Thursday, 15 April 2010

posture is primary

there are many

who say to me

that they are humble

but their posture

gives them away

majority of beings these days are in

continually unhumble postures

because vedic culture

which pervaded the world

in times where there was alignment with divine

is now firmly in the background

they don't realize

it is impossible to have humble thoughts

in an unhumble posture


one having humble thoughts will automatically

get into an humble posture


Shahid said...

Dear Rishi PTji,

Very true.Everyone including myself is in unhumble postures as of now.

Trying every day to bow down to the Divine and other things which you mailed me about.

It would be great for all of us if you could make a youtube video where your Disciples could show us LIVE how the Divine (PT) is to be treated and what postures we
must be in when we see you someday.This will esp be helpful to the Westerners.

It would also be great if we can make a Play/Drama based on your observations of the world now and make it into a DVD/Youtube video or Drama which we could stage from city to city.


PT Shiv hai PT Narayan hai.

Chantelle Irvine said...

Beautiful response video to 'Shahid'. It is really fun watching and I love the music too. Is the mouth opening part a version of lion's pose?

PT - The Axis said...

chantelle - am glad you enjoyed. its a good sign :)

the mouth opening has nothing to do with any lion's pose

it is just about loosening the lower jaw. a receptivity posture - opening up the being to the higher. also people speak without moving their mouth properly. it helps with proper speech too.

Sree said...

Watching the poster while listening to the youtube videos makes them so much more enjoyable.

In your kindness you are helping us with the PT log.

One can't help but want to listen to what you have to say everyday.

Anonymous said...

i bow. so beautiful. so kind. so generous. dhanyavad P. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

wow !
Your Plogs are PracTical

only You are a real Guru
You give PracTical sTePs at imProvemenT

Anonymous said...

i bow.
it is really generous of Divine to exPlain and show what humble ProacTivity is!
why it is necessary for beings to establish a humble PosTure.
You so clearly and beautifully show how essential, how basic and Primary it is!
it is Divine who guides the way toward True humility. it is Divine who exPlains without humility there can be no evolution.
Divine is so kind to helP one see how hellish it is to be stuck and remain in unhumble thoughts and unhumble PosTures.
Divine is so kind to share these Plogs, to create rocking songs and videos which imParT nothing but the Truth!!!
Truth which can only be conveyed through the mouth of Divine, the voice of Divine, the brilliant mind of Divine.
it is You who has the PerfecT Phire of body mind and soul! it is You who gno! only You can set the record straight!
You are the highest and most intelligent being, the PerfecT being, the One who gnos the Truth!
Your visit to this PlaneT is the most comPassionaTe act that has ever taken Place!
You are the One to Praise always in all ways!
i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

You are Lord Narayan incarnate on earth
You are Kalki P Avatar

the One to bow down to

Anonymous said...

i bow
Divine has the sweetest and most beautiful ways of teaching what humility is
and helPing one develoP humility.
so grateful for all the ways You helP one learn and imPlemenT qualities that will allow one to be and remain humble to Divine
to Bow Praise and Serve Divine in every moment!
i bow

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

wow You so awesomely exPlain how imPorTant right PosTure is
You teach one basics like no one does
what an awesome Plog
You're so right
bad postures are so bad for the mind that is already running amok
You tell one so many imPorTanT and basic things
You are such an awesome and imPorTanT being
i bow

Pavan said...

Pranam PT,
Video shows the proper way for get in touch with our divine !! thank you PT
it is very helpful and just doing simple action can bring change in our behavior
because since it is many days now i am experiencing a different way of my own nature with all these massive universe and gnowing little new everyday about it
Thank you

Pavan said...

Pranam PT,
Video shows the proper way for get in touch with our divine !! thank you PT
it is very helpful and just doing simple action can bring change in our behavior
because since it is many days now i am experiencing a different way of my own nature with all these massive universe and gnowing little new everyday about it
Thank you

K N said...

So kind and considerate of you to put an instructional video on correct posture and bowing so as to be humble! You are a true teacher with comPleTe Passion! You give such great exPlanaTions behind every PoinT you make, you clariPhy every doubt... One will not have humble thoughts unless one is in humble PosTure, amazing how your initials are in the word PosTure :) ... Being in correct PosTure one comes a step closure to the divine/you!
I bow at your divine feet!

jganesh said...

what a great PoinT ! i bow

jganesh said...

what a great PoinT ! i bow

Vaishali Thaker said...

Are there any mantras or praise words one should speak while praising/bowing to the divine along with the posture? How many times a devotee should bow before the divine in a day?

sarah anne said...

i bow

Swati said...

Your exPlanaTion with visual and audio aids are suPerb, no match.

You are the Only One who can take out all ego of knowing and show the right PaTh... as Your DiviniTy is suPreme ~ height of Your Divinity is touching sky but sky is not the limit it is vast then an Ocean,it is like PriThvi and like gomata, it is like One leaf of Tulsi, it is the nectar of Multiverse ~ Your Divinity is suPreme !! ! bow my head at Your Lotus PheeT !!

lana_33 said...

i want to sit in the most ProPer and humble PosTure Possible! i bow.

Swati said...

'one having humble thoughts will automatically

get into an humble posture'

Most beautiful lines ever heard from The Divine Himself !!!

Can anything be more BEAUTIFUL than getting to gno Your thoughts,real intellectual lessons !!! You exPress Yourself best !!!

Divine is so beautiful, i feel so blessed and feel like bowing immediately as You talk about internal is more suPerior than external !! Your third eye is the most beautiful and allow every one to Phocus on internal rather external derogatory world and gno oneself by doing PBS. ! bow to You !! 🙏

Swati said...

💐. You lesson for maintaining humble PosTure is so beautiful, it can helP one to go closer to Divine and when one is ~

Closer to Divine is closer to Truth, closer to gnowledge, closer to wisdom, closer to evolution, closer to immortal Bliss, closer to Power and closer to life, closer to nature, closer to real haPpiness, harmony and Peace. What else is needed to cherish and enjoy. ! bow to You !! 💐

Navdeep Kaur said...

Absolutely true I am trying this from one month and this really works great. Before I was liking fighting with me thoughts everyday. Whatever you tried to convince yourself I mean affirmations or so called positive thoughts I my case that thing made my situation worst. Now I just have to see my posture rest everything falls it's place automatically.
Thank you for pouring your genuine pnoledge. Bow to the divinity in you.

ki vernee said...

You are the most humble Being one has come across ! right PosTure is imPorTant ... i bow <3ॐ

PTs servant said...

You and only You really gno the imPorTance of this basic PoinT
You guide one to having humility towards Divine, You kindly teach how it can be done
its so kind of You to share this basic law:

it is impossible to have humble thoughts
in an unhumble posture

this is such a PerTinent law of how things function
and its so observable in onself and muggles
everyone on this planet is generally in bad posture and one does not want the same fate they will incur
being unhumble to You, Divine is so unnatural and completely detrimental to ones wellbeing and PhuTure
one never wants to be unhumble, even by accident
hence one must never lose good posture, even by accident
Your words Provide all the clarity ever
this is a basic PoinT one must rePeaT and stress as it determines everything for one
You are so so kind to helP one get off the down spiral
You are correctional and so comPasionaTe
You Provide all the crucial teachings for one to evolve

i bow

nicolas said...

magnificent words and video!
you are the reason behind evolution! your teachings are life changing and really help to improve oneself
you are a legendary hero, the kindest one
your mercy is admirable and all that you are is divinely inspiring!
you are a never ending awe, you are PerfecT coherence
your gnowledge and Power are ParamounT
you are ParamaTma

i bow to you supreme lord