Tuesday 5 June 2007

World at the Fingertips

one can now access anything: a person, music, movies, data, videos, info with a few touches of their fingertips

this immediate access gives a sense of power in a sense which was almost unthought of just twenty years ago

we are trying to discern whether this power is real or illusory

on the surface it seems you got it all; instant access to wherever, whoever, whatever ... but is there any use of this, any real use of this supposed power to access? By real, I mean, does it evolve you? Give you a better afterlife by making you a better person? Does it enhance your importance in a local, galactic & multidimensional context?

the answer to this, from my point of view, is that this is only the case if this connectivity device is used wisely and precisely

for example one may read, listen or watch something on the technet(internet) which might trigger something dormant inside

they might utilize this awakening in their actual real biological life which can lead to evolution.

this is all a very touch and go situation ... if this medium is used for mindless surfing of trivialites after encountering the real gems buried in the cybersea one will be becoming powerless instead of powerful

to think that this technology actually puts the 'world at your fingertips' is a misnomer

the world can only be at ones fingertips when one is perfectly embedded in the world

the term world here is the world of nature & the vast empty space within each atom

in our local sense the world represents the planet standing on which I am writing these words

it doesn't include the artificial construct known as the modern civilisation.

to make my point simpler, I would like to say that one doesn't own a piece of land just because they have papers from some fraud authority (known as government) saying so

one owns a piece of land if they are one with it i.e. their personal aura is perfectly embedded in the geomantic wave magnetics of the land

to quote Camelot ~ 'Arthur and the land become One' only when Arthur finds the grail

so one only has the world truly at their fingertips only if they are perfectly embedded in the Multiversal construct which creates the 14 realms/planes & the atoms and galaxies of the physical plane

InterNet & InnerNet

it is true that internet has made life easier through allowing easier access to goods, people, and information, but its limitations and down-sides usually go unnoticed

there is also an etheric library of essential universal data through which all of biology functions & communicates ... for convenience's sake we will call it 'InnerNet'

our DNA is directly hardwired through this vast network which actually stretches beyond our planet, up to our Sun and other Suns ( also known as Stars) & other realms/dimensions

one major downside of the technonet is that it can/does interfere with the more important biologic InnerNet

the InnerNet allows only relevant information to reach an individual while the interNet provides all sorts of irelevant data along with the relevant information

innundation is the result of this excessive information bombardment on individuals who are not ready to sort and arrange this data

it is akin to pouring an ocean into a pond

innerNet is a more sophisticated data transferring sharing system because it only allows access to data/info (also known as insight and knowledge) which an individual deserves and is ready for
indulgence in InterNet is overriding the InnerNet, creating a techno-borg-slave instead of a free-biologic-galactic being.

not all individuals on the planet have the requisite mental, psychological & emotional preparation to arrange/ sort (also termed discrimination) huge amounts of information provided by the internet

this excess overflow of information clogs up the InnerNet channels making them separate from the sea of life

it than does really become a Net which seperates the fish from the sea of eternal consciousness ...