Tuesday 29 June 2010

vedic texts - the ultimate guide to the nature of divinity

the reason why majority on this planet

have an inaccurate perception



right & wrong

is because

they haven't studied

vedic texts / tales

the god of the bible

is a punching bag

it suffers for sins of others

so that they don't have to take responsibility

for their own actions

most in the west have a notion of

god as a docile everforgiving punching bag

and who is afraid of a punching bag

thus the antidivine stance increases

without any second thoughts

the real nature of divine

in all its multifarious aspects

at all levels

is only covered in the vedic texts

best to study them under

the guidance of a guru

it will teach one why to praise divine

and how to do it too

without this proper perception

one will always just get upset

with god/divine

as it will not meet one's own limited perception

for example if one thinks

if god were to manifest

it would surely do so as a

taller than 6 ft gymbodied being

than reading about god's avatars

like vamanavatar will show them that it isn't the case

it takes forms which are most practically suited to

any particular situation

vedic gnowledge will clear up all sorts

of limited & wrong notions

people carry about

divinities, angels, higher beings, rishis (seers), wizards,

hell, heaven etc etc

one might still do wrong

after that study

but it would not be

without second thoughts

it would be with

an awareness which tells one is doing wrong

and a gnoing of the consequences


majority on this planet

especially the west

and those under its programming

cannot see any consequences

for going against god/divine

what you cannot see cannot hurt you

they only gno of consequences

of going against the evil system in place here

funny coz the consequence of going against divine

and going with the system

is the hell that is their life

no real happiness but

real everincreasing diseases, disappointments,

war, pain & torture

a reality in the right here right now

no waiting required for the

hells after death

Sunday 27 June 2010

Phun is the real Fun

the correct spelling of

fun is Phun

as in

Phee Phi Pho Phum

one has to

get Phi ( heart of gold )

to get Phun

it all once again revolves around P


there is a reason for everything

and there is a reason why

haPPy has

2 P's in it

Thursday 24 June 2010

breaking the gears

there are those

who expect to

merge with the higher & lower

at the same time

like being in reverse and forward gear

at the same time

the vehicle goes nowhere

only the gearshaft gets broken

their basic taste remains for the lower muckymuck

as they set their sights on

getting above the higher & the highest

funny scenes in these comical times

where evil struggles

writhing in its own stupidity

fawlty towers

its not just 'basil fawlty'

in the english comic tv series 'fawlty towers'

who is faulty

majority of this planet's population

is carrying a faulty machine inside them

their own genetics and

all the thoughts/processes emanating from it

are faulty

only those who realize this fact clearly

have any chance at evolution

the funny bit is that

they keep on using this faulty machine

as if it were completely perfect

despite very clear signs showing otherwise

they expect this fawlty machine to

figure it all out ( including me )

make sense of everything here & beyond

which makes for a whole lot of comedy

but sadly no evolution

in fact a descent into deeper hells

Monday 21 June 2010


my cat/dog/pet is special

my boyfriend is special

our connection is special

what is special

one asks

other than they exist

& have limited consciousness

no answer

except it is their choice

so whatever they choose is special

because they are so special

they are not just a

depressed being

feeling like a prisoner of circumstance

all the time

they are special

& by default

all occasions they are involved in are special

not just a boring meaningless unfractal disaster

there are some who ask me to

see how everyone is special (including them ofc)

not just me

another roundabout way of aiming at equality

which is not the reality

what that special is

they can't themselves put their finger on

the word is now in hyperoveruse

any gremliny idiosyncracy

or inclination towards self-torture

or bad habits or brattiness or idiocy

is termed as special

how are they different from

all the half-dead mindprogrammed hellbound zombies here ?

can they even inhabit the heart of their own sun ?

most won't even gno what that is

or where to begin

but they are all special

in time before the current age of utter stupidity

where mere existence

while going on a downward spiral is special

beings used to

develop their soul

through penance and devotion to divine

gaining many real powers in the process

only than did they come

to be gnown as a rishi (seer)

or someone special

Friday 18 June 2010

smell of enlightenment

there are those who feel

enlightenment should be accompanied

by a good smell

it does

but it is not the smell

which they can judge

from their limited twisted perceptions of good/bad

it is not the simple smell of rose or jasmine

which most can recognize as good

those flowers are not enlightened

it is a smell of

all the glands (chakras)

functioning properly

releasing all endorphines, pheromones

& other nectars in appropriate amounts

it is an organic smell

which is not everyones cup of tea

it smells good to those who like

natural organic complexity

& are not soldout on soapy/deodorant smells

whose chemicals actually cause damage to the body

just like for a kid

artficial candy is good

& greens is bad

a matter of inaccurate perception

the same applies to all the other senses

sound, sight etc


the fantasies roll on

this time expecting to smell good

after eating dead carcasses/violent foods

having incoherent ugly unshareable thoughts

springing from barbaric anti-divine ancestors

they put it all in a movie called

'perfume - story of a murderer'

where some of their kind from the muck

for no rhyme or reason

were smelling like heaven


funny how in reality

all these beings have to

cover their actual stench with

all kinds of chemicals called

colognes, deodorants & so called perfumes

the only real



P's Erotic Fume


it comes from

fully flowering chakras (glands)

non-violent diet

divinely oriented ancestors

perfect compassion & coherence

Wednesday 16 June 2010

santa claus

the term

'santa claus'

is just a simple twist on spelling

to hide the real intended term

'satan's claws'

santa being an anagram of satan


claws is just too apparent in claus

which is same as 'clause' as well

now you gno

what all the clause's in the so called

legal contracts mean

& who the contract is with

the santa claus notion

there are many here who

think/feel that

GoD is a being

whose sole purpose is

to fulfill their desires

no matter how bad/infringing those wantings are

for other beings or nature

that they are against

divine laws

should not matter either

their wants & likes are primary

rest is secondary

including GoD

GoD as a playful observer

who always sides with those

who exist in accordance with divine laws

doesn't sit well with their

GoD as santa claus bearing candies


they say thats why many people

don't believe in GoD anymore

because it doesn't cater

to their crazy unwholesome whims and fancies

like the evil system does

its surprising though

that they are still not happy

in the evil system

suicidal or close to it in most cases

as they continue their tirade against GoD