the world

can be easily spotted

through their psycho pets (dogs preferred)

hypermeat diets, cocacola/red bull cans, pimply skins,

made up faces, pained expressions,

deranged laughter, toilet humour &

zest for life in the fast plastic lane

add an utter disrespect for nature

and the picture is complete

surely their is no virus

more lethal than the punjabi virus

humility & surrender of the ego

being the only cure

Friday 6 March 2009

the look

have been greeted by screams of

'michael jackson, micheal jackson'

many a times

as people try hard

to box me within known parameters

yes he has had a lot of plastic surgery

in his quest to look like

the eternal boy, peter pan, krishna archetype

only to end up looking like a ghoul

i on the other hand have been

as i was born

those berefit of beauty

kid themselves with lines like

'beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder'

they cannot fathom the concept of

'absolute' in beauty

such beings are at unease

with the concept of

'absolute' in anything

no prizes for guessing why :)

but if one pays close attention

to all these external devices like

make-up & plastic surgery

which happen to be the biggest industry on the planet

they reveal the quest for

a very singular


there is a spoken & unspoken universal understanding of

how eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, jawline, nose

face/body symmetry, skin colour, skin texture etc. should be

and thats what makeup tries to

bring out in those who don't have it naturally

the more demonic go to the extent of plastic surgery to

get closer to that 'look'

it isn't without rhyme or reason

a particular race is continuosly

burning itself in the sun

to get to a certain shade/colour

a whole lot of frustration/depression

results from

not making it

no matter how hard they try

the fact that

'the look' is the result of internal functionings

& cannot be reached through externalities

is either not understood

or not faced

a turn on

some people sometimes ask - what turns you on?

i say -

what has never been turned off

has no need to be turned on

Wednesday 4 March 2009

parent = payrent



so either

they are used by brats

to pay their rent


they need their kids to

pay the rent

wonders of the so-called

civilized modern world

Tuesday 3 March 2009

nothing straight whatsoever

the amount of bullshit

emanating from the mouths of people

on this planet

is more than all the air & water pollution

the environmentalists scream about

just turn on the news and all

you will hear is

lies & babble

to not tell it like it really is

is percieved as a sign of worldly wisdom

the efficiency with which this farce propagates

on a day to day basis

one has no option but to deduce that

everybody has signed on

an unseen ultrasecret pact of pretension

to forever skirt away from all truth

its basic manifesto -

truth offends, hurts

and thus has to be avoided

at all costs

one is very likely to be

labelled mad for making

any straightforward observation

the west has always had the policy

of muddling every issue

to the degree

that one cannot even safely

say that rains happen or winds blow

a bbc correspondent is more likely to say

rain was reported

by certain uncertain sources

around certain parts of the planet

& winds may be blowing

around certain parts

if certain people are to be believed

straight-talk is the

biggest taboo in this

uncivilized debacle passing off as

global civilization

Monday 2 March 2009

a desperate 'guru'

as countries like india keep

their sights firmly fixed on

magical words like

progress & development

without a care for what they actually mean

they turn a blind eye to the

plight of the people in

the so-called developed nations

most of the younger generation

in these countries

just wants be 'out of it'

their current consumption of

booze & drugs

puts the roman empire to shame

if you have doubts

you can turn the telly on

and watch 'booze britain'

or try having a conversation with

any youngster on the street

in search of

the plasticky material prosperity

under the west's guidance

these nations

are willing to go to any extent of blindness

(makes for hypercomical watching)

to not have to look at the reality of

those who already have this prosperity

after all, its hard to swallow

seeing your 'guru'

in such a desperate state

it also signals a bleak tommorrow ... ouch!

funny thing is that 'the west'

despite its precarious situation

doesn't want to give up

'playing the guru'


why would it

as long as there are willing disciples


they are all too happy

playing the disciple

for all the jetski's, beers & slumdog oscar awards

upon the horizon

Sunday 1 March 2009