Saturday 30 April 2011

no longer in the realm of belief

now real science has reached

that level


divine/god/holy grail

are all very defined concepts

there is no question

of arguements

about their existence anymore

neither is there

any need for blind faith

everything can be proven and

understood scientifically

for example through

clear understanding of DNA

one can now tell what makes DNA

respond positively

what doesn't

every action one does

affects one's DNA

( measureably )

so good actions and bad actions

are not a matter of

one's own silly baseless thinking & opinion anymore

law of karma is very clear now

through multiversal scientific pure principles

same rules apply to everyone

what shape your DNA is in

at the moment of death

defines where the soul (fractal coherent charge) goes

if DNA is not in the shape

to fire up your charge

to faster than light speed

you are stuck in this dimension


the real seeker

there are many types which

come to lotusocean

but only one type

will get


through it

the real seeker

real seeker

is the one

who immediately gnos

where its at

and than

is ready to give

its life for it

giving life is not

about jumping from a building

it is about

giving up

one's life as it is

all the habits, mentalparadigms

& attachments


actually practically

step into life of


Friday 29 April 2011

out to impress

a simple but important question -

how to approach a being

higher (more evolved)

than yourself ?

it seems

most of the genepools

here in present on earth

have come to the conclusion

that the best way

is to try and impress

show the higher being

what you are capable of

break bricks with your forehead

while doing splits

sing & dance

unfurl your beauty & magnetism

pass entrance exams

do whatever you can do best

the higher being

will surely be impressed enough

to take you in

they will all be very surprised

when all of their efforts fail

& the higher just laughs

the only way

to approach

the higher

is with


not a show of ability



an alchemical term

now reduced to

silly legality &

society stamps

real marriage

is between mind & heart

left side and right side

of the body

to create transformation

& in due course


even in the context of

a relationship between

a man and a woman

it is only real

& can only last as long

as the woman truly

finds the man higher & interesting

otherwise it is

just a sham

a charade to overcome

fear of poverty, society & loneliness

people staying together

without any real alchemy

& evolutionary goal

only leads to



depression &


Thursday 28 April 2011

avatars are not martyrs

there is a sect

yes a sect

on this planet

which tells its people

that son of god

has already payed/will

pay for their sins

so they can go about doing whatever

as long as they believe this crazy theory

lotusocean declares

the truth that

one will always

pay for sum total of

one's own actions

nobody else

avatars of divine/god

don't come down to this plane

to pay off the sins of the masses

they come down

to defeat evil

and in every real tale

except those false ones

concocted by evil itself

they have always


they are not martyrs

they are winners & liberators

they show others the way it is done

Wednesday 27 April 2011

connected ?

there are many

on this planet

who think they are connected

to divine/god

and funnily

none of them

seem to gno

what to eat

what not to

what to do

what not to do

what is good for soul/mind/body

what is not

how to live

how to be alive

how to raise kundalini

how to die

where to live

where to die

connection to divine/god


sense in all matters


its like one saying

they are connected to internet

& netsurfing for a long time

but not have any inkling of

email, search engines etc etc

this false notion

of connectedness

is more



those who are clear

they are disconnected

at least they can strive

to get connected



a good place in

the mind of the masses

of this planet

whosoever is getting them built

is considered a good person

just some children seem to be afraid of it

for good reasons too

what it really is is

a cold concrete unfractal hellhole

lit up by mindnumbing tubelights

made to suck life out on

any biolgical entity

it is a place

where they administer poisons

& do butchery

its better to die in

an open field

than die in a hospital

its the very opposite of

a place of healing

which is always

made up of natural materials


all cures are natural as well






really can't

afford to








you say



all hell

Tuesday 26 April 2011

only choice is choice of magic

everything in

this world or

any other world

is governed by magic

not a blade of grass

moves without magic

magic being a name for

gnoing & utilizing

pure principles governing the multiverse

so all the muggles

who are

working in their little clerical jobs

thinking that there is nothing like magic

and they are far removed from it

should reconsider coz

they are all always in the end

serving some


either a dark side one

which is the case with

majority of so-called jobs in the present

just like even the

technocentric darth vader & his army in star wars

is created by and serves a dark side sorcerer


a divine side one


rishis and avatars

its always

ram versus ravan

krishn versus kansa

battles of 2 types of magic

there are of course different outcomes

for your soul/existence

depending on who you serve

the choice

is only

which type of magic

non-magic or

sitting on sidelines

is not and

has never been &

never will be

an option

Friday 22 April 2011

spontaneous evolution

there are many here

especially amongst


who are hoping


spontaneous evolution

which in simple terms means that

they have to just keep on living

their life

with the same old habits and attitudes

and suddenly

some rays would strike

from the sun, central sun or

the galactic center

which will


transform them


higher beings

they are hoping

it will be in 2012

lotusocean would suggest

that in


they will still be waiting

unless wiped out from

this planet already

any galactic/solar orgasm

the beings here

are not ready to handle

with unawakened



anti-divine stances

Wednesday 20 April 2011

class-ical ?

in context of


on this planet

there is

a term called


eastern, western , hindustani , chinese ...

one has to wonder

why it is called that

as none of it has



Sunday 17 April 2011

famous without soulous

not a single

highly evolved soul

has been famous

amongst the masses

in the last 200 years

this simple fact


a lot about

who controls the media-machine


the general inclinations


people of this planet

there is however

no need to


your ignorance

by taking names

of those you think are evolved

using the comments facility

it can be easily proven

that they are not

just not worth the effort

in typing

Thursday 14 April 2011

only 2 kinds

despite all the

race & creeds

on show here

the fact is that

there are only

2 kinds of beings here

one who are ready

to living in harmony with

earth & divine

and care about their

soul evolution

the other are those who

don't mind creating a hell here

& going to one afterwards

they are ready to lose their soul

for sake of ignorance

& anti-divine stances

only one kind

will inherit the earth

the kind kind

Tuesday 12 April 2011

weapons first war later

people wonder

why there is war all around

on this planet

it shouldn't be a surprise


weapons manufacturing

is the number-1 industry

in all of the

so-called developed west

america and europe

with a violent lifestyle

as their base

these beings

seem incapable of producing

anything but

tools of violence

and these tools

have to be sold


allow them to buy

other stuff

from all around the world

which they stack up in

big concrete structures

to rot

the very same weapons they built

will in the end

destroy them

Monday 11 April 2011

money system

the current money system

needs to be completely scrapped

it is a scam

from its very root

its made

to extract service

by those who don't deserve service

unless this fraud system is scrapped


will find it hard

to be real & honest

they will remain

greedy & in the service of anti-divine forces

it has to be replaced by

a soul-evolution based system

for distribution of

earth's resources

Friday 8 April 2011

muggles and magic

the basic

tenet of


is not making any sense

one can say, write whatever

coherence in thought, words and action

is neither required

nor expected

most stay in muggledom

as they see this craziness

as some kind of freedom

no matter how painful & restrictive

the price

magic has always

been simply


making sense


is the only magic that

ever was


ever will be


simply a name for

perfect coherence

greatest magic

Tuesday 5 April 2011



of things

is a scam


people insure






no sure-ity

needed for

their soul

guess no companies/banks

are willing to take


for the soul

Monday 4 April 2011

how helpless get help


by definition is

a person in a situation

which they are unhappy with

but are unable to

to change it

through their own efforts

if one looks at it

with clear perception

this state applies to

majority of the people

on this planet

the strange bit is

only few are able to

admit to it

& only these few

who ask for help

get a helping hand by divine

out of their unwanted state

no one in denial

can ever be helped

when they say

'god helps those

who help themselves'

they forgot to explain

what helping oneself is

helping oneself is

being honest about one's state

and one's inability to change it through

ones own efforts

helping oneself is actually

asking/praying to

divine for help

in a humble manner

Saturday 2 April 2011

the vow to evolve

people take many



very few take the

vow to evolve

those who don't

take this vow

will always devolve

evolution is not automatic

it doesn't happen by just existing

or in time

as darwin may have some believe

there is no

evolving by chance


there is no

neutral ground

of stasis

it will always


up or down


for those who

are not fully committed

to evolving

it will

just be down