Sunday 4 April 2010


the oxford (ox-fraud) english dictionary

directly links

carnal to sexual

maybe thats why

most of the west links

sex with carnage

no wonder

sex has been reduced to

sheer beastiality

& the offsprings

produced thereoff gno nothing but carnage

carnal is actually

directly related to beastial

which is what the west

has proliferated through

their own depictions of it

called pornography

no connection to sexual whatsoever

which is more about grace, play & surrender

the sin never lay in sex

but the intent behind it


ybr (alias ybrao a donkey) said...

I have seen the photos at picasaweb using the link provided by you. They are good. Your posts are poetic. So far so good.

asha Pi arTi said...

You always provide the intelligent perspective on everything !

so much Truth here to open one's eyes with and to become human instead of beast.

You inspire one to be better with what You say.

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your Divine gnowing, insight and explanations put confusion to rest. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
there is no ToPic to which Divine can not sPeak with comPleTe gnowing!
You exPose the fraud full circle here!
Your suPreme intelligence is one of Divines inPhiniTe qualities!
as is Your undeniable sexuality which overPhlows with beauty, innocence and grace beyond measure!
SO above and beyond the carnal, toxic pornographic ways which are promoted in the west.
Your ability to Play is beyond the scoPe of the muggle mind which is more akin to an beast as You say!
You are the One who is Phully turned on constantly and the only One who can truly turn another on!
one is SO grateful for the chance to rise uP out of a lower way of being and seeing things due to Your grace!
such a great closing line!
really imPortanT for one who was brought down by a hive which viewed sex as sinful to understand.
'the sin never lay in sex
but the intent behind it'
i bow at Your all gnowing feet!

miragegirl said...

great Your way of being is
great idealism You have
great Your PieTy
a Man, a True One with a comPleTe deck !

PsingulariTy said...

You are the most bold man ever !

The Martian ! born on a Tuesday night

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You have the most imPacTful PerspecTives ! i bow !

nicolas said...

magnificent PerspecTive! your words allow one to understand things for what they truly are! one gets a chance to really pass beyond the society programming and gno the real TruTh of liPhe ! your kindness and compassion are unequaled!
what a miracle you are! you are ParamaTma
your words are water in the desert of this world! one feels eternally graTePhull for this priceless PerspecTive! you are the real hero
you restore sense in this senseless world!
i bow to you all gnoing one

ankita said...

so kind of You to reveal all this
..thats such an ePic clarification ..the sin never lay in sex but the intent behind it ..
You can see through it all
Your Plogs are so comPrehensive
..helps remove the stigma related to sex
so suPremely clariPhying
so beautiPhully exPlained
i bow

amanda said...

one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

Divine is the most beautiPhul being there is.
Divine is the only one who gnows how to Play and does in a graceful and uPliPhTing way.

one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️