Tuesday 28 April 2009

the meaning of life

contrary to what it might seem
the game
is not being controlled
by the beings here on earth

it is a battle of essences
'divine' and 'evil'
operating from other realms

'beings' here have to make a choice
one way or the other

with differing consequences of course

thats the one and only
'meaning of life'

this game like any other game
has its time limit
the sand is quickly running out

only the stakes are different
its either
blissful freedom or a painful trapped existence

this blog is dedicated to those
who have sincerely tried
to solve
the ageold query
'whats it all about?'

enjoy ?!

enjoy they say
alchohol -
its bitter & of course 'the hangover' & liverpangs
sweets -
end up with cavities and diabetes
holiday -
arrangements, hassles and boredom
sports -
competitive tension, aches and pains
music -
just wailing and depression coupled with bad sounds
theme parks -
dizzyness followed by emptiness

there is no enjoyment to be found
in what people say they enjoy

only enjoyment one can have
is the real bliss which flows through
praising the divine

Saturday 25 April 2009

help ?!

almost all of the effort

in this world

is going into


'we are not in hell'


thus don't need help


those that don't want help

cannot be hell-ped

out of hell

if one takes 'P' out of help

one is left with hell

quite fitting

since 'P' can help

one out of hell

A NewSun Response Stamp

a New Sun from a different world

has Come to take Us

across the ocean of this world ...

Friday 24 April 2009

distracted zombies

as time accelerates

the number of distractions

also increase exponentially

the muggle minds

open to each and every impulse

without discrimination

get more and more distracted

hard to see any kind of focus in

people's eyes these days

their brains are buzzing

like a mosquito

whirling around swirls of uselessness

the spell has been cast

they are acting and reacting

like zombies

the nightmare is not in some

zone-horror tv channel

it is live on the streets

written plainly on all their faces

but surprise surprise

hardly anyone takes notice

amongst trillions of blogs & books

by billions of intellectuals

that inhabit the now

Thursday 23 April 2009


festival = festering evil

a bunch of depressed people
congregating together
to get out of depression

but -2 + -2 = -4

Monday 20 April 2009


the english word


springs from

two sanskrit words

'sur' & 'indra'

'surindra' in time became 'surendra'

which through faulty pronunciation

led to 'surender' and finally 'surrender'

'indra' is the lord of 'sur's' aka deva's or demigods

sur = in tune with the divine will

so 'surrender'

carries within itself the sense of

'surrender to the divine will'

& thus

cannot be used in any other context except

'surrender to the divine'

Tuesday 14 April 2009


all one hears is



yes we gno

hell is low


you are in it

no need to reiterate it

like a divine mantra

billion times a day

Monday 13 April 2009

wine from water

through force & consent

there are many gods

people of this planet believe in

one of them


water into wine

has to be

god of drunkards

this one

fittingly most get drunk on

his birthday

chocolates distributed

on his ressurection

modern non-violence

it is fashionable now to
advocate reading of bhagavadgita
to whoever
hits out at
gandhian idea of non-violence

quite baffling considering
gita is
all about krishn advising arjun
to follow the divine will and kill

gandhi is another one of those global celebrities
who is raised to that pedestal without
any proper examination

his self-coined 'experiments with truth'
were just
'experiments in triviality'

his incoherent words and teachings have
become a benchmark for the pretentious
to confuse people with words like
peace & non-violence
when the reality
is just a violent battle for
illusory position & power

Saturday 11 April 2009


being sociable

is pushed as one of the major virtues

by the conveners of this insane theater

it is portrayed

as a fun, innocent & harmless activity

notwithstanding the fact that

in these times

socializing = surefire downfall

why? simply because

99.99% of company

one is likely to encounter

will be bad company

those who through a fear of being alone

cannot help being social

will definitely need a hive and

will as a result

have to do whatever it takes to fit in

there are too many

who despite sensory and other aversions


drinking beer, smoking cigs or

popping ecstasy pills

just to be part of a social scene


that is just the tip of the iceberg

just a warning

for those goodintentioned one's amongst you

who carefreely

walk into the dangerous web called socializing

without an inkling of the consequences

or the spiders therein

in tune ~ sur asur

being in tune

has nothing to do with

being in tune

with the

frequency intervals called musical notes

it is however all to do with

being in tune

with the multiversal divine source

thats why

'sur', the sanskrit term for 'tune'

is replaceable


the 'devas' or

the good godly folk

while 'asur' meaning 'not in tune'

is used for demons

suggesting that they are so

because of not

being in tune

with the divine will

Friday 10 April 2009



find it

hard to



it creates




only be





punjabi's around the world

after consuming their aggravating diets

are always hungry for action

it is bursting from within

with such intensity

that it cannot be held back ...

would again advise the mute button

to enhance the

comical watching experience

its quite clear that

they don't mind being

lewd & absurd to the nth degree

reducing celestial art of dance

to an

exercise in gracelessness

is no crime punishable by their laws

even brahma the creator

couldn't have


these postures & moves

if you are thinking

western punjabiness is not as bad

think again

coz its worse

less energy & more neurosis

mindlessness & purposelessness rule

in the evil demiurge's

action for the sake of action world

Thursday 9 April 2009

the healing fiasco

healing is a word

that has been

misutilized in the west

to a degree

which can make

earth open up and devour all

anything & everything crazy

is done in the name of healing


yoga - posing for the creeps

reiki - general groping around

tantra - copulating with hellsmonsters

beings with 100,000 problems

of their own

are busy

giving healing to others

not a surprise that

some healers show up pitch drunk

in these healing sessions

as always

something 'positive' sounding

to cover up for

all the 'negative' workings

in the end

they are just putting wool

over their own nonexistent eyes

coz the wounds only get worse

in infected mediums

all communication finally boils down to

' i need healing '

after 1000's of years of unrighteous actions

they expect instant healing

and that too

on their own terms

every joe and jessica wants to get healed

as long as it doesn't involve

an actual realtime all-inclusive

surrender to the divine

through its avatars

'i' but no 'eye'

this world is just

a bunch of blind creatures

pretending to see

as one of the blind put it-

we all sit here stranded


we all do our best to deny it

Hanuman Pool Revisited

for hanuman jayanti

Wednesday 8 April 2009


some say that

i PREACH too much

they forget

its their job to


not mine

Tuesday 7 April 2009


honesty is another one of the many

important words

twisted beyond recognition

honesty has nothing to do with

not stealing bread and jam from the supermarket

or paying your bills in time

or not lying about the cookies you ate

honesty is actually about

being straight about one's state

something like this

honesty is about getting to the point

without this real honesty

one cannot hope to evolve

it is the first step

on the ladder out of hell

honesty allows one to seek the divine

or something higher than itself to

help it out

it is said that

there are many confused people out there

what i would say is that

there are many dishonest people out there

Sunday 5 April 2009


in most
the confidence to do nonsense
comes only from the
hive encouragement & security blanket

most creatures
who roar like lions
with hive backing
turn into squealing rats
when seperated from the hive

when alone
people lose
most of the bravado
which made them challenge
even the divine


hives have a habit of putting forth their

chosen mascots as 'individuals'

might burst many bubbles but

most of these mascots

the so-called politicians, artists, musicians, sportspeople

are all nothing but cheap entertainers

making the hive feel good about itself

getting back to the point

are these mascots really individuals?

lets take up a celebrated example - bob dylan

labelled as an absolute individual genius

from lotusocean eyes

just a muggle hive pawn

playing his specified role

in the hive superstructure

to quote his own words

'only a pawn in their game'

in a different context

but apply perfectly

he has never even tried to step

out of his hive parameters

jumping from cigarettes & alcohol

to pot to lsd to christianity

back to alcohol

all following the general norm

for western punjabi hive

try as he did

could not live upto

the rebel image fostered on him

(rebels without a clue

are just for hive entertainment anyways)

never had the nerve, the eyes or the conviction

just settled for 50 houses

+ all the prostitutes

the hive can provide ...


have had many instances
when a member of one of
this planet's many hives
has walked upto me
to quickly whisper a compliment
regarding lotusocean sound & light
& run away
before it can be spotted doing so
by its fellow hive members

the fear of hive disapproval
rules most of the conscious actions
of these loyal-hive-bee-ings

most await hive-approval before
they get into anything
if something is hive approved
they put their whole body, mind & soul
to get into it
no matter if it creates pain & torture
& doesn't lead to any bliss
just count on the hive to
pump up the sagging ego/spirits balloon


many think that they
have attained individuality &
risen above the hive
they were born into
when all they have done
is jump into another hive
through marriage & such

it is quite easy to switch hives
because the basic mechanism stays the same
pretend & comply
hives are usually
very welcoming of new members
increases hive credibility & strength
learn the pointless parameters like
language, costumes and customs
& voila you are up and running again

a gujarati can join the european punjabi hive
or vice versa
but it makes no difference
as all of them are heading in the same direction

some are already in deep hell
some are on the way


people when quizzed deep enough
often say they don't know
why they behave like they behave
or did what they did

since everything has a reason
no matter how much one deny's it
there is an explanation
it lies in hivementality

very few individuals walk this planet
very few souls are able to
step out of
the hivemind

even if they see something wrong
in the hive
they are fearful to point it out
for the fear of being excluded
this repeated lack of
leads to a confused blind state
which makes it impossible to see
things as they really are

hive provides
comfort & security
very similar to a beehive
or a sheepherd

sheeps get very fearful
of being left behind in the herd
so one carries on
following hive parameters
no matter how absurd or illogical
to make sure one keeps pace

the fact that the sheep-herd
destined for factory knives
is overlooked
in the momentary security
the general umbrella for
self indulgent nonsense it provides

Friday 3 April 2009

flashes and microphones

at any given instant
thousands of flashes
are going off
to capture some
confused ugly beings
with tags like
politicians, actors, ceo ...
these meaningless images
are then transcribed
onto billions of tons of paper
which is distributed at huge costs
so that
no eyes
miss the ugliness

a swarm of microphones
surround those
who have nothing to say
all that comes out
regular recycled rhetoric
still everyone goes home happy

the scene gets
especially funny with the
so-called sportspeople
they keep on repeating
'what can i say, what can i say'
but ...
it serves as no deterrent
as attempts at
extracting blood from a stone
continue unabated

they behave like they are expecting
a major miracle
through which these retards
will suddenly
come up with all the answers
maybe even
solve the puzzle of existence

if some being
did actually come down
with all the answers
one can safely bet
no camera, mic or reporter
would be seen or found

there would be all kind of cost concerns
travel costs, reel costs, printing costs etc etc
editors will suddenly run out of printing space
not worth the effort
others would say

Thursday 2 April 2009

the triggers

how 'made in the west'

gives itself away -

no matter what

the movie

or the occasion therein

or the time of day

there is a continuos pouring of alchohol


lighting up of tobacco sticks

cigarettes are a must for all arty farty activities

providing triggers for the mind

to zip about in hazy tangents

alchohol is simply the primary fuel

for the beast