Friday, 24 December 2010

open to all

have been asked



is open to every


the simple answer is

it is

some think

i am against

certain race(s)

the truth is that

lotusocean just

tells it how it is

no one can take a step forward

without understanding

who they are

what their genes are made up of

what there ancestors have done


where they stand in the ladder of evolution

any misnomers or delusions


take one down not up


Stardolphin said...

PT- the only enlightened being

we're trying though, and maybe we'll get there...hope you can bear with us :)

amruta patil said...

tough instructor :)

PT - The Axis said...


besides the sarcasm

here is the thing

trying to hack the branch
one is sitting on is also

everyone is trying something
or the other

trying what is the question

getting there is not even in the picture
before this nature of trying
is sorted

Stardolphin said...

wasnt meant as sarcasm at all, prashant

said before mankinds mental programming is so dense and longstanding it will not break down over night...frustrating though it is. We are not an island, we have the rest of humanity to deal with, and live with, on planet earth

meant it in all sincerity and humility

PT - The Axis said...

those who really want to break the programming in order to evolve will do the necessary bit ... which is service & praise to divine

there is no time counting in that process ... overnight or many nights ... just an actual doing

a* said...

Wow PT, you make the option of getting out of the complicated mess of this world so clear and real... no need for theorising, philosophising, or contemplating... just doing like you said! And what one has to do is actually laid out for one so distinctly as well, so yeah, where is trying even required?

Kate said...

lovely said: open to all
feel so blessed to have You and LotusOcean :)
greatful for all You say and do , share on here. without You i would still be lost in the muggel life.
LotusOcean just tells how it is... beautiful pure divine TRUTH
open to all

Amanda V said...

Your honesty cuts through all excuses and pretense. one is ever grateful for your PracTical and no non sense way of helping other approach You. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Shahid said...

Pure truth in every word here.
Blessed to be reading this divine blog
since 2011.
PT ji, you are the most electric
and rocking being on this multiverse.
Jai Narayan <3

amanda v said...

i bow. You are Divinely comPassionate to share what is needed for one to do to evolve as the pretend world sells their pretentious lies! i bow at Your wise all gnoing feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

amanda v said...

i bow!
You always tell it as it is! no nonsense and no pandering to petty egos! You state the facts so beautifully P! You show reality as it is not as the show and lie everyone else is presenting, participating in and buying into!

'no one can take a step forward
without understanding
who they are
what their genes are made up of
what there ancestors have done
where they stand in the ladder of evolution
any misnomers or delusions
takes one down not up'

You Provide the way for one to get honest about ones state. You make it clear that one can not move forward without this and that deluding oneself only take one further down the ladder!

i bow!

P3AZ21 said...

You are comPassionaTe
You are the most benevolent

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

Ujjwal Sharma said...

these Plogs gives great multiversal gnowledge and listening to your divine music provides a sPirTual nourishment to us.
i bow to the divine kalki PT avatar for providing us with multiversal gnowledge and divine are the lord of the third eye and the guru of the world.

jganesh said...

wow ! so true ! love how You always PoinT out the truth and reality about everything ! You are so thorough ! i bow

Swati said...

Thank you O Compassionate Supreme Soul !! ! bow myself in your Lotus Feet !!

No doubt ! Your Words of Wisdom always bring real light and make me more determined towards self Consciousness or Soul Consciousness, help me more and more to break all social barriers and Physical barriers of Existence.

And it makes me wonder when I read few comments and see output of Modern Knowledge System of International Convergence.

As you put forth Multiverse laws here 'Praise, Bow and Serve', immediately a hidden ego and attachment with self image appears on the surface through these comments which are nothing but thoughts of mental labour deprived of Wisdom, Compassion and True Actions in Place.

We all must understand that Divine Avatar appear on Earth to teach lesson of Righteousness and establish lost Principles of Divine Laws and to make this earth beautiful place to live.

And that is only possible when Divine Avatar shows the real life Picture, a Real Movie, A Real Play, A Real Leela of Actions as Shri Ram and Shri Krishna did.

As you are showing the Real Life Journey of yours. Walk the Path of Completeness which is full of Knowledge, Love, Grace, Beauty, Righteousness, Dharma, Creation of Beauty, Nurturing of Love and Destruction of illusion.

We all are mere instruments of your Play to act for GreaterGood and could be of some support to you to Portray your Plan of Righteousness.

But for me, it is your Divine Grace that my soul is able to recognise you and my body which is just a instrument , can be of some good Use. ! am at your disposal O my Lord !!

People must see your Virtues and Divine Laws of Multiverse of PBS from that Perspective then it would be easy for them to Surrender to those divine laws. They must see that when you say 'I' that I is your Divine Eye, your Third Eye. As you mentioned in your previous Plog about you Divine 'I'.

! bow myself to You, To Your Divine Third Eye! To your 'Sudarshan'- A Time Wheel.

O ShivNarayan !! Here I can only write my feelings and thoughts based on my limited vision of Your Divinity but can not show my facial expressions, Gestures and body language of True humility.When I Praise and Bow to you.

Selection of my words could be wrong and language can be faulty. It may show my attachment towards my self image.
Please forgive me for that and please correct me if I am wrong anywhere, I would not hesitate to do 'Parishram' to bring myself into the Pure state of Consciousness through your Grace.

O Satyam Shivam Sundram! ! bow myself in your Lotus Feet !

Please accept Obeisance of your Devotee !!

! bow myself in your Divine Feet !!

Swati said...

Thank You for being so kind to share with us that your doors of Grace and Compassions are open for everyone.

I am so glad to know this, to savour the nectar of your Grace, the all strong protecting multiverse laws what you have shared with the world, are of no match with any other knowledge of the entire world.

The highest divine law of great humility towards Higher and Divine has all meaning of life and solution of all world's problems. you are true Divine on earth.

All your Multiverse laws are true essence of Ved and Puranas. Thank you O Lord for being so graceful and Greatest of Greats.

! bow to you O my Lord !!

Mera Pranaam Sweekar Kare !!

leap into freedom said...

Breaking programmed behavior is a challenge made much easier by your wise, compassionate guidance. I am grateful that i found you & i respect and bow to you!!!