Tuesday 20 April 2010

nature of nature

someone wrote to me saying

" nature cant be controlled,
or told what to do
such is the beauty of nature "

another case of self-mirroring

it is not the

nature of nature

to be a brat

just because one is a brat

one thinks all is bratty

nature consists of 5 elements

- earth, wind, water, fire & space

& all of them bow to the divine

only evil is uncontrolled

& it gives it no beauty

just sheer ugliness

also only evil finds

nature to be uncontrollable

& tries to find forceful ways to control it

only to lose control over itself

in the end


amruta patil said...

funny to see reports talk about 'the disruptive volcano', as if they were chastising it for going out of its line of duty, causing inconvenience to the noble plans of people.

PT the Axis said...

glad to see you having doubts about nobility of people's plans

even though this comment is relevant to this PT-log it would have been more relevant in the previous PT-log

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for Your clear explanation of nature and guiding one to begin to see and move beyond her unnatural bratiness. You are Divine. i bow. Praises to P. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

nature is beautiful
it tends toward You
in humbleness it garlands You with beautiful Sky colours
its entranced & Plays Pleasant breezes for You wherever You are
in resPect & Playfulness ocean waves come & touch Your feet
earth lays a carPeT of Pleasant colourful flowers in anticiPaTion of Your Presence
the temParaTure gets moderated where You are & as soon as You leave there is a markable turn of weather !

nature is under Your command, nature obeys You, evil 'can't win forces of Divine'

You are the suPer Hero, no earthly hero or none anywhere comPares to You in Your strength & might, in Your coherence & PhracTality, You are the absolute there is ! PerfecTion !

i wish to have my liPhe revolve around You, i wish to chase only after You ! i wish to be with You

i Phind only one ray of hoPe, a alone long way but i wish to develoP strength enough to walk on so toward You ! Please Phind in kindness Your grace to shine on me in accomPhishing this end !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Tane Mahuta
Lord of the Forest

Anonymous said...

i bow.
Divine has the most Profound way of teaching!
there is nothing more fascinating than You P!
than learning about You and Nature!
so beautiful to get to glimpse the ways nature and the elements always bow to You!
the way You Play and dance with nature is so gorgeous to see!
it is You who are naturally in control of it all!
You whose nature has always been Divine!

Divine has the classiest resPonses to everything!
so kind of Divine to show how ugly and stupid and unnatural and evil brattiness and bratty behavior is.
'it is not the nature of nature to be a brat'
You have the most brilliant way of stating the way it is P!
nature is so beautiful and insPiring in the ways it always bows to You
is PerfecTly in tune with You
always gnos just what to do
You make nature come alive and create the most beautiful scenes to ever be seen!
countless rainbows and electrifying storms!
the most vibrant and PicTuresque sunrises and sunsets
endless skies of feather clouds flying high.
the most intricate and Phenomenal croP formations!
You are so generous to document and share so much of it P!
the Proof of Your Divinity
Your dance on this Earth
the endless miraculous music that moves through You
nothing can comPare to Your sheer beauty!
You are more magniPhicenT than one could ever exPlain with words
You are most beautiful, intelligent, multiPhaceTed being to ever exist.
You are the Totality of Divinity!
every God, every Goddess, every element, every Phorce all resides in You!
You are the most Powerful and gentle force there is.
the One one longs to surrender to
to become a natural inhabitant of Your Earth
to be free of every bratty particle of ones unnatural being
to be worthy to follow You and serve You in this life and beyond.
You are so comPassionaTe to guide the way to change P.
to move away from the artificial bratty way of being and eons of senseless programming
toward Divine
there is nothing in this world and beyond worth chasing but You!!!
You are the uncatchable catch!
the only One who is real!
only Your love is true. only Your love evolves.
one is so ashamed for having fallen so far away from You P.
and so grateful for Your mercy to helP one find ones way back to Your feet.
i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

what a beautiful PoinT ! i bow

Anonymous said...

so true!
just because they are bratty they think nature is bratty!
yes You make the best PoinTs!
nature is too in tune with Divine will to be bratty!
what Phenomenal revelations..
all elements bow to Divine
how beautiful!
how beautiful and PhascinaTing the Vedic truths are
Your natural world is so beautiful
everything is so scared and beautiful in Your multiverse
only evil that goes against nature and Divine will is ugly
how beautiful and insightful all Your wonderful Plogs are!
i bow at Your PheeT

sarah said...

so fascinating how You clear things uP
in muggle world everyone just agrees nature is uncontrollable
but then seeing how it bows to You every time definitively Proves that the opposite is the case, nature is extraordinarily well behaved.
Your miraculous existence makes things so clear.

Anonymous said...

Nature's nature to bow to divine 🅿 in the most amazing and beautiful ways always is so so so sweet and insPiring. 🙂 i bow to nature and i bow to you divine.🙏🙇