Monday, 18 January 2010


the translucents

took over a big island by what else but gunpowder

named it australia

after all the cutting down of forests & natives

polluting the waters

it has come down to

lawnmowing all day every day of the week

its their favourite activity

hassling each other and others is a close second

(lawnmowing is also often used as a hassling tool)

the sound of the lawnmower is music to their ears

their music also sounds like lawnmowers (ac/dc)

any real music they cannot handle

they call it noise

other activities they enjoy

are giving speeding tickets

making up forms/rules which run into 100's of pages

just to show that they are educated

and can read/write

putting concrete wherever and whenever they can

grass cannot grow on concrete - a big plus

building prison like structures they call houses

the ratio of houses to people being 10 to 1

competing with crocodiles in beauty stakes

crocs winning at the time of this writing

they enjoy bumping into each other head first

a sporting ritual they call aussierules

mixing heavy beer with heavy sun

(cloud the mind and burn the skin)

smelling burning meat in a ritual called barbie (pet name for barbeque)

all other smells with the exception of

deodarants and colognes they use excessively

they label bad

don't like to be reminded that they are still a colony

often used as a nuclear test site

a proud and (trying to appear to be) happy people

with a penchant for winning at all costs

still trying to figure out

what to do after winning

besides gobbling a few beers & collapsing


Indianmaharaj said...

Good Job I'm Not In Australia. I Love My Sunday Morning Sleep & To Be Woken Up By A (Sorry, Many!!!) Lawn-Mowers Orchestra Would Be The Final Straw.
Here In My Little Cul-De-Sac in Rainy, Gloomy. Muggy, Cold, Miserable But Quite Part Of North London, The Rain Normally Washes Away The Pollution - May That Be Atmospheric, Barbeque Or Even The Sewer Three Miles Down The Road - I'm At Peace With Myself.

TwoHearts said...

Change "Australia" to "America" and you have the sad tale of Turtle Island as well. It's a planetary horror story.

Anonymous said...

Lol! we translucents are a pathetic lot indeed. dhanyavad for phinding humor in our plight. Your compassion is simply astounding P. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. You PainT the most accurate PicTure P! The Truth is so disgusting! You write so humorously but one can't helP but be enraged by the transParenT idiocy and disregard for Divine that is disPlayed by the translucents. one is so ashamed of being one. They have no gnowledge whatsoever! They cause so much harm to this Earth in their meaningless endeavors. i run to You and bow at the refuge of Your feet P! You are the One and only saving grace for any race. Praising and serving Your Divine Presence on this Earth is the only real goal and aspiration.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
one is SO grateful for Divines wicked smart sense of humor!
one Phinds oneself laughing out loud as one reads these words!
its such an admirably Divine quality the way You observe everyone here and PoinT out their nonsense with such PoignanT wit!
SO remarkable the way You are able to reside in a world full of shameful idiots who have no regard for Divine whatsoever and the way You remain so gracefully above it all!
it is SO kind that You log Your Divine insights and share Real music and Philms in a world void of it!
it is SO kind that You Provide so many resources which helP beings not only recognize their state and the genepool they come from
but that You also Provide a chance for beings to recognize and Praise Divine! the only One who can save one from the hellish nightmare of this world!
one is SO grateful for Your kindness in dealing with ones own idiocy and helPing one see this Place for what it really is, the truth of ones state and the very real need to get out!
i bow!

P3AZ21 said...

a sorry state of being !

what You show of oz is so beautiful, enchanting !

Playing on mermaid beach, the beauty of earth through P casa
exotic birds laughing & having Phun, P PhracTal magic...

P3AZ21 said...

if Divine is Your neighbour, would You bang PoTs & Pans to celebrate DiviniTy ?
but that is what PeoPle do

the noise that the billions of PeoPle constantly create is their sPeech from their mouth also, being incoherent and sidey
aParT from all the factory, vehicle horn etc sounds
so much muddled vibration is not harmonious to Bhudevi

world is so hellish right now

glad Divine is incarnate on earth, Your voice, Your sounds singlehandedly are rising Bhudevi uP

how Powerful You are !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Tribal Head
the Lord of Aborigine care takers of the land

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

jganesh said...

You are so phunny ! thank goodness for You presence here ! i bow

Swati said...

🙏 You are True Bliss !!! nothing is more satisfying other than reading Your Geet ~ P's geeta is one song which always ring through the ears. ! enjoy most reading Your Plogs and Praise it loud. it has PunchanT of Truth in it. and that too Divine Truth !!!

You take out all PreTensions and ! am so grateful to You for Your wonderful historical truth with the new develoPmenT what beings are uPTo even after so many years, still in to derogatory lifestyle no change, no imProvemenT and no learning. ! bow to You to show the real PicTure of Aussie !!! 🙏