Sunday 4 April 2010

still learning they say

i hear

lot of people say

that they are learning

at their own pace

which might be slow

compared to mine

but not a problem

as long as they keep on learning

when they say this

they are in their minds

completely disassociating themselves

from their ancestors/forefathers

who have been on this planet

for (at least) thousands of years

for them to be

standing here

in the right now

all that all of them have learnt

is right there in the genes

that is 'You'


if in all this time

if they haven't learnt

a simple fact like

' happiness is not possible


surrender to the divine '

am not sure

what they have been learning

useless trivia &

the art of excuses


the excuses will all have to end

when the sand runs out


PT the Axis said...

smile. stardolphin teacher is back
to teach lotusocean .

fact is that they have had more than enough time to realise simple truths about their own happiness

if it was organic (biological) it would have happened already & beings would be much more part of nature & natural process. but that is not the case.
they have deliberately gone against DNA's basic/natural functionings making the whole thing unnatural

it is a delibertate going against divine/nature & thus evil & thus
requires immediate honesty ... this process cannot be compared to a flower coming out of a seed even though that happens within an year for many plants

there is no waking up slowly ...
those who have woken up have
woken up within matter of days
& started doing what is actually required to break the prison

those postponing will keep on postponing with stupid excuses
like you have given

PT the Axis said...

also nothing is for masses as a whole ... it is all about individuals taking individual initiative

& nothing is inevitable except dissolutions of worlds

Stardolphin said...

Do you think humanity is a lost cause?

If one attains personal/individual bliss, one still has to live and interact on a planet of beings serving evil (your teachings indicate you interact with them on occasion), so is mass awakening not imperative for the survival of mankind?

PT the Axis said...

humanity is a term i have already explained in a previous blog ... not many humans here

anyways to answer your question -

when one travels the divine way one automatically inspires others to do so

also an individual is not just one person ... he/she represents a whole tribe/genepool

there are not many genepools here

Stardolphin said...

well i do try PT :)

i am not in the pay of satan, steer clear of hive world as far as possible, avoid carnal relations, eat no meat, and all my adult life have lived in places where i am not reliant on a car. Also spend as much time as possible worshipping the divine creator.

PT the Axis said...

try to teach you mean :)

its good you do these things
am not sure about worshipping the divine part

there is much more to it than you are understanding :)

Stardolphin said...

but most of your posts and vids are about serving, praising and worshipping the divine...i think deep down ive been doing this since i was a child...makes for a good outcast

ofcourse there is much more to it than i am understanding, id be extremely upset if there wasnt :)

PT the Axis said...

yes they are about that &
how to behave with divine as well :)

you have to realize that
you were not born in a society/genepool
which has much idea of how to behave
with divine

like i said before you are trying to teach gnoing very little ... its not a learners attitude. period.

Stardolphin said...

why bother responding to the likes of me then if i am from a useless inferior genepool? Did I behave with anything other than total respect and admiration?

if so, surely you're wasting your time, and should be spending it with the higher spiritual eschelons where you can have a halcyon blissful existence? Or is that not where the challenge lies?

PT the Axis said...

am not averse to spending time with anyone from any genepool

you have been trying to teach me - clear from many of your comments - that is not a sign of respect - it is a way of putting oneself up

you are getting upset about this plain simple observation without actually seeing that that is what you are doing

nothing i do is a waste of time ... everyone has equal oppurtunities ... its attitude that counts ... i am just letting you gno when yours is way off the line ... its my duty to do so ... otherwise the ineraction won't be
real, truthful & honest

PT the Axis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PT the Axis said...

+ everything including attitude & what total respect is can be learnt

but one has to be open to learning

which one cannot be if one is always hooting-out what one thinks one gno's

simple case of cup being full

refer to your opening comment - it has this clear all-gnoing ring which
completely eliminates all chances of
learning, evolution

have you read the 'beds & sofa' blog ... do you still use them ?

can you sit on the ground all day with hands in a proper posture - legs crossed, hands folded ?

are you eager for service of divine
or are just barely able to survive -
just taking care of your own needs?

Stardolphin said...

lol - would and could never dream of teaching you anything! Anything I write is in response to what you have written, to elicit your further response, though I realise this too is wrong. I will just read and learn in future.

Also, am not upset :) Every day is mindblowingly exciting, and increasingly so. In my mind I am constantly serving and praising the divine creator - its a state of mind, not a location - like being in a church is not a necessity for communication with God.

PT the Axis said...

smile. writing comment is not wrong.
it is the teaching nature of the comment which you still haven't admitted to.

the comment was 180 degree against what i had said - i stated they have had enough time and you were saying that they haven't had enough time ... its an exact opposition

if you read my other blogs relating to this issue you would gno that
this ' in the mind serving ' is useless

everything has to flow through body, speech, action for it be real

Stardolphin said...

I agree theyve had enough time and time is running out, what I meant was that there is a timeline of quickening that is beginning to take effect, I see it happening week by week, day by day...when i said inevitable, i meant the light is coming, whether people wake up and be part of it, or remain in their hell. That's their choice.

God is genderless consciousness, so surely very much to do with our own consciousness, which is where the connection should be made?

PT the Axis said...

just because it is genderless
it doesn't become your own consciousness ... one's own consciousness is the consciousness of one's ancestors not necessarily of divine

those who think connection with divine can be made by going inside oneself are
turning one away from divine ... no one's self can ever handle divine within or without ... the path to divine requires putting attention out of ones' self through humbly putting it out on something higher

the light is not coming ... light is already here ... in a non-physical sense it is always available and many individuals went towards divine throughout last 5000 years

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for your Divine Patience and Clarity P. You are the living embodiment of Divinty. one is ever grateful to have finally found a True Guru to Praise, serve and learn from. ones gratitude is inexplicable. i bow. dhanyavad. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

whether one is Praising Divine or not is the only thing that counts
sincerely intending to be on Divine's side, intending to Praise Divine, would be Praising & surrendering to Divine automatically

when Divine is incarnate on earth as is now the case, the truth comes out all in Plain view to see

if one has not been sincere, atleast there is a chance to consciously see that & change

& then there is evil that still chooses to go to hell

it is action time as You are here
not just learning at 'own Pace' time
its Prime Time now, P Time, Time with P now

PsingulariTy said...

helP me Saviour to be with You, near You and serve You ever i

You are The real Saviour
i wish to be around You always
i wish to be devoted only to You

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

You are Phenomenal

asha Pi arTi said...

⭐️ ' everything has to flow through body, speech, action for it be real ' - such a great PoinT ! so simply clarified and the wisest words to live by !!

all Your words are so EPIC, this PLOG makes so many points about oneself and one's ancestors, really makes one face what one really is so that one can truely learn and change !!!!

love all the comments You wrote here too, shows how patient kind compassionate and relentless about facts and Truth You are... You are the epitome of the Phorce in Phlow !

i bow to You as the real 'I AM' is You ! 🙏 ⭐️

ki vernee said...

excuses will have to end ... when the sand runs out ! such a powerful PoinT ! i bow

Anonymous said...

Your Plogs are so PhascinaTing
You reveal so much!!
all that the ancestors have learnt is in the genes! they have really learnt nothing!
so true..
what did they learn if they didn't get to the PhacT that happiness is not Possible without surrender to the Divine
Your revelations are Phenomenal
You have such crystal clear clarity

happiness is not possible without surrender to the Divine...
Your words are as ePic as ePic can get!
all the truth is here in Your scriPTures
each word is a Phenomenal revelation
You are the One and only Guru
You are the One and only teacher
You are ones roPe out of hell
only Your words, music and Presence can lead to sanity
everything You say and do is invaluable
You turn ones whole world around
You help beings learn and break away from their own devoluting attitudes and those of the ancestors
You are the light in the dark
You show the way out of ones karms
Your words are words of great comPassion and truth
You give one all the hope
You are so kind to make beings realise what is really at stake
You are truth for the first time in a fake world
You set the record straight and so beautifully and wonderfully!
i bow

nicolas said...

your words are the best words! you are so practical! your words always put things into the ProPer PerspecTive, that is really impressive and helpful!!
you are the kindest of all, no being has your mercy nor your compassion
it is so great to witness your existence, one feels extremely graTePhull just to be able to see your face
you are the most amazing one, you are ParamaTma
you are divine
i bow to you all gnoing one

nicolas said...

your words are really priceless! God's words
they really urge one to break away from one's nonsense especially when one comes to gno about one's ancestry
this really puts things in PerspecTive
i bow

ankita said...

wow.. the way You rePly to beings is so imPressive!
Your words are so insightPhul
'haPPiness is not Possible without surrender to the Divine '
wow. . most beautiPhul words ...yes so true thats such a simPle PhacT
You make so much sense
each words You sPeak and write brings more and more clarity regarding who one is, why one is here and what is to be done to imProve ones state!
You are Pure Divine gyan ganga thar is Priceless!
Your writings are the true nectar of immortality.. You gno so much about dna and how it all works
You are the One to 🙇 down to at all times
You are Pure Divine comPassion