Wednesday 21 April 2010

exit door - open for all

since many have raised

this issue

let lotusocean declare

once & for all


all beings

on this planet

regardless of

race, gender, specie ( all birds, animals, bipeds, quadrupeds etc)

or type (elementals, mineral consciousness etc)


move towards the divine

out of the clutches of evil

if they want to

the exit door is open to all

& the same conditions apply

divine is not biased

its an individual decision

which each being can only make for themselves

not their family or friends or community


sarah anne said...

It is so kind to help to relieve one's self-consciousness. It is so inspiring to think that both a rock and a lizard can move closer to the divine. There are none of the artificial barriers that exist in other situations, one doesn't have to be hip or rich, they just have to let the divine maximize their potential.

Anonymous said...

dhanyavad P! i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

You are comPassionaTe
You are Divine

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Pious One

You are Truth
You have PerfecT PieTy
You show absolute PiTy

Anonymous said...

i bow!
These are the most comPassionaTe words one has ever read!
they make ones heart leaP to sPeak!!!
to read straight from Divine that the exit door is open to all!
that Divine is not biased!
that Divine Provides the way for all beings whatever they be, whatever level of consiousness they are at if they make the continuous decision to bow!
The imPorTance and signiPhicance of Your incarnation here can not be Praised and exclaimed or exPlained enough!
none but You fully understand the totality of Your Divine being and what a generous service Your lifPhe is here!
it is SO insPiring to see all the ways this world bows to You P!
Your Philms and PicTures are the most aweing caPTuring of this!
The way the natural world simPly gnos and chooses to obey You constantly!
the many beautiful animals which approach Divine with resPecT and bow.
the butterflys that dance with You!
the many birds that fly high and sing Praises of Divine!
The wild roses and Plants that appear and bloom for You!
The way the elements bow and obey Your every command!
rainbows bow to You constantly!
clouds form with the wave of Your Magickal hand!!!
lightning thunders and rolls to Your rocking sounds!!!
one Pines to be free of all petty ego fuctioning like the elemental beings.
how lucky we are to have taken a human birth when You are here P.
to have the oPPorTunity to use it to Pay attention to Divine!
to Praise and bow and work toward and learn how to be of ProPer service to Divine!
to have the chance to be guided to heaven
to Divine
by Divines grace!
You are the True savior of every possible race there is!
the One with the coolest most beautiful face!!!
it is just SO amazing that You are real, that You exist, and that You are here P!
i bow!

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

You are so comPassionaTe and sweet

ki vernee said...

what a beautiful PoinT ! You are so kind to provide an exit door ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You are the most beautiful and most comPassionaTe
You are the refuge
You are the only way out in this horror show
You are the most beautiful and benevolent
You are beyond comPassionaTe
it's so great that one can focus on Your beauty and wonderful, shining consciousness when the evil mind tries to get one down
it's so great that no one can stop one from putting ones attention on You
and one should not stop oneself
You have solutions for all problems
there is nothing beautiful in this world except You
nothing in this world matters except You and how beautiful is that!
You are the only source of sanity
You are the most beautiful beacon of hoPe
You are the light in the darkness
everything that's not related to You is mad, bad and sad!
Your sounds are so beautifully warming
You take one out of the darkness of ones mind and show one the way to true PosiTiviTy
truly the only sensible thing to do and the only way out is to forget everything except You because everything else is like a horror show
You are the most beautiful , comPassionaTe and lovely
You are the only refuge
You are the only source of sanity and PosiTiviTy
rest is all low vibration
it's so great that You are here on earth
You oPen the exit door for all!
i bow

Anonymous said...

You are so PosiTive
everyone can move out of the clutches of evil, worry and sorrow if they want to
exit door is open for all..
You are so kind to be here and make the real and true escaPe Possible
You are so kind to oPen the exit door to heaven
You are so immensely imPorTant and glorious
i bow

Zoom In said...

You are the most beautiful, most interesting, most compassionate being one has ever known. I fail to find any thing higher than you. I bow to Paramatma!!

ki vernee said...

the exit door is open to all

& the same conditions apply

divine is not biased

this is so moving ... the world is so fortunate to have You here to show the way out !!! i bow 🙏❤🕉

nicolas said...

what a beauTiPhul declaration! you are the most amazing being!
you are so kind and merciful to give beings a chance to evolve out of hell
you are Purity
you are TruTh
you are Beauty
one feels deeply graTePhull for your Presence on this plane
i bow to you supreme lord