Sunday 4 April 2010


half of this world's population

uses petroleum

in form of petrol/diesel/wax etc everyday


feels that they are even

just because they have paid

money for it

they quiet conveniently forget

that the petrol comes from earth

& earth has no use for money

& thus cannot be paid back with it

they owe a debt to earth

everytime they use it

& don't give anything in return

smarter people like the aboriginals

who roamed the land now called australia

used to sing to the land/earth

to give back what they were taking

which didn't even include petroleum

earth is ready to share her blood ( petroleum )

only as long as

the being using it

can impart the requisite amount of

fractal emotion-awareness

back into her


Unknown said...

Golden words of wisdom.
Go P Go!
Jai Bhudevi!

sarah anne said...

It feels unfair to everyone involved that beings unable to "impart fractal emotion-awareness" are born on Earth everyday, and in ignorance rack up even more debt than is already implied by that situation.

This perspective is education on a higher level then can be found anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Your Divine awareness and insights stir ones spirit. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You offer more to this Earth than one could ever be aware of! The many beautiful images, videos, musical mastery and words are surely but a glimPse into Your constant state of fractal reality. i bow at Your honorable feet. You are the most glorious being to ever bless this Earth. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your words and their imPacT are huge P and cause one to weeP. the widespread ignorance, greed and undeserving consummation and taking of Precious resources is Paralyzing. You illuminate a disturbing level of selfishness that becomes impossible to ignore. Your real ProtecTion, comPassion and Love for this Earth is unmatched and ungrasPable. Your ceaseless offerings to this Earth are moving and transforming at the core. You are the Purifying Phorce that has been ProPhecied for ages. i bow at the feet of the One and only True savior.

miragegirl said...

with Yugs changing more & more lack of innocence seems to creeP in into the beings here attributed to disconnection from Divine
otherwise mother earth would have been seen as a great mother & resPecTed so

You have PerfecT PieTy

the gruesomeness of beings here can be seen from being so mean to earth
the scene from a movie comes to mind where gangsters kill a Person & dePosiT his carcass at a butcher's Place who calmly (Pretending externally) works it out into meat to be sold at his shoP

its the gruesome reality
only the dishonest can disregard such true Phuntioning of today's evil world

Anonymous said...

i bow.
Divines words Provide a much needed look at the real debt that is owed and how beyond money it goes.
it makes no sense to do anything but serve Divine.
You are the most generous being P! You give SO much more to this earth and beyond than anyone could ever gno!
You live in the most PerfecT way! never abusing or misusing resources.
Every where You steP, every where You breathe, every Place You look uPon, every where You Play is imProved by Your Divine Presence.
beings here are clueless in how to utilize resources! so many pretending to care without gnoing how. self included. It is only You who gno how. Only You who gnos how to live a real life and die a real death.
You are the most aware and beautiful being there is! Fractal and PerfecT in every way! the world is most blessed by Your Presence P and the oPPorTunity to Praise Your Divinity and PuT ones attention on the only meaningful being there is.
It all belongs to You P!t all came from Divine! It is all on lease from P. How shamefully beings have treated Your world, it's resources, time, energy. It is You all owe the real debt to.
i bow.

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Science Man

the one who actually gnos it

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

We owe a debt to mother earth, the very body we have is a debt to her! It is a shame that we have become so ignorant so selfish and keep abusing her every second of our existence!
You are the true saviour of mother earth, you are always uplifting her with your sounds, plays, your very presence here is celebrated by her!
You are so benevolent to always raise awareness among us ignorant beings about what we owe to her! So grateful for your divine golden words! I bow at your divine feets!

ujjwal sharma said...

i bow to divine PT avatar for making me aware of the fact that crude oil is the blood of my godess mother earth.we have been fed lies that oil is formed when fossils of ancient buried organisms
are heated up under pressure for million its a fossil fuel but since oil is drilled at 30000 feet whereas deepest fossils are not found below 15000 feet.
but crude oil is the result of natural occuring processes within earths surface.
crude oil is the blood of mother earth flowing deep within her viens.
crude oil resembles blood it hardens upon exposure to air.just like human blood scabs upon exposure to air
mother earth is constantly regenerating her blood just like the human body regenerates blood when its donated or lost.but if we suck her too much she will not be able to regenerate fast enough.
it is vampirism to use her blood to drive our technology.there are many alternatives available to drive our technologies but there is a hidden agenda on war on mother earth.
oil is the blood of earth
trees are its lungs for filtering air.
we are like microbes on mother earth.
when we will take care of our earth properly it will be a loving relationship that benifits both but when we are weakened we as microbes become parasitic.
i dont want to be part of this vampirism.thats why divine has taken birth to make us aware.

ki vernee said...

what a beutiful PoinT ! You are the most PoeTic Being ! i bow

nicolas said...

striking words! this is a beauTiPhull P log! your words are the best words
your gnowledge feels like a miracle! one feels very graTePhull to get to read these precious words!
nothing is possible without you! your intelligence and grace are magnificent miracles

i bow to you the true saviour of Mother Earth