Saturday 24 April 2010


there is a phenomenon

on this planet

called school

supposedly meant for teaching beings

it doesn't teach beings

how to sit properly

how to speak properly

how to live properly

how to evolve one's soul

than what does it teach

one wonders

it teaches

swearwords, gremlininess

through providing a common ground for

interaction with other spoilt brats

all it does is prepare

them for being part of

the mindless system


stuffing them up with

incoherent data

still every parent
wants to send their progeny to it

& there are many who think

school system can be improved

that it is not essentially flawed

they took the guru out of the

gurukul system of learning

to create s-kul (s-kool)

they replaced guru with s for system

a system which appointed

multiple unaware teachers

to setup

an assembly line

producing unhumble robotic zombies

serving evil & hurtling headlong

down the conveyer belt to hell


sarah anne said...

This is such valuable insight. School is an institution that must have been thought of by a sadist. School really starts people off in the wrong direction with such force at such a young age.

asha Pi arTi said...

wow so eloquent and intelligent... Your beautiful words undo 17+ years in that stupid institution that You describe so perfectly ...
one learned all of that nonsense to add to one's already unevolved brattiness !

'an assembly line

producing unhumble robotic zombies

serving evil & hurtling headlong

down the conveyer belt to hell' ...

that is so scary ! one definitely does not want that experience ever again ! no more births !

* bowing to a real intelligent sexy Guru * :) bc Your the only one that impacts one with Your words and presence... so glad to be part of Your real cool gurukul !

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

"all it does is prepare them for being part of the mindless system through stuffing them up with incoherent data."
school truly is such a devoluting system giving or selling nothing but institutionalized mental indigestion. one was stuffed to insanity before discovering You!
dhanyavad for Providing real education P! i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

schooling in these days is crazy !

real teachings are through Your Plogs
through LotusOcean maniPhesTations

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real Guru

Your LotusOcean University of Magic is the real Gurukul

Anonymous said...

i bow.
You have the most PotenT way of exPosing the Truth P!
it is really frightening to imagine oneself having to go through the torture of school and this mindless robotic hellish system again!
it makes one sick to ones stomach to review ones so called life here and imagine having to repeat it!
esPecially in a worse and more hellish world than this one! a world without You without P in it!!!
to remain nothing but an unevolved sick spoilt brat faking her way through it all crying and whining for a way out.
You are the only True Guru!
You are the only One to turn to!
lotusocean is the only True Gurukul!
the only Place where one can unlearn the bullshit one allowed oneself to be stuffed up with!
the only Place where one can learn real actual Truth that can really helP one to see this world for waht it is and helP one get out of it for real!
no school, no church, no drug, no relationship,nothing and no one else can save one!
You are the One and only real escaPe!
the only One qualiiPhied to Teach!
everyone else and everything else here is flawed! is removed from You! from Divine!
only You can teach one
'how to sit ProPerly
how to sPeak ProPerly
how to live ProPerly
how to evolve one's soul'
only You have the gnowledge to teach these things!
You are the only One who is outside and beyond the hellish system!
the One who is Truly to cool for school!!!
i bow.

Unknown said...

Strongly agree on this, one of the amazing Post by PT... they don't teach anything at all, they just teach how to become a part of the slavery, how to become a slave, a robot and follow the system!

sarah said...

You are the only Being with legitimate gnowledge. You are also the master of accurate, grotesque imagery.

Unknown said...

i bow

ujjwal sharma said...

I bow to the divine PT avatar for providing us with social media
otherwise i would have thought myself as great scholar by knowing all sorts of false truth taught in school.
greatest contribution of these blog is to make the beings realise that they should first come to zero before talking about infinity.only then evolution might be possible.
we are thankful to PT maharishi avatar

ki vernee said...

You are so smart ! You are the only teacher ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You nail it!
yes You sum it all up so PerfecTly
school is such a sad and pathetic place!
You so comPassionaTely write and sPeak Your observations of the world
You just sum it all up with no effort
You so effortlessly make the PoinT
You are so imPressive, brilliant and so absolutely right!
people go on and on writing and all they come up with is nonsense because none of them know anything
and You sum it all up in such few words so effortlessly because You are the only One coherent!
the only One in this world who gnos!
i bow

sarah said...

only a ProPer Guru can get beings off the conveyer belt to hell.
excellent wording btw

Kṛtti kā said...

So glad that LotusOcean University of Magic is open for all! You are The Only G-uru entitled to imParT any education! Greatest PhorTune that one can deprogram and fully uninstall the bratty mindless anti-divine system of oneself through following You, so glad one can change ones software and keep upgrading through Praising Bowing and Serving Divine! You are the most authentic and imPacTPhull source of real proper education.

i bow to The Most Rocking Phun and UnPrecedenTed Guru of all Times!

nicolas said...

you are a miracle! one is so graTePhull for your words!
you are the only one who truly cares
you are the most genuine being one can come across! you are Pure Goodness
you are the only true teacher that gnos all
i rather not think of a world without you! you are the real hero, the real saviour
i love how seriously you take liPhe!
through your words, one gets to understand all the details of how the world is all upside down
nothing can fool your 3rd eye discrimination
you are the most impressive
your words are water in the hellish desert of this world
your TruTh destroys lies and that feels so great
your gnowledge is so nourishing for oneself
you are the kindest one! one feels eternally graTePhul for your existence! your compassion is a miracle
you are the only one who gives a chance to beings to get out of the evil matrix
without you, we would be destined to even more hell
you are the PerfecT one
your mercy is a divine miracle! you are Purity
you are God in a human body

i bow and surrender at you Pheet

ankita said...

yes You are so absolutely right
...a breeding ground for jealousy competition amongst interacting brats..preparing them for the rat race..the most dismal of places!
You are the higherness that can see through it all
You are ProfundiTy
i 🙇