Monday, 12 April 2010

the 'we want to save the earth' hypocrisy

there are many who are

crying out loud

to save the amazon rainforests

but does even One of them

have the guts to

get up and say

a simple statement like

'not all require to play/buy/have/own a guitar'

they can't

and fact is that if

a guitar was made

for each & every one on this planet

there would be no rainforest left


there is an over-riding rule on this planet

which almost everyone agrees to -

'everything should be available to everyone'

anything said against this rule is blasphemy

yet they all pretend to be concerned

about saving earth's ecosystem & resources

a mathematical, logical & realistic



adisun108 said...

Absolutely correct observation.

Anonymous said...

dhanyavad for PoinTing out how PeTTy and PreTenTious PreTending is P and for always shining Your Wise Light on what is Truly imPorTanT. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

You are Proactive, You are PracTical
You have PerfecT PieTy
the liPhe You show to be a better way is what would cause evolution

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Honest One
You are The NewSun

P avaTar Tri~vedi, The Vedic Man
that is showing the right way to live

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

Kritika Nath said...

You state the truth as it is!
Only you can save bhudevi! Your ingenuity at playing the guitar is at its finest!
I bow!

jganesh said...

You have the best PerspecTives ! You are so undeniably right ! i bow

Swati said...
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Swati said...
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Swati said...

is it so difficult for being to understand that who is holding them ~ Mother earth if She will be sick then how they will survive... if they and trying to cut the branch on which they are sitting ~ what all they are going to do, hit themselves on the ground, kill themselves and at last more sufferings and hellish life in hell.

! bow to You to be a Real Saviour Figure !!!

Swati said...

BRILLIANT OBSERVATIONS P !!! You sPenT time observing all incoherent minds, farce statements, ridiculous attemPTs to show their suPerioriTy over Divine made SetuP and claiming that they can save earth, their chemical toxic, rotten mentality can only harm earth rather saving.

You are so Great to highlight every single act of stupidity done by beings to PorTray themselves as Saviour figure.

As You Said Once for all that

'everyone don't deserve everything'.

i say Once for all that

noone is ComPleTe other than You ~ Divine.

So anything which is just sham and don't form comPleTe, wHolistic beautiful PicTure in favour of earth, nature as Per multiversal laws can never Promise Beautiful tomorrow for earth and its assets ~ nature !!!

Divine did and will always intervene to stoP all terrorism against earth.(earth is a living entity not an object).


Swati said...

🙏🙏🙏 You PuT things into PersPecTive, Your simPle reasoning and exPlamPles helP a lot under-stand things better.

now, ! gno how guitar can be used in a most beautiful way, it is not child's Play nor for drugged out doPed out heros.

Your electric Guitar is more than a weaPon ~ a missile and musical bliss too.

You are unique and none like You in this multiverse Your Avatarism is Unique, extremely delightful, aPT for Age of Aquarius where gnowledge is very much needed to see the beauty of Your Divinity !!! ! bow to You !!!

nicolas said...

your words are the best words! you are so grounded in reality, that is so amazing! your practicality has no equal!
you make all better effortlessly!
your words hold so much wisdom, that is really impressive
you are the real hero of mother Earth
you are the real saviour, uPlifting her vibraTions so kindly and gracePhully
i love how you have no room for fakery and nonsense! this is so refreshing to follow a being like you that is entirely TruThPhull!
you are a miracle
you are a never ending wonder

i bow to you the true saviour of Mother Earth