Friday 26 June 2009


many people on this planet
especially the new-agey kind
are expecting some ufo's to arrive
out of which some et's will step out
and solve all of the world's problems

it doesn't occur to them that et's
can have problems of their own
they don't realize that anything
that is still in 3-d universe
and heavily reliant on
blissless technology like metal craft
is nothing but a problem

they are ready to see et's as gods
in their eyes
anything with more tech = god

even amongst socalled experts
it is now fashionable to reduce the term 'god'
to some et's called annunaki who
genetically engineered homosapiens
yes the masses were programmed to see them as gods
but surely these experts
once they have given up their petty ego's
and stop spreading the lie that
'everyone is god'
can find a way for a
much more higher & all encompassing definition

the whole concept of evolution
is now so mixedup with technology
that they cannot fathom
advancement in spiritual terms

there are and have been beings
on this planet who are much more
evolved and have gotten much closer to the truth
than any et
but as the saying goes
'grass always looks greener in the other field'

the beings which come here from
higher planes of existence are the
real extra-terrestrials
( called 'avatars' in vedic terminology )
the word 'terrestrial'
refers to the whole earth(terra) plane
which according to the vedic puranas
includes the whole physical universe (bhumandala)

there is news for those waiting on ufo's/et's
they are already here
they have been here for a long time
they run the affairs on this planet (shadow government)
and is everything going groovy ?

it is just common sense to realize that whether its
the et's or the spanish conquistadors
the whole scene is driven by selfish motives

only those who have surrendered to the divine
do not have such motives
and those beings can be found on this planet
as easily
as any yoda(s) from any other planet in our galaxy
or other galaxies

Wednesday 24 June 2009


only real P-reaching

is the one

which helps one to reach P

Saturday 20 June 2009


'friendship' is another concept

accepted by society

& pushed vigourously by the media

but why friendship ?

coz it is the best distraction

for your already dizzy attention

your friends are basically

people on a similar level to you

that don't hurt your ego

in fact

friendship is a mutual ego pampering circle

friend = free-i-end

simple put

the one who puts an end to

'a chance at freedom'

thus in its modern 'english' sense

it is anti-evolution

in earlier times disciples under a common guru

could be friends

they all helped each other

in a quest for evolution

the friends of today have a different role

they assist you in your quest for hell

it is a collective escape pod

friendship of today

curtails any slight chance of

the flowering of the delicate seed of individuality

it unashamedly promotes hive mind

this socalled friendship creates a blanket

which distracts one from seeing

the reality of their hellish existence

like buddha did

unfortunately he didn't have friends

so he could not just carry on smiling & laughing

he had to seek the 'truth'

not only does friendship cause one to not seek the higher

it promotes confrontation with the higher

the street gangs you see heckling people

are never just one person

people lose their head in the strength

which comes with numbers

they feel invincible

what the whole mindset is can be summed up in -

better to have company in hell

than to be alone on the road to heaven

Tuesday 16 June 2009

the first step

when people ask me

what is the first step

for betterment of this world

i say that the world has to

stop misusing these 3 words

' Love ' , ' Free ' & ' God '

the rest will all fall into place

the energy paradox

the same person

on the street

who is very energetic

in its selfish pursuits for happiness

(eg. teenage girls out on the prowl in

miniminiskirts & skimpiest tops

in the coldest midwinter nights )

which somehow always eludes it

is often found to be

completely berefit of all energy & zest for life

when it comes to serving divine

( the same girls would suddenly feel

very cold & lethargic

if assigned any evolutionary task by any higher being

in the same weather/conditions )

the only action which can

give it the happiness it desires

it fails to find the energy for

BirdMan - Setting the Record Straight

a cropformation which appears on 14th Jun 2009
puts the whole mystery to rest ...
the message can no longer be refuted

Sunday 14 June 2009

BirdTribe Phoenix CropStamp ~ 12 Jun 2009

the cropformation imprints keep on going
the lotusocean direction ...

birdtribe phoenix right thru
the heart of the sun

Wednesday 10 June 2009


there are lots of attempts at singing
by various genepools here on earth

from an objective outsiders look
it is seen that
most of these genepools haven't
even learned to speak properly
i.e speak from the center of their mouths
they all speak in lopsided twisted ways
either to the left or to to the right
if you don't believe
switch on the telly
and start paying attention

toddlers learn to walk before they run
but here people learn to sing
before they can speak

all twisted & annoying wailing, screaming
passes off as singing as long as
it aims to hit some funny intervals called notes

no intonation or mantric power
in the voice
is seen as a requirement for singing
in fact it is taboo
to be that impactful
singing is afterall just one part of
the light entertainment circus

'gnoing' is also not seen as having any relation with 'the voicing'
despite the fact that all tales tell an opposite tale
'the voice' of benegeserits in dune
which can command or
'the voice' of sages in the puranas
which has a direct soul impact
anything real with any power has to be avoided
simply coz its not something one can relate to ...

Tuesday 9 June 2009

3 Fishes - Another त्रि Formation

another chapter in our cropcircle saga

how cropcircles/formations
have been following lotusocean intent

in this case the response was to the
following film -

Monday 8 June 2009

त्रि (Tri) Response Formation - 05 Jun 09

another chapter in our cropcircle saga
how cropcircles are following lotusocean intent

in this case the response was to the following film

Friday 5 June 2009


'worlds most amazing videos'

name of a TV progam

the content -

police car chases,

extreme stunts, torture, misfortune,

dumbness, madness, craziness

it is all part of mild easy lightweight entertainment

amidst all the loud crashing & chaos

its easy to forget that

it defines the word 'amazing' for the masses

Thursday 4 June 2009

the deal

there are those

who think that deals

which involve the soul

for fame & fortune are a myth

so lets hear it straight from a 'famous' mouth

if the voice won't chill you

the content will

yes 'the world we can't see'

people do need temptations

to grind in this hell

created by evil

some are ready to work for less

some ask for more

DragonFly Response Formation ~ 03'06'09

Wednesday 3 June 2009


on the surface

this world's structures

seem to give you many options

option to be in sports, movies, farms, festivals, religions ...

the self sees all this choice as freedom

when it is just one big trap for soul-slavery

as long as one chooses from options provided

by the society, system or establishment

or whatever else one wants to call it

one will never break out

of this hell

option of choosing amongst the many rooms on the titanic

as it sinks

is not really an option

Monday 1 June 2009


when P lays

its Play

when P is arty

its Party

P = the axis

of the multiversal tree

in other words

P is the Pole you spin around

what was lost is now being found

alternative text

3 more Ringing formations ...


funny how many consider themselves


like the people at the original 'woodstock'

when they are

just being pawns in an event

organized by the establishment

the military bringing in the LSD & so forth ...

to be anti-establishment one has to atleast

gno what the establishment is

just scratching the surface & being confused

are the major characteristics

of this deluded sense of bravado & selfrighteousness