Monday 10 April 2017

learning attitude

there are 3 types of people

if one categorizes them on basis of

learning attitude


there are those

who can learn from seeing/observing



there are those who learn

only from their own


and then

there are those who

keep banging their head against the same wall

over and over again

Saturday 8 April 2017

whining and whingeing

whining and whingeing

has never done anyone

any good


never will

one's state no matter how bad

will never improve one iota from it

in fact things will only get worse


one is indulging in bratty behaviour

multiverse can only respond with a slap

to such an illogical audacity

even if the so-called parents don't

beings here only whine

as their parents allow them to

get away with it

as they themselves want to whine and whinge too

a devoluting cycle