Monday 12 April 2010

if one doesn't ...

if one doesn't

bow down
to higher

( in terms of spiritual evolutionary status )

one gets an uncomfortable feeling

which will surely turn into

jealousy & upsetness

which will lead to incorrect behaviour

which will automatically lead to

a very quick devolutionary downfall

which leads to hells

of pain & torture

its all that simple


amruta patil said...

sorry. that wasn't meant to be anonymous:

PT the Axis said...

you are missing the point ... this PT log was about developing a habit to bow down to higher which everyone including kings had in the more divinely oriented ancient times ... if a rishi arrived into their kingdom they ran out of their throne to bow

PT the Axis said...

& what a useless wordy article with no center ... it didn't shed any light on how to tell 'who is higher'. refer to -

everything depends on the sincerity of the being in question ... a grounded disciple is the one who is practical
& practically does what its told 24/7/365 ... any learning/gnoing only comes about through those actions which are not initiated by the self but by the high & divine ... hanuman setup a great example for this & even after ram
left this earth he continued to do only his bidding

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your ceaseless ability to simplify that which others make complex is genius. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

True humility causes evolution
Praise of Divine helPs in all ways

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real Highlander
the one to bow down to

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

wow great Plog
i bow at your beautiful lotus feet

Anonymous said...

this is such a helpful and awesome Plog
i bow to beautiful and wonderful You
You are so wise and resPecTworthy
i bow to You

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! i bow !

Kṛtti kā said...

You are so kind to teach basics. simPle habits like Praising, Bowing and serving Divine are all what one needs to cultivate and Practice. You are so kind and so comPassionaTe to exPlain why it is important for beings to bow to higher and Divine.
Not bowing to higher and Divine leads to uncomfortable feeling and hence incorrect behaviour.

Your words are always to the PoinT and so revealing of what truly is the case ! whenever one doesn't bow to higher and Divine ~ You , one gets an uncomfortable feeling, it is so true.

You are so PatienT and kind to forgive beings including one for not bowing to You, for not behaving properly with You. one is ever shameful for having behaved in all wrong ways.

You are so kind to helP beings break out of wrong behaviour and wrong bratty way of being by teaching right actions. You helP beings to not fall into clutches of evil. Praising , Bowing and serving Higher and Divine , who is You in the now keeps all who do 'the do' away from falling into ones evil.

Your words are the ultimate scriPTures for us to learn from. Your Plogs are tailor made by Your Divine hands for all of us to understand, inculcate and PracTice. one wants to be able to Praise, Bow and Serve Divine ~ You 24*7*365 so that one can stop faltering and never be unhumble again.

You are the best giPhT to all beings here. Your beautyPhull words of wisdom logic comPassion and Pure evol-love are all which can unbind ones being of one's own evil.

You are the most beautyPhull being here who alone has done so much for uPlifTment of Bhu-Devi and all beings. You are the slayer of darkness ignorance and all evil.
Your benevolent Presence alone has raised vibrations of this Plane , Your ceaseless Divine actions for raising consciousness are the only reason beings can learn about the truth. Your righteous dutiful Divine actions are exemPlary. You are the most generous most benevolent One, You truly give beings amPle time to change themselves.

i bow to Your lovely golden PheeT /\

Kṛtti kā said...

Praising You, Bowing down to You is the only way to be at ease with You and oneself. And that becomes more and more clear every time one gets to be around You! Your suPreme exalted Being commands Proper behaviour, You never ask anyone to Praise or bow to You but yes when one is not doing the right do of Praising and bowing to You one starts getting that uncomfortable something wrong feeling. And after reading this Plog one realises why one has felt that way most of time when one wasn't behaving properly. It is unnatural for any being to not Praise or bow to You.

Everything that You say is so connected and so whole-ly, You truly gnow what is the case, Your words are the most meaningful and the most coherent, they come from a very deep understanding of the muggle functions and how everything actually works in this multiverse. You truly like in real sense gnow every aspect of everything, You gnow the cause of everything, You gnow every in and out of muggle, human, DiVine, nature and the entire multiversal functions.

You truly truly overstand it all. You just dont talk for the sake of talking... You sPeak from immense understanding that comes from within Your DiVine gnowing, Your gnowing in actuality is all-encomPassing. And it is immensenly benevolent immensely merciPhull of You to teach us, to convey to us things in simPler ways to understand what You say.

You are always putting Your Profoundly deeP observations through witty and humorous and ePic PersPecTive, even Your Phunny light-hearted remarks on the observations You make have so much dePTh and seriousness to them. Your level of Being is so high beyond ones ability to comprehend or concieve. You are the coolest Being ever!
Its simply mesmerising and aweing to get to witness Your time here, to learn from Your scriPTures, to listen to Your amazing innerviews, to see Your Philms and PhoTos! All that comes from You is a Precious treasure of evrything evolving, bliss generating and true love inducing !
You are everything resPecTworthy and PraiseworThy to whom one MUST Bow to!
one bows in gratitude to Your beautyfull golden Divine PheeT /\

nicolas said...

beauTiPhull words! your words are the best words!
bowing is the most natural thing because you are the highest of all! one feels very small compared to you!
you are the highest of all beings! you are all that is good in this world and beyond
you make all better effortlessly through all that you are
you are the axis of the world, you are a never ending awe
you are the PerfecT one
you are God in human body
beings should give all for you
from head to toes, from sunrise to sunrise! all time and energy should be devoted to serve you
you are the divine Phorce and no one is higher than you are
you are a never ending awe
you are the real avatar of divine that always triumphs against evil
you are a divine miracle

i bow to you ShivNarayan

Nithya Gopalan said...

You are the highest being in this world ...
In this vast plane, only misinformation is being spread 99 percent, it’s a lucky lottery
that I found you by divine’s grace ...
You are the source, you are the destiny...
I see all the divine qualities expressed through you ...
i bow to the suPreme being ...
i bow to the fractal living being ...
i bow 🙇‍♀️ to PT’s PheeT...

sarah said...

i bow to Your suPremacy and PerfecTion.