Thursday 8 April 2010

transparent world

lotusocean advises

one shouldn't do any action

which one can't film

watch oneself &

share with the world at large

with cameras everywhere

& internet broadcasting everything

the world is getting more


keeping up appearances is getting harder

which is how it should be

privacy/secrecy is a

tool used mostly by evil

as only evil needs to hide

behind closed doors


Stardolphin said...

so true, and pertinent with the sham of elections coming up. Men with nothing to show and everything to hide, expecting people to vote for them, all for the love of their own power. Transparency would finish them all off.

Unknown said...

I so love this blog. It has become my daily routine to visit it and learn. Here PT ji has given such a simple method to evaluate one's actions. It is so true that one has to see ones actions through the eyes of an audience to gno if one is on the right path. Narayan Narayan I bow!

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for Your Divine transparancy P and sharing Your True beauty and grace so vividly through Plog, video and sound. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

You are Divine
Your's is the all seeing eye

PsingulariTy said...

You are the Lord of the Ring

PT world is the most beautiful world

Your acts are most transParenT and most beautiful
You have inPhinite connectivity to existences

Unknown said...

I bow to the divine for sharing the fact. Honesty, shame, truth, clarity,humbleness all are so vital.
I bow!

Astro said...

I bow..
one shouldn't do any action which one can't film or watch oneself

ki vernee said...

what an amazing PoinT ! Your PerspecTives are so liberating ! i bow

nicolas said...

magnificent words! these words really put things into PerspecTive!
your words convey such a important PoinT! your kindness has no equal and no being is like you
what a miracle your existence is! you are the most amazing of all beings
i bow to you all gnoing one