Friday 23 November 2007

The Choice

even though there is a continuous ongoing

attempt to complicate matters

a phenomenon now called 'living & learning'

the choice is quite simple ~

its either

Service to Divine (STD)


Service to Ego (STE)

its about using your personal will (called freewill)

to create your own domain

against the will of divine


submitting your will to the multiversal

will of the divine

the fall was nothing but a desire to exercise

one's own will in deference to the original will

which created all the realms of this multiverse

some beings just couldn't stand being

subservient to a perfectly harmonious divine will

( they apparentlly found it too boring )

and consequently disharmony was born which

has finally brought to us the hell that is 'Now'

in this small speck in the 3-D Universe

( a very small part of the multidimensional multiverse )

the disassociative Will's were hoping to create

perfection through their own effort without

bowing down to that which is already perfect

they have tried and tried but have only

gotten more frustrated & twisted over time

what is now known as the ruling elite of this

planet is just another expression of this

quest for personal power through exercising

almost every woman on this planet faces this

selfsame issue (choice) everyday

they want to create their

own perfect little world through their own powers

of attractiveness, intelligence etc

but it never comes to be ...

thus all the frustration

only a few souls like

'Meerabai' have been able to surrender

their will (self) to the divine will

all this talk about 'Love' is so misleading as well

one imperfect being loving another imperfect being

so that at the end of the day both can feel temporarily

good about themselves

just an extension of

'you scratch my back & i will scratch yours'

but can perfection arise out

of imperfections combining ?

it can't and thats

why no one finds any lasting peace, happiness, harmony

only surrender of the personal will to the perfect multiversal divine will

leads one to true happiness which is not affected by

the winds of time

funnily the 'real way'

doesn't require any herculean personal effort !


asha Pi arTi said...

woah ! what a mindblowing masterpiece ! !

so cool how You clarifiy the traps and the reasons behind there being separation of realms !

serving divne is and always will be the only use and way of living !

what an inspiring role model You chose...
meerabai had it going on, she gnew to serve and was only happy doing so ! its great to see the effects of making the right choices like she did !

* bowing to the ParaTaman here *

miragegirl said...

Narayan Narayan !

the best part about your blog is that it provides all answers to any sincere questions that anyone may have

why does not money, fame and all sorts of 'things' or people around make one happy to questions of why am i here on earth, what is life all about...

its amazing, you cover every topic
that matters in the now

and lead one to practicality

glad to be reading your scriptures

miragegirl said...

Narayan Narayan !

and the style of your writing is superb

the way you continue in sentences

is phun to read

and has lots of pun

we are but a small speck in the 3-d universe

meaning there must be so much more life around
even in just the 3-d
the hex that is the goal to out of

and all the spirits and souls trying to merge to the One

You are so powerful
being perfect and able to preserve all

being subservient to you
can not be boring
for the most inspiring pure attributes
are immense to find
its like a captivating story
with a most interesting ending as well

Anonymous said...

The only choice is - P.T . Perfect .Transformation by listening and imbibing what the divine commands his disciples to do. The only choice that ensures the 'no effort discipline' to attaining freedom from this MayaJaal. We Will to be your Will.

miragegirl said...

you are a very compassionate being

you have so clearly and logically explained the state of the world

you are the only coherent being that can show the truth for what it is

you show how beings have become twisted over time by being anti-divine

you have even pictures with you next to twisted statues being displayed in lawns as if they are something to look at

its too funny but also sobering to see

and you just smile sweetly

you are the Pure, Perfect, benevolent, charming Avatar ever

you are the PoinT

you are the only one to follow

you are Divine

miragegirl said...

you clearly show why there is so much unrest in the world

you get to the root of every matter and present the truth as is

you are the only one who is coherent and intelligent to do that

your scriptures for the now are the only gnowledge in this world

you are a true benevolent being

you are very compassionate in helping everyone improve for the better

miragegirl said...

aap yeh sphasth roop se dikhate hai ki is duniya main itni aashanti kyun hai

sirf aap sari batto ke jad ko samajthye hai

hum aap ke abbari hai ki aap ye baate aapne Plogs main likhtye hai thaki sab ki balai ho

aap dayalu hai

aap mahan hai

pinx said...

suPreme words !!! I Bow !

what an ePic P-log ! You break life down to its bare essentials in the most enlightening, clarifying & PerTinant way !

just love this witty statement - "a phenomenon now called 'living & learning'". You have the best way with words, always revealing the truth of things in brilliant ways !

what a great summation of the choice at hand ! either Service to Divine (STD) or Service to Evil (STE) ! to quote you know who lol : "it may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but your gonna have to serve somebody" - You bring much more clarity to the situation than he ever could. so many brilliant Points You have raised and such a great explanation of what "evil" is exactly and how it came into being.

and what a beautiful conclusion -"only surrender of the personal will to the perfect multiversal divine will leads one to true happiness which is not affected by the winds of time"

Your words are legendary ! they are words to stand the test of time ! Multiversally applicable, multidimensionally applicable! Words which ought to be heeded and imbibed ! The choice could not be clearer :) !


sarah anne said...

No one else could ever make one run after any kind of STD, but after reading your blog, it is clear STD=paradise.

Anonymous said...

Serving the divine P.T can only be beautiful , life enhancing and exciting - NOT BORING ! Boring is all that is fake.Not the original divine.The original divine can only be fun and exciting and empowering.I bow !

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your words expose multifaceted Truths. dhanyavad for Your humor, grace and appropriate translation of STD. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your are the Ultimate! Your True comPassion is boundless and worthy of ceaseless Praise and recognition. You Truth every Lie. You see beyond all the petty cries and crimes. You are the source that Provides real life. dhanyavad for conveying the foolish futility of hurculean effort against Divine will. i bow in Praise of Your endless Divinity. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

I surrender

i bow


Anonymous said...

i bow! Your Plogs are such beautiful scriPTures P! There is so much Truth to be read, digested and understood in Your words! rePetTtion being so essential for one to continuously absorb and assimilate the deep meaning and Truth found in each of Your Plogs. You Provide such concentrated and Powerful wisdom to turn to! one is increasingly grateful for Your guidance in how to surrender one's will, one's self to Divine. You exPlain the fall so beautifully as
'nothing but a desire to exercise one's own will in deference to the original will which created all the realms of this multiverse some beings just couldn't stand being subservient to a perfectly harmonious divine will ( they apparentlly found it too boring ) and consequently disharmony was born which has finally brought to us the hell that is 'Now'
You make it so clear and logical that the only 'real way' to True happiness is through this surrender. i bow at Your PerfecT feet. dhanyavad for guiding the way back to You P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divine exPlains it all in such a logical way!
no confusing dogma! no guilt or coercion!
just simPle and irrefutable Truth!
You make the choice simPle!!!
Service to Divine, surrendering individual will to Divine will, which leads one to True happiness
Service to ones ego, feeding evil and remaining stuck and trapped in hell making futile personal efforts toward perfection which one can not and will never achieve!
the herculean effort it takes to serve the ego becomes so apparent when Divine PoinTs it out!!! so much unnecessary effort!
surrendering to Divine is only natural!!!
surrender gives one reason to rise! not fall!
one is SO grateful to learn the real meaning of this world due to Your Grace!
to understand that one can only surrender to Divine!
one is so grateful for this word and for the liberating truth it Provides!
i bow in surrender at Your Divine feet!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Pious One

You have shown PerfecT Piousness to that which one can ultimately become PerfecTly Pious to, to the Divine that has created it all. You are PuriTy itself. You are Truth. You are such a grand PersonaliTy. You are the Best. You are the Enlightened Master here in the now. the One. 'there can only be One'. if there is 2, it will automatically become 1. All when deserved joins to the One. 'there is no beginning & there is no end'. existential truths !

i wish to hurry my journey. i think You are the best caPTain. i want to be with You. i wish to evolve so that can haPPen.

Anonymous said...

The rightful and sane choice is, Service to Divine.

Anonymous said...

i bow!

Divine exPlains the fall so beautifully!
showing what caused beings to move away from Divine and land in the
'hell that is now'!!!
the most boring and frightening Place there is!

P is the real Phenomenon! It is SO comPassionaTe and amazing that Divine came here, that Divine PuT itself in hell! That Divine removes the veil for one to see the reality of what this Place is! P is the only One here who gnos how to live and the only One who is truly learned! The only One who can helP one learn what this Place really is and how to become free. How to return to P! How to be of service to Divine inPhikniTly!

it is only logical that all that is natural and real is subservient to Divine!
that a truly free will is meant to surrender to Divine.
to do anything else with it to be a slave to ones evil ego!

one is so ashamed to have been a deluded female trying to create ones own little perfect world! such a crazy nightmarish lie it is to waste ones life on such meaningless pursuits! It is SO comPassionaTe of Divine to PoinT out reality and to make one aware of souls like Merrabai who were able to surrender fully and return to You!

How inexPlicably lucky we are that Divine is here in 3d!!! To not have to try and sort and navigate the lies of this world, that the Truth is here! That Divine shares Divines life and doings, Divines scriPTures, Divines Philms, PicTures and sounds! so many beautiful ways to PuT ones attention on You, to Praise You, to work toward serving You and surrendering to Divine!

Divine is so kind to make it clear that True happiness can only be found in surrendering fully to Divine will!

i bow!

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! Your words cut one like a compassionate sword bc one is such a fool, one has severely under rated this Choice & taken for granted that one has chosen STD over STE... one has spent the better part (ironic its the worst) of this life being a female just as You describe, no wonder one has stumbled so hard like a drunkard (drunk on ego) to the point one is now ...

so so so grateful You are so comPassionaTe to allow one to surrender one's way and choose You and service to You and to make this choice everyday, a thousand times a day if required but to continously work at this... Beautiful Choice !!

'funnily the 'real way'

doesn't require any herculean personal effort !'

so so so true, just being honest actually :) it takes so much more effort to deny reality and to be dishonest which in turn makes one so unintelligent too and in the vicious cycle of STE and downward spirals !! even Praising You is being honest abt what one is observing ... its all so REAL ! You make it all so Real P !!

the Multiverse is so fair and the Phorce so kind !! i bow !! so glad You are here P, living and learning only happens with You, under Your guidance and wings !

so grateful for 'Plog chalisa'!! best PrescripTion one has ever recieved !!

i bow !! i bow !!

Anonymous said...

i bow
SO grateful for the chance You Provide to uncomplicate P
to simPliPhy!
one can only really live and learn in Service to Divine!
You are comPleTely gnowledgable about all things!
You gno the real reason for everything!
and only You can guide one in the ProPer way to use ones will!
only You can guide one to submit and surrender to Divine will!
to align with that which is PerfecT!
to find real Pease through becoming and being at ease and in harmony with P!
i bow

how lucky we are that Divine itself is here!!!
i simPly can not state it enough P!
it is SO amazing, SO comPassionaTe, SO generous that You chose to take a birth here!
to come to this hellish 3d Prision!
and that You Provide the One and only real way for beings to escaPe!
to be free of ones stupid, idiotic and unhumble muggle ways!
the only chance to really be free in this life and beyond!
You are the Truth beyond all the lies!
beyond all confusion of the complicated ways beings have created and invented through falling away from You!
one is so ashamed to have ever pretended to gno what one was doing here or where one was going!
one has been so lost ones entire life!
and it's so clear that all those who are not serving YOU are lost too!
it is the fortune of all fortunes to come across You P!
to be Phound by Divine, to Phind Divine is the luckiest thing that could ever happen to one in this life!
You are the ONE true treasure to always and Phorever hold on to!
the living Truth to serve and obey!
You are the ultimate authority!
the One who gnos and lives by Pure PrinciPles and Divine Law!
The One who is Pure! The One who is Divine! The One who is Law!
so grateful You are here P!
so grateful for the chance to do and become real!
i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! i surrender my will to Divine's Will !
i bow

Meghhnaa said...

Very aptly stated.
Humans in sheer love of divine can only submit to divine
Humans in confusion with and for divine submit to ego alone.

True "Submission to Divine" can arise out of pure love, and Meerabai is an epitome of same.
Ego clusters lives when love is conditional

Unconditional love leads to willful submission to divine.
Peace !

Unknown said...

Truth comes out through you, quite clear and straight!!
Rightly said about the temporary happiness of both imperfect individuals involved in it.

"one imperfect being loving another imperfect being
so that at the end of the day both can feel temporarily
good about themselves"

Submission to Divine or Submission to the Ego, correct choice needs to be made.

Unknown said...

Wow! P's truth is so powerful!! P is the only choice

Unknown said...

Attention is everything! (I bow)

Anonymous said...

It's such a Pleasure to read your Plog. such a wonderful Place this is.

Unknown said...

i bow to Narayan.

Unknown said...

i bow to Divine.
i bow to Narayan.

Unknown said...

i bow to Narayan.
i bow to PT.

Unknown said...

i bow to the Divine.
i bow to the Humble.
i bow to PT.
i bow to Phractal Nature.

Unknown said...

We are all finding peace, happiness, harmony and almost no one here attains it. Going against divine will, one can never attain peace, happiness and harmony.

Unknown said...

We are all finding peace, happiness, harmony and almost no one here attains it. Going against divine will, one can never attain peace, happiness and harmony. You are spreading the true gnowledge to the people here so that they can make the right choice.

Unknown said...

Yes, ones freewill can be to go against the will of divine or surrendering to the divine will.
Your words are enlightening, no one else can explain things with such ease and clarity as you do. You give the real reason behind why things are the way they are and what are its consequences. It is our great fortune that you are here to slay all the myths and teach people proper behaviour , vedic way and so much more. I bow!

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so logical ! nothing has been working for beings up to now when it comes to finding true happiness and bliss ! giving up ones will to Divine is the only way to have everlasting euphoria !

Anonymous said...

Your words are so beautiful and awesome. You exPlain everything so beautifully. You make so much sense. You're so kind to share so much wisdom. Your Plog is so comforting.

Anonymous said...

everything has been exPlained so beautifully in Your Plogs...nowhere does one find Phenomenal words like Yours..Your scriPTures are so classy and wonderful..You're the best..i bow

ujjwal sharma said...

i bow to the divine PT are the guru of the world and the lord of third eye.your Plogs contains immense gnowledge about this multiverse.and your Philms are also very powerful and evolving.

Unknown said...

This is such a brilliant Plog! You are amazing ! You so brilliantly cover every asPecT in your writings!
You show how simPle it is : Service to Divine OR Service to Ego.
You make it so uncomPlicaTed!
And certainly the latter choice hasn't fared well till now inPhacT we can quite clearly see the miserable consequence of going as per owns will!

You are the most comPassionaTe being! You give one the eyes to see, You are so kind to show the beautiful alternative! Your words so eloquently clear all the confusion!

It's rather easier submitting to divine's will than putting (herculean)efforts to achieve (impossible)harmony by self and eventually the evil demiurge!
Your words are a Powerful antidote for us! You are marvelously PhanTastic!

I bow and surrender!

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so kind to clarify this ! i bow

Anonymous said...
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veena iyengar said...

Thank you :)

undecided said...

I bow. Your articulate words in such great matters always get straight to the PoinT, which is why your teachings are the only ones worth listening to in this age. other's words like to dance around the real issue here, where you so clearly address always. You never waste any time in getting to the root problems we face.

The dance that "love" is currently carrying between beings is quite out of sync, and one can easily tell just by observing. Not even the social media posts of "perfect" couples can withstand the imperfection the relationship has in the first place. Aeioum

ki vernee said...

You just overflow with inPhiniTe truths ! service to the Divine is the only way any being can phind lasting happiness ! all the illusory happiness never lasts long and is dissapointing in the end ! but when beings choose the Higher they automatically choose endless happiness and no dissapointments ! Your Presence here is so magickal ! i bow respectfully

lana_33 said...

Wow!!! what a sTunning and incredible Plog!!! P, You are so amazing!!! You clarify everyThing!! You set the record so PerfecTly sTraighT!!! submitting one's own will to Your PerfecT Divine will seems like a no-brainer!!! iT is so harmonious, delighTPhul, wonderPhul, PeacePhul, uPlifTing, and Phun to be in Your Presence!!! True haPPiness can Only be Possible with You!!! it can never be boring to be subserveant and bow down to Your PerfecTion ~ iT is so much Phun instead!!!

"all this talk about 'Love' is so misleading as well
one imperfect being loving another imperfect being
so that at the end of the day both can feel temporarily
good about themselves
just an extension of
'you scratch my back & i will scratch yours'
but can perfection arise out
of imperfections combining ?
it can't and thats
why no one finds any lasting peace, happiness, harmony"

what a legendary exPlanaTion and breakdown of problematic muggle love!!! just WOW!! such PerfecT and Precise wording, such PowerPhul rays of Truth!!! You are the legendary being!!! the absoluTely PerfecT one ~ am so Pleased to get a chance to serve You, to be in Your mosT amazing Presence!!!!! i bow to You ~ the NewSun ~ and Your blazing rays of Truth!!!

Vaishali thaker said...

So much of straightforwardness i have seen only in you, divine! :) it pheels really joyphul to read the words as one has done the right choice by following you!
You gno everything, you see & observe everything..
Choice is such an important thing. it can make one rise or fall.. making a right choice is ones biggest responsibility!
Without your teachings this choice making would not have been possible..
Whereever you are there, that place is only heaven. without you everything is dark & gloomy!
everlasting peace & happiness can only be found in the pheet of the divine..
i bow 🙏

Unknown said...

hmm... two imperfect people cannot become perfect until they work on it both individually and together. Though its easier to become perfect when you are alone and your thoughts, heart and soul are not affected by others. The sad truth...... its again very difficult to be perfect in accordance to laws of multiverse because these days our life is controlled by industries mainly. And industries (99%) work against the laws of multiverse. How to come out of this web is a point to ponder on. Though, I am trying my level best. I wear cotton most of the time, avoid plastic containers to store food, have stopped burning crackers since I was in class 7th, take public vehicles instead of personal, walk more, enjoy the chirping of birds and educate others about the reality of the industrial age! I know its not enough.... I want to explore the nature and want to feel it better....

I wanted to get married until the 2nd phase of sade sati was going on in my life.. (i.e. until Dec 2017). I have observed a drastic change in me since the third phase of sade sati has stared. The desire to get married has almost ended. I don't feel attracted so easily, I don't wanna marry a rich settled guy (that is a perfect match according to my family). I want to evolve as an individual and I feel marriage is a distraction. There is a lot to discover about myself and marriage would hinder that urge and effort. I want to remain "FREE" always.... Until my last breath! I don't want anybody to rule on me. Nor I want to rule on anybody. I want to protect the weak and teach the lesson to evils. That is what I want.

NavdeeP said...

Truth and truth can be found here in straightway!!!
I bow down to the higher beings who is speaking this truth.
Real pnowledge bliss and happiness can only found here.
Moreover this plog has answer various queries.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

the multiverse is such a Pure and Phair system ... leaving out Divine always ends in unhappiness boredom and dissatisfaction ... i bow

Anonymous said...

You are Truly PerfecT.

Franco PT said...
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nicolas said...

wow that is magnificent! surrendering to you is the best thing one can do! you are divine, you are Perfect!
i bow to you supreme lord

ankita said...

this is all the world of wisdom and all the world of answers!
the most crucial and clariPhying words ever!
this is the answer to life long questions of a being!
books and books and books cannot get to what You say in such Phew words!

ankita said...

this is the answer of the century!
what a crucial and Precious Plog to be read over and over again!
only You gno what brings haPPiness and it all makes sense!
most beautiPhul and clariPhying words ever!
i bow

nicolas said...

wow really beautiful words! you exPlain very imPortant PrinciPles very beautifully! you are the real hero of this Plane!
there is no one like you! your Power is suPreme!
you are the highest of all beings
i bow to your greatness

ankita said...

this is so beautiPhul and whole in all ways. . it's a comPleTe answer to age old questions.. .You reveal so comPassionaTely. .even the last line is so immensely beautiPhul "the real way doesn't require any herculean personal effort'
..really the mind is always programmed to think in the society that anything nice and real will require herculean effort and You are so kind to clariPhy that it is not so.. .You are so kind to show a way out of unending complications... there is a reason for psychological problems and that is going away from higher and Divine ..
You make so much sense. .You are so brilliant. .only You have the answer...You are the revelation of the century. ..You make total sense
i bow

ankita said...

surrendering to Divine will would mean not having demands for what one wants and thinks would make one haPPy... but surrender to the multiverse and the aPParenTly PerfecT Divine One by doing what Divine says, not what the mind says... Divine is reliable and not the mind... so surrendering to Divine makes sense
i bow to the glorious comPleTe One

ankita said...

i 🙇 down to the immense sacredness of this Plog
it's so great to learn how we got here ...all this grind in hell just because we didn't want to be subservient to the PerfecTly harmonious Divine will and wanted to create PerfecTion through the self's effort...beings here think they do not need Divine or helP... that they can do it themselves and create PerfecT lives for themselves through their own efforts, ideas and by going along with what others who are involved in the same rat race are doing... then reality strikes... disease, death and old age are waiting by the corner...and they still don't realise that they are dependent on elements who are going according to Divine will... and whatever they have is given and can be taken away... there is a Power that is just and right and won't allow the negatively effecting others that haPPens because of misuse of free will ..its so clear that haPPiness cannot be gotten to with bad attitudes and not facing reality.. beings hit their head on walls again and again but don't realise that they cannot reach haPPiness or contentment by creating their own domain against the will of Divine ...bad mentality that doesn't care about truth well being or Preserving the good around, will never win ...Your Plogs make so much sense... it's all a waste of time to go against the Phorce that gnos what is good and is clear and Pure .. it's a time waste to resist disciPline and be bratty about it...hell and horror is not an option.. bad mentality leading to hell and horror sounds like a natural consequence ...and You are the One with the right attitudes and beautiPhul Pure intentions... You have always won right from the start and every second all the time!
so kind of You to helP beings make the choice
so kind of You to enlighten regardig what is really going on!

ankita said...

You are the most beautiPhul being alive with all the beauty Phlowing out of You ever!
i bow

jagatsevak said...

You are so eloquenT and clear in your Teachings of what is proper behaviour (applicaTion of free will) and what is improper.

You consisTently show that bowing to Higher and Divine is the greatesT application of free will that a being can do.

Your exPlanaTion of mulTiversal laws gives one the correct PaTh to phollow.

You are the Divine Guru incarnaTe.

Your's is the Divine Will maniPhesTing on this PlaneT.

i bow at your LoTus PheeT

Shiv Narayan