Sunday 29 April 2012


if one cannot

get excited by higher

one cannot go



common uncommon

at this time

on this planet

there seems to be

no difference


the common people and

so-called uncommon people

labeled stars, celebrities, VIP's & VVIP's ...

be it musicians, sportspeople, gurus, actors

all of them are pretty much at the same level

as the common people

they don't have 3rd eye open

or chakras flowering

or proper gnowledge of this multiverse


all they have is the same 'caught in a rut' feeling

they are nowhere near the gravity of this solar system's sun

let alone stars

how has this come about ?

of course the media machine of the so-called west

has feverishly propagated this madness in the last 100 years

where they prod people to mindlessly celebrate

something at their own level

people have now become

wary rather than celebratory

of the real uncommon

what this does

it stops soul evolution dead in its tracks

one can evolve as long as

one has something

really higher to

celebrate / look up to

Thursday 26 April 2012

(w)holy cow

" holy cow "

a widely used expression


not put in practise

by majority of this planet

there is no doubt that

cow is the supreme

amongst all the animals that

roam this earth

it is earth itself in a more compact lovable form

the fact that majority of people

drink its milk makes it a real mother to all

still how this mother is treated

by a vast majority of this planet

except parts of Bharat (now called india)


the hellish state

those parts of the world have to endure

the blissless pain & torture twilight zone

which they are under

is a direct result of this mistreatment


they start treating cows right

they will have all the diseases, wars

mental hells, blisslessnes ...

what they do to the cows

they will face back manifolds

in this life & afterlife

this simple truth

& simple action

can solve 99% of this worlds problems

& humanify the not so human population here

Tuesday 17 April 2012

i am ( we are ) like this only

'i am like this only'

'we are like this only'

phrases one gets to hear often

sometimes from the mouth

other times from the mindset

this phrase simply means


one is not going to change

which is only practical

if one is perfect

or one's way is perfect

is their being the way they are


to bliss & happiness on all levels ?

the answer is again a simple 'no'

so this reluctance to change

is a funny thing

its simply means

one is not willing to put in the effort

to change for the bettter

change for the worse

is always going to happen anyways


change is permanent

it takes a lot of effort to

even not go down

let alone rise

clinging on to silly habits & notions

built up over lifetimes & generations

on this plane

is what makes beings


& unable to evolve

takes away the whole

point of taking birth

& being alive

Saturday 14 April 2012



another word thrown around a lot

without understanding

another spelling which is incomplete


comes from




one has to use the genes properly & fully

to be able to

be a


people are usually


torturing their genes

rather than utilizing them

to phire them


service to higher & divine