Sunday 11 April 2010


its no secret

this world is fueled

by alchohol

most dedicate all evenings to it

its present at almost every celebration

its the center of most so-called parties

people vouch by it

don't tire praising it

it is the main facilitator

of conversations & copulations

it is the only muse

without it

most of the so-called music in muggleworld

wouldn't exist

it is the most worshipped 'goddess '

they go through strife of each day

only in the hopes of


this holy liquid

interesting then

to look at

what it gives -

a haze



fried liver

bliss - they only wish

what a goddess

it shuts out conscience

brings out the audaciousness

to express frustration in a variety of ways

including violence

the cheapest legal option for getting out of it

every person's need when they can't get to bliss

its the obvious choice of the mob (masses)

& as they like to perpetuate

the mob can never be wrong

there are many who think that they have

it in moderation

and are thus not drunkards

so lets define it for them

a bottle of beer, a pint, a glass of wine, a shot, a cocktail

is enough for getting anyone tipsy

it is drinking of alchohol

to get drunk

its not using it as a medicine

in which it is used in miniscule amounts

like in ayurved & homeopathy

most don't even admit that they are addicted to it

despite the fact that they can't imagine life without it


sarah anne said...

What a fantastic, comprehensive analysis of a dire situation!

without the temporary numbness of alcohol the matrix would come crashing down, almost no one can survive out there without it.

Anonymous said...

i bow. one can not imagine life without P. one is so greatful to praise You and Your Divinity. gnowing you exist is comfort beyond any substance. i bow. dhanyavad. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

any addiction is wrong
excePT Praise of Divine

PsingulariTy said...

its a world full of drunkards. wild west where there is no law. only gun Powder is law

You are a saint amongst all the chaos. You are most beautiful and sober. very easy to sPoT that You are different, unique.

You are The Sun King
Your shine is glorious

Unknown said...

i bow

Astro said...

I bow to thee PT. Important to gno.

'what alcohol gives -

a haze



fried liver'

ki vernee said...

You make the best PoinTs ! i bow

Unknown said...

Direct to the point
The whole world is fascinated by alcohol and no one is able to see it's drastic results.
I bow🙏

sarah said...

so wonderful to have found a suPerior diety !!!

nicolas said...

wow you are a miracle! you explain all in simple terms
you have described it so well! you are TruTh
all is clear to you, nothing is foggy nor hazy
you are the Lord of the 3rd eye whose discrimination is absolutely PerfecT
you are all that is good, you are Purity

i bow to you all gnoing one