Wednesday 10 June 2009


there are lots of attempts at singing
by various genepools here on earth

from an objective outsiders look
it is seen that
most of these genepools haven't
even learned to speak properly
i.e speak from the center of their mouths
they all speak in lopsided twisted ways
either to the left or to to the right
if you don't believe
switch on the telly
and start paying attention

toddlers learn to walk before they run
but here people learn to sing
before they can speak

all twisted & annoying wailing, screaming
passes off as singing as long as
it aims to hit some funny intervals called notes

no intonation or mantric power
in the voice
is seen as a requirement for singing
in fact it is taboo
to be that impactful
singing is afterall just one part of
the light entertainment circus

'gnoing' is also not seen as having any relation with 'the voicing'
despite the fact that all tales tell an opposite tale
'the voice' of benegeserits in dune
which can command or
'the voice' of sages in the puranas
which has a direct soul impact
anything real with any power has to be avoided
simply coz its not something one can relate to ...


asha Pi arTi said...

wow P this is the most comprehensive expose & singing lesson ever ! you make it so clear why speaking/singing Praises from the center are impo to get to a real singing voice !

thats a really beautiful explanation of the impact of Voice as well... the thunderous rumble or tender soothing can all be heard and experienced with You !

* bowing to the PT Experience *

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your all encomPassing gnowledge of sound and the imPorTance of how One use their voice is simPly astonishng. i bow to the One with The Voice. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

what a great Plog
Plogs are always Phun to read, they are Truth, they teach one so much

You are a PerfecTly centered being
Your voice is multifarious
Your voice is mantric
when one listens to LotusOcean sounds, the messages You convey get imPressed on the memory easily

You give one useful exercises to become centered
in Phact, if one reads Your Plogs the way You have written, one starts to become centered as well !

You are the most benevolent being in the now

Your maniPhesTations are helPful to one & all in so many ways

PsingulariTy said...

any saaouund from You is the music of multiverse !

You are The Axis
all maniPhesTations of You are centered and Phi
Your sPeak is suPerb

Unknown said...

Your music is something which not everybody can relate to because, it is soothingly powerful and makes one feel something which they usually don't feel and in fact cannot feel. It has such a powerful impact that it brings the shift in the current state of mind!! aeioum

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You have the most centered speech ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

You sing so beautifully
You have the most beautiful singing voice
Your voice has such beautiful mantric Power
You can sing with such energy
Your singing and chants are the most charming, most beautiful..
Your singing style is what rock stars couldn't get to
You are so graceful
Your voice just flows into the mind
You sing so effortlessly
You are so admirable
You are so beautifully and wonderfully sPonTaneous
Your songs are magical beauty
You are what artists crave to be and couldn't get to
You show how it should be like
You are the beautiful Phied strummer
Your magic is beyond fairytale and story books
all Your Plays are so ePic

as one starts listening to Your music one finds that all the singing going on in this world is classless
You make the greatest observations about this world
You are the best ever

You write so beautifully
each word You sPeak is a gem
i bow

Gita said...
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veena iyengar said...

very true..aeioum..

veena iyengar said...

yes I true..

undecided said...

I bow. None can relate to higher because one does not have a learning attitude! aeioum

Anonymous said...
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Ajay Kapoor said...

Such a true statement, beings have not learned to properly speak but have resorted to singing.You are gnowledgeable you have shown how important speach is. I bow down to your Lotus PheeT.

Anonymous said...

You are the one and only teacher in this whole world who teaches One how to sPeak.

Your voice or for that matter your existence as a whole is so imPacTfull that it actuates nature to resPond to you.

in PhacT You are the one and only and the most influential eliTe being of all Times, both online and offline who is not mentioned in the Forbes list.

You are the one and only influenTial singer PresenT right here right now on this PlaneT.

i bow to you ♀. 😇🙏

nicolas said...

wow your gnowledge is really impressive! you are a real sage! your Power is unequalled! you really embody divinity
you are TruTh

i bow to you supreme lord