Wednesday, 13 May 2009


in muggledom

its usual to hear lines like

'can't relate to this'

people savouring only what they

can relate to

one can only relate to

something at one's own level

or something lower than oneself

so just sticking to this

'relating' in choices

firmly closes

the door to evolution

one cannot relate to something higher than onself

to get to it one needs

a proper humble attitude

something not taught in any school or home

on this planet


Shahid said...

"one cannot relate to something higher than onself
to get to it one needs
a proper humble attitude
something not taught in any school or home on this planet"

Standing applause for this statement.

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

i remember the first time i heard Your 'Dis-aster' song
i was thinking ripples for the album songs, it started as a storm
i did not say i cant relate to it but no matter, feeling was getting pertubed, lol

what i can related to are the experiences in hell out there
glad to have found my way out from that toward Divine
what i can relate to is Praises of You Divine that others have sPoken of You

Your Plogs are full of logic & Precise meaning
Powerful messages for the now & future
Your scriPTure for the now is what should be taught at Properly formed gurukuls
You are the Guru of even the rishis, the other gurus
You are the only Real Guru in the now

PsingulariTy said...

You are LuxmeNarayan
the One with a golden PhracTal heart
the One who is an incarnate of the 'comPleTe full PhracTality'
wow ! how grand is Divine !

sarah anne said...

You are the king of relevant PoinTs. so true, the only things one can relate to are fairly macabre and depressing. Your art and music is at such a different level, and so helPful to be reminded of the attitude one has to have to understand something so infinitely far above ones level. it is so miraculous how You create art that provides an evolutionary rotation.

Science Spirituality said...

Not everybody can relate to you, you're a highest form!! Your music is really different and spiritual, if one wants to relate to it then they should understand this first-

"one cannot relate to something higher than oneself
to get to it one needs
a proper humble attitude
something not taught in any school or home
on this planet"

neelang tiwari said...

to the Higher, i bow.

jganesh said...

You are so right and You make the best points ! i bow !

07 08 said...

So true !! One remembers saying a similar line 'can't relate to this' to You the first time.... One realises how much of anti-divine nd stupid ones ways are!

"one can only relate to
something at one's own level
or something lower than oneself

so just sticking to this
'relating' in choices
firmly closes
the door to evolution"

This is so true! You are so kind and sweet and merciful to still tolerate stupid muggle ways of the beings(including oneself) and teach/guide them to better their way towards evolution ~ You.
So grateful that You so comPassionaTely Provide one a way out of ones hellbound ways.
You Provide a chance to not close the door to evolution. One can evolve only through Your grace, Your music is the best music that anyone can ever get ones ears on, Your Plogs are the only source of authentic real gnowledge nd wisdom, true PhacTs, highest PerspecTives of all as it is on this PlaneT... avalaible freely to everyone.
You are so magnanimous to even teach humility to the ever faltering ones. You PatienTly wait for the beings to imProve when You can easily break all hell loose(literally) on them for such impolite nd ill conduct towards You.
One is indebted to You for Your invaluable and Profound Plogs. You do so much to awaken and uPlifT the beings. You are the only one who can truly be counted on for education that can moralize, empower, enlighten and evolve.

I bow /\

Swati said...

O SuPreme Divine Soul ! ! bow to You !!
i used this line number of times that ~'can't relate of this'.
and seriously i could not relate with anyone and anything here in this muggle but only Divine ~ Your Divine Beauty is the Only hoPe for me to survive, otherwise seeing so much stuPidiTy i would have died out of suffocation so grateful to You for Your Darshan.

all is so PaThetic ~ beings knows that they are incomPleTe, full with all flaws and huge ignorance and still they are so egotistical,their ego is such huge that they don't have resPecT for Divine Virtues, they don't acknowledge Divine, in sPiTe of knowing whatever they have received here ~ all Divine Grace but they don't understand Divine Virtues ~ what to Praise whom to Praise and how to follow the PaTh shown by Divine.

today, thousands of beings are researching on vedic gnowledge esPecially into decoding Veds and vedic astrology but still they don't have concern with Divine ~ no enquiry on who created these veds ~ vedic gnowledge ~ who is the Source ~ these People don't acknowledge Source ~ and that is the reason they cannot understand Yog ~ the only Purpose of comPiling veds and Purans into text form by ved vyas was to make vedic gnowledge available to beings so that they can understand Glory of Divine and P-raise His Divine Beauty ~ and could understand what is mukti~ liberation or Yog with Divine but what current fake science has Programmed the minds of beings and turned everyone into anti divine because science could not Prove different realms and after death existence and existence of Divine then these beings also started following such PaThetic minds and cut themselves from Source.

and finally, turned everything into ugly and absurd ~ nothing is graceful and soul evolutionary now.

the Only Goal and Purpose of life is to gain more and more ego by collecting all outside gnowledge, name, fame, wealth and success and make show off of being big, Powerful, mighty over others. while in reality they are big zero.

how can i related with anyone who can't understand a simPle PhacT that He is the Source and to Unite with Him we have to develoP as a whole to Unite with Him.

and today when these being could not understand this then they actually have Problem recognising You and Your Divine Virtues, Your Divine Beauty !!

So grateful to You to shower Your Divine Grace on me, to allow me to Praise and Bow and Serve You. i don't exPecT if You would allow me to come and serve You Personally because i know my downtrodden state and i am more focused on mental and soul level Union with You and for that Physical level consciousness certainly need to die and to Unite with Divine at soul level my body is a barrier but still i would never ask for yog or mukti without Your wish... for me Praising and Bowing to You is the only PaTh of real joy, haPpiness and great Pleasure, Peace and a comPleTe bliss.

O ShivNarayan ! ! bow my head at Your Lotus PheeT !! so grateful to You for Your Darshan and Presence in my life. ! bow to You.

Vaishali Thaker said...

Beings on this plane cant relate to any thing in any ways completely due to their ego.. its just in the beginning all the excitement of gnowing afterwards back to zero... you are so right, relating to the one with lower or same level doesnt lead one anywhere, only brings grief & disstatisfaction... relating to higher and divine can only lead one to higher realms, relating to & following the words of higher, walking on the path of conciousness, evolving under the guidance of guru has to be the only purpose of life!! you are so straightforward, generous & simple!! you are the supreme phorce, you are the most powerful one, you are so phractal & intelligent, perfect in every sense... relating with the soul like you liberares ones spirit!! i bow 🙏

veena iyengar said...

thank you for showing us the path..

Ajay Kapoor said...

This is so true, beings do not currently show humble attitude which would lead them to evolution instead are filled with ego. When a being relates to lower levels or ones own it does not lead to any evolution. Thank you for showing beings the correct path. You are so gnowledgable,I bow down at your Lotus PheeT.