Friday 15 July 2011


there are many


complicated-mental types

who bring up the question

whether they are deserved or not

to be under lotusocean's umbrella

anyone who has

a proper humble attitude to

higher & divine

is deserved

one doesn't need any other skill

or qualification

or mastery

to be deserved


as is clear from the

way the word is spelt

is simply

all about


willingness to



even this judgement

they don't need to make themselves

the higher can easily see/assess

their readiness

once they make themselves available


Vintish said...

wonderful :), I bow...

ShivaYaShive said...

proper humble attitude n higher divine,types of service ect concepts are different from region to region, religion to religion, culture to culture, teachers to teachers.thats where the complications n assumtions arise when the minds of different truths meet.otherwise what u have said is so true that one need to have deservingness to serve the divine.

PT the Axis said...

yes yash thats why the last paragraph. the readiness and service attitude can be judged by the higher quite easily. they can also suggest changes/exercises etc.

Anonymous said...

you are perfect Compassion and it shows in every thing you do and say

sarah anne said...

It is such a relief to not have to make any judgements oneself. I bow.

miragegirl said...

bahut badiya P log hai

seva hi jeevan ka dharm hai

yah ab me samajti hu

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap Param Pujaneeya hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

Your Divine Truth and Gnowledge is all encompassing. one is incredibly lucky and increasingly grateful to serve You. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your immanent feet. Your PerfecT intelligence and comPassionaTe words PuT ones silly mentalities to rest. You are the absolute best P! You abide in constant Peace. You are so kind to guide minds to Phind refuge at Your feet. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
it is most comPassionaTe of Divine to be available to anyone with a willingness to serve!
The last Paragraph is so moving and shows one that Divine always gnos best about everything! it is most kind of You to clarify that in Your comment here.
You guide the way away from detrimental thoughts and being stuck in the head and helP one cultivate a ProPer service attitude.
You are the ultimate saving grace!
i bow!

Unknown said...

i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

You sPeak what is true! Your words are straightforward, always cut to the PoinT.
Your Plogs clariPhy everything. You brilliantly get to the root of the words to exPlain everything.
de-serve-dness is about the willingness to serve Divine, and Divine always gnows their readiness once they make themselves available :)
You are kindest most comPassionaTe to suggest changes/exercises. You are ever benevolent teach and guide one to better and instill Proper humble service attitude. You PatienTly teach and give beings enough chances to change and imProve and be deserving. One just has to do the do and rest is taken care by Divine.

i bow at Your All-Gnowing comPassionaTe LotusPheeT /\

ki vernee said...

beautiful ! You have the Highest PrespecTives ! You brilliantly simplified deserved and saved beings a whole lot of mind chatter ! i bow

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing. i bow.

nicolas said...

wow really amazing! i love this! you are so kind to share these words! serving divine is the best thing one can do! you are the wisest and kindest of all beings! no one is like you!

i bow to you ShivNarayan

ankita said...

Your words are so soothing
very kind of You to give beings a chance to serve in whatever caPaciTy they can ...You are so intelligent and have such great material sense with all the ease ever ..You are always doing the highest and the best service
Your state is the best to be in
You are such a great examPle of the aPPlicaTion of Your scriPTures
i bow