Sunday 31 January 2010


'avatar ' - ' अवतार'

a sanskrit term
( which is now americanised & mispronounced all over the world )

for human manifestation of divine on earth

a crossing from higher planes to

the lower 3-d plane of earth

was first reduced

to silly cartoon icons on internet


now to some

ugly catty alien translucent hybrid

in the movie 'avatar'

the movie's sonics and visuals

were hellish from

start to finish

in their attempts at showing heaven

they end up showing computergamelike hell

the fact that many were reduced to tears in awe

through such a horror show

reveals the sickness

that pervades the beings here on this planet

it was another

in a series of attempts at

gross misrepresentation of


& its nature

divine's nature

is not a world of teethy dinosaurs

& fluorescent plants which glow like disconightclublights

but gentle mammals like cows

& gentle soothing colours of sunrise/sunset

it is also worth a mention that

translucents despite being the villians (in the movie as well)

somehow (through absurd twists)

managed to set themselves up

as the hero as well

a movie is nothing but a window

into the psyche of its makers

translucents in this case

their unrealistic ambition (to play god)

coupled with a technocentric mindset

turned 'avatar' into a labgenerated hybrid

controlled by a paraplegic translucent in a machine

instead of what it really is

a real natural born human

under guidance of divine from realms

way beyond physical

Saturday 30 January 2010

'lord of the rings' lies

this is what

'lord of the rings'

the book & the movie

scripture for many in 'the west'

propagates -

east is bad

third eye is bad

the ring is bad
(which means that
dna ascension is bad
dna gets into a ring shape
when it is in the process of
faster than light speed implosion)

blonde is good

all villains have black hair

frodo is good
(frodo originating from fraud)

drunkenness will win over discipline

the machine nightmare started from the east
(despite the facts being clear on industrial nightmare
starting from the west)

the orcs and the other beasts come from east & south
( the facts once again show most of them
have always resided in the west )

the west is humanitarian
( the facts only point towards barbarian ...
all humanitarian values having come from
vedic gangetic plains)

'lies' would be small word to describe this

made-up-out-of-nothing mythology

Friday 29 January 2010

the wretched feeling

society is nothing

but a continuous attempt at smothering

people's inner feeling/gnoing that they are a wretch/wreck/fool

the whole structure is there to

promote people feeling good about themselves

without any real rhyme or reason

lotusocean says that

this feeling that one is a complete fool

labelled negative by the structure

is the best feeling one can have

without that

one would not

bow down to what is not foolish/wretched ... divine

& without that

there is no step forward

this feeling is the sacred source of the stream of humility

all ancient scriptures bear testimony

to the fact

humility is surely not going to arise

from awards & trophies

which the structure distributes aplenty

the spoilt playstation generation

wants out of this feeling

by just wanting to press 'game over'

seeking/reaching out to something


doesn't enter their faultyly programmed minds

which view life as a computer game

life is different


there is no such quick escape

or fully rejuvinated character available for the next try

even suicide

means that one starts next life

with limited energy and higher level of wretchedness

Thursday 28 January 2010


wonder why they call

the parts where an instrumentalist plays

a sequence of notes

on top of a backing

a solo

they are obviously not solo (alone)

as there is a whole backing band behind

when people do somehow muster up the courage to

actually play an instrument alone

it sounds so incomplete and meaningless

not a surprise considering

the incoherence of the being involved

even the so-called 'solos' in solo (muting the backing)

don't make any sense at all

its all so-low instead of so-lo

people cannot do the 'solo'

as they don't have what it takes to be all the parts

in music or otherwise

the continuos (mis)use of the word

makes them feel good about themselves anyways

PT doing the real 'solo' -

Tuesday 26 January 2010

deliberate or not ?

beings here are really smart

when it comes to handling the voices from within

when the evil voice speaks

they stop all action

freeze their body

seal their lips &

listen attentively

when the good voice speaks

they start moving their body vigorously

sweeping already clean floors

start loud coversations

with strangers & walls

hum all the silly tunes they can remember

basically do whatever they can

to avoid giving it attention

it seems that they gno

which pose promotes listening

and which poses don't

would be a different world

if they made an effort for the vice-versa

for voices within and without

laziness ... not to be taken lazily

a lot of people walk

on this planet

but majority of them walk lazily

the disease is at its peak in the west

the rest are doing their best to catch up

even basics like cooking a meal at home

are now becoming obsolete

on surface they seem to be doing a lot

but they do it all

on the bedrock of laziness

physical as well as mental

the busybee types are very surprised

when it is pointed out that all their problems & sillyness

stems from laziness

this is because

laziness like all other concepts

suffers from superficial muggle definitions

not being alert enough to

react properly to any situation

in any moment

is a sign of laziness

all the other unwanteds

frustration, anger, devolution, unethical actions

stem from it

lazy leads to crazy

not having a clear wholistic evolutionary goal

is also laziness

not being specific in speech or action

is also laziness

not moving the mouth properly

to let the words out clearly

is also laziness

not lowering the eyes when one needs to

is also laziness

being stuck in unwholesome habits/patterns

is also laziness

most people here are stuck in an

ungraceful ungainly disrespectful pose

which will not allow them to even sit

properly in front of a higher being

and their laziness

won't let them out of it

in the end it is laziness

which comes in the way

when they finally

decide to

serve the divine

Sunday 24 January 2010

the 'lord of the rings' spell

in their largest scripture

'lord of the rings'

the translucents

have put the blame of their wrongdoings


on a wicked spell by the evil wizard saruman

the blonde viking-like king of rohan

does his misdeeds under this spell

no matter how they would like to deny

the translucents have been

at the forefront of sarumanlike evil activities

be it the creation of a machine world

or the industrial nightmare

or cutting down of forests ...

lets hope for their sake that

this is actually the case

if it is

they would be able to respond

to the call of the good wizard

to undo the spell

worldwide travel rights

the translucents have

put a system in place

( which their puppet govts in most countries help uphold )

where they have exclusive

worldwide travel rights

passport from their countries

UK, USA, Europe, Australia etc

guarantees visa & hassle free

access to most of the world

it is as if these people are most

qualified for travel

while the rest are unhealthy lunatic zombies

who should not be allowed anywhere

without long bureaucratic/medical scrutiny

in accordance with translucent structures

in other words

they have deemed themselves as superior

the truth

as lotusocean brings forth

is quite the opposite

one just needs to watch 'brits abroad'

to see how well they fare on their travels

no system on this planet is based upon

soul evolution status

its all about nationality/occupation/finances

translucents have to take the blame

as they are responsible for all the systems in place

at the moment

only beings with strong soul force

& divine intentions

need to travel

to bless

& improve the vibrations of places they visit

Saturday 23 January 2010


only those who

have activated their pine cone pinion

in the pineal (3rd eye)

are entitled to



o-pine on and on

the rest just need to listen

Monday 18 January 2010


the letter P

is shaped as it is

to show that its 'the Axis'

the circle rotates around the central axial line

the letter P in all major languages & cultures

always represents the Axis figures

Piṯa (father) or Paṯi (husband) in Sanskrit

Ptah (the Patriarch) in Egypt

President or P resident ( the central resident) in English

the fact that

P happens to be the first initial of lotusocean manifestor


is just another aspect of the P-erfect fractality

all the T-turning happens around P

P or Parents

Parents ( P-arent )

aren't P

its no wonder

they cannot provide

the centering axis (P being the Pole/Axis )

one can revolve their life around

for any coherent wholistic evolution

the truth as always is inherent in the term

champions of tolerance

people on this planet

may not have many virtues left

but they are excelling in one

they are all jointly awarded

champions of tolerance

by lotusocean

tolerating nonsense


and in others ( people as well as systems )

is as automatic as breathing air to them

thats what all their relationships are based on

you tolerate my nonsense

and i will tolerate yours


males tolerate females for sex

females tolerate males

for fear of loneliness, financial reasons, selfimage ...

parents tolerate children & vice versa

friends tolerate friends

brattiness keeps on growing

discrimination keeps on dwindling

of course they cannot keep it up

all of the time

thus the fights & outbursts

but most of them do enough most of the time

to keep the facade going

the real funny bit is that

they think it is the sensible thing to do

nonsense + nonsense = sense


only time

doyens of tolerance

become extremely intolerant is

when they encounter

someone who points out their nonsense


the translucents

took over a big island by what else but gunpowder

named it australia

after all the cutting down of forests & natives

polluting the waters

it has come down to

lawnmowing all day every day of the week

its their favourite activity

hassling each other and others is a close second

(lawnmowing is also often used as a hassling tool)

the sound of the lawnmower is music to their ears

their music also sounds like lawnmowers (ac/dc)

any real music they cannot handle

they call it noise

other activities they enjoy

are giving speeding tickets

making up forms/rules which run into 100's of pages

just to show that they are educated

and can read/write

putting concrete wherever and whenever they can

grass cannot grow on concrete - a big plus

building prison like structures they call houses

the ratio of houses to people being 10 to 1

competing with crocodiles in beauty stakes

crocs winning at the time of this writing

they enjoy bumping into each other head first

a sporting ritual they call aussierules

mixing heavy beer with heavy sun

(cloud the mind and burn the skin)

smelling burning meat in a ritual called barbie (pet name for barbeque)

all other smells with the exception of

deodarants and colognes they use excessively

they label bad

don't like to be reminded that they are still a colony

often used as a nuclear test site

a proud and (trying to appear to be) happy people

with a penchant for winning at all costs

still trying to figure out

what to do after winning

besides gobbling a few beers & collapsing

Sunday 17 January 2010


what do translucents like to do

when they travel

" backpacking "

it involves putting a heavy load

on one's shoulders & back

and walking large distances

this is done regardless of

need & requirement

perfect training to be a donkey in the next life

it is an accepted form of torture

amongst others like bicycling up steep hills

for no rhyme or reason

walking barefoot on superheated concrete (roads/pavements)

is also part of this act

in their desperation to seek torture

after imparting torture

they are leaving no stone unturned

Saturday 16 January 2010

the structure

a structure based on

pain & torture

arising out of evilselfishness

as its base


provide happiness at its top

in this planets current timeline

translucents built the structure

other races/genepools have followed (blindly) suit

now all are collectively trying

their best to uphold the structure

all their energy goes in trying to prove that it works

magazines, movies, festivals, nightclubs, fake smiles ...

lotusocean declares that

this structure has no future

inside (self) or outside (world)

and will fall faster than a pack of cards

its already happening ...

Friday 15 January 2010

crude to cruel to crude to ...

the translucents have come up with

variety of nice ways to treat animals

under their care

most cattle have plastic eartags on them

through which they become just numbers

rather than seperate biological entities having souls

since they don't have time to be

with their cattle while they graze

as cowherds and shepherds still do in

what they term as undeveloped countries

in those parts of the world

the cattle willingly follows the cattleherder

like the cows followed krishn

their method however is entirely opposite

it is force, use & destroy

no connection is developed between the cattle & its owner

the same old disease of

trying to own without actually having the ability to own

the cattle have to contend with thorny metal fences

whose express purpose is to stop them from running away

one can't blame the cattle for having the desire to run away

the fences bruise them continuously

after getting entangled

many stay trapped in them for long periods of time

some fences are electric #&*!

than there are these contraptions called cattle grids

meant to trap their feet in a painful manner

if they happen to get near the roads

which will be used to carry them off for slaughter

now they have even gotten

free roaming wild animals like deers/elks

within these fences ( note the tags )

after treating fellow living creatures thus

they expect happiness to rain down on them

their books should be renamed

'unrealistic expectations'

instead of

'great expectations'

Wednesday 13 January 2010


spells and spellings


no obvious connection here at all

not in any muggle mind at least

the whole spell

of english language lies in

its ( you guessed it )

spell-ings !

the spell which

puts a fog over their real meanings

no wonder they

put so much emphasis of

getting the spell-ing right

the invisible sane in saint

mis-spelling (deliberate?!)

of words in the english language

by its creators

has done a wonderful job

of hiding their true meanings

'saint' is spelt thus

even though it actually is 'sane + T'

T being a crossing as in a T junction

so saneT(saint) is simply

a sane crossing

its spelling however makes it

hard for people to connect saintliness with saneness

is sanitizing sane anymore ?

the word 'sanitizing'

which has its roots in sanity

or sane (ity or ness)

is somehow no longer viewed

in terms of an internal attitude

restoring sane-ity therein

it has been reduced to

an unwholesome term

used to describe

the relentless fight against dirt and


through artificial means/mediums

talk about getting

priorities mixed up

Monday 11 January 2010

Sunday 10 January 2010



pronounced GoP

was the name

for the souls who had

surrendered to the divine

in form of krishn

now it is

whosoever exclaims

Go P Go

GoP = GoPi

another PT related fractal synchro

Saturday 9 January 2010


one doesn't own land

by putting a house on it

by buying it

by inheriting it or

by moving/killing off its rightful owner

one owns land by properly embedding in/with it

even than it is still

on lease from the divine

Thursday 7 January 2010

the full deck

have met a couple of people recently

(of the translucent variety)

who actually claimed to have a full deck (of cards)

within their beings/genes


them or their lives don't

show any signs of even half a deck

almost all the genepools here

are missing a significant number of cards

only in k'yuga can people get so arrogant & stupid

as to make claims like that

this disease of conceit

will take them further down

to abysses of hell

no one except a direct manifestation of divine

has a full deck


a full deck is just another way of representing

complete coherence

in tarot, the origin of cards

the world card (no.21)

represents this state

common sense replacement

the translucents

having lost

common sense

which springs from connection to divine

have tried to replace this basic quality of being

by rules & regulations

so the whole setup works

in an artificially controlled borg way

lets look at the roads/driving situation as an example

through the rulebook tunnelvision

the drivers are not equipped to respond to

any quick/sudden change in circumstances

the result is easily seen in

the inordinate number of dead animals

on the road/roadside

its obviously the animal's fault for not reading the roadsigns

nature is not running on their rules

and how they wish it would

a traffic jam can occur in a road

without any obstructions/redlights/roadworks

looking and seeing and making decisions

is not allowed

in fact it is looked down upon as outrageous

just follow the signs

this lack of responsiveness or adaptibility

is the definition of lifelessness or borgness

evil was always just the opposite of live

Wednesday 6 January 2010

hospitality or beastiality ?

hospitality is a major concern in

all the places which are

now under translucents management

for the sake of making money (the only thing dear to them)

they open up numerous hospitality based businesses like

hotels/b&b's/tours etc etc

but the only bit of hospitality they can muster up is a

forced fake smile

which is more akin to a frown of a creature

writhing in extreme pain & tension

they are in too much of a hell-within

to be hospitable

they are in a hypertense, diseased and unhappy state

common symptoms of disconnection with the divine

most importantly

they don't have an iota of service attitude

neither do they intend to change that anytime soon

it is the only thing which can/will

get them out of their self-created-hell

until this change in basic attitude

those that cannot even be hospitable to guests

in their own house

have no business opening/running

hospitality services

it is simply an unsustainable enterprise

Tuesday 5 January 2010

the incompleteness of the reading/writing method

those who think that they can

learn something just by silent reading

are under a big illusion

learning only happens through

verbal repetition

(internal for the mute, external for the rest)


just as the guru (teacher) has spoken

the way guru said something

was as important as what he/she said

even this only worked

if the basic requirement -

'praise, respect and service to the guru'

was satisfied

this was the vedic way of teaching

employed since beginning of time


it was simply the only way that actually worked

through wholistically covering all the bases

reading and writing promoted mindlessly in

today's schools and institutions

has no chance of imparting any learning

which can assist in soul evolution

even those reading this blog

will not really learn anything

which they can practically instill into their lives

to evolve their soul

until they have the discipline to do

continuos verbal repetition of the text

+ respectful service to the guru

Monday 4 January 2010

the maori quandry

it is well documented that

Maori people of Aotearoa (new zealand)


from Pacific islanders

now called Polynesians

yes the Asian bit in Polynesian is important

no one however has pointed out

their obvious Vedic roots

when it is staring everyone in the face

with Maori place names like

Harihari, Ramarama, Kumara ...

none of the thousands of documentaries on the

current state of these people point out that

it is this cutting off from the Vedic wellspring source

which is the cause of the

easy downfall of these people

under translucent programming

an isolation & lack of information

which ought not be possible

in the interconnected world of now

but is very much the case


the most prevalent greeting

of what is now called 'the west'


pronounced 'haai'

is the same as a

hindi/urdu term 'हाय '

which means 'a call in/of distress'

makes sense


that this is an actual reflection of their state

things have a way of giving themselves away

even if it is not intended that way

or are they trying to say

that the person they are addressing is


or higher than them

if that is the case

their body language doesn't suggest

any such intent

Saturday 2 January 2010


most would rather

defend or evade or perish

rather than

admit to their situation

besides the honest dignity

which admitting to one's situation gives

it also opens up

a pathway out of one's situation

the importance of this step

cannot be stressed enough


situation of most is simply 'trapped in hell'

Friday 1 January 2010

it was all worth it

the most repeated line

in muggleworld

has to be

'it was worth it'

it can be anything

from a bad trip ( travel or substance related )

to a hangover after a night out

to an unfulfilling relationship

to unnecessary damage to the body in sport/war

to a reflection on the year, decade, century, millenium gone by

to a reflection upon all those wasted years

in a job they hated

it is the ultimate comforting tool

what the 'it'

at the end of 'it was worth it'


needs some explaining

'what exactly is not worth it'

will also be an interesting listen