Friday 27 November 2009

where do we go now ?

the translucent race

after having created all the distractions

that they possibly could

and doing all the

consuming, plundering

cheating, pretending, feigning

have reached

the end of their tether

their last generation

can't seem to understand

why their new generation is suicidal

sheer boredom

arising from blissless activities

has hit

with no end in sight

'where do we go now '

is the burning question

the answer as always is simple

'towards the higher'

that however requires the small

matter of humility

majority of that snake is choosing

meaninglessness, suicide and descent into more

hellish states

bowing down
remains all too inconceivable


amruta patil said...

this is true...

PT the Axis said...

lotusocean only deals with truth ... smile

people may however only agree with the one which resonates with their own experience

Shahid said...

Sooo true people dont know where they are headed nowadays.Each one is following
the other blindly.

In Bollywood there is this hero who started
showing of his Gym-Made Body and within the
next 3 months,every other hero,even the older
ones were hitting the Gym,following this guys example.How silly is that!!!

No one seems to have Time for the Divine today.

I LOVE your writings cause they are truthful
and to the point.

Heaven is at the feet of Rishi PT:)

Asha said...

that's a Beautiful Plog and comment You wrote here. the way You observe the world, it is always true and agreeable for sure, as You only report what You see !

pinx said...

so Profound is Your way of delivering the truth ! it is so aweing how from so many angles You can reveal it !

what a brilliant insight into the dilemma of the transluscent race ~ a very fitting example to be hinted at through Your title as well ;) and so great how You perceive the state of an entire genepool through the expressions of select members...that is a brilliant and insightful way of observing !

no-one can articulate nor can they reveal the explicit end of the tetherness that this genepool is facing ! and so great how You always provide the solution to any quandary ! "the answer as always is simple 'towards the higher'"

I Bow !

pinx said...

no-one but YOU that is !

Anonymous said...

i bow to the highest. Dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

a great Plog P !
as all Your Plogs are ! You sPeak only Truth ! absolute Truth !

You are Divine !
You are gorgeous & classy !
one wants to be always around You !

Unknown said...

Wow... amazing post again!! You enlighten so gracefully and bring so much clarity with your golden words!!

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! i bow !

sarah said...

so wonderful how You cut through the 'equality' nonsensical brainwashing and make it so clear that there is higher and lower and bowing is the oPTion.

veena iyengar said...

"towards the higher"..aeioum..

Gita said...

Yes this is what i see around me.. meaningless acts foolishly jumping around creating chaos everywhere.. ppl have lost it.. The only solution this problem is U - PT /\

i praise the "Nakshtrasaadhakaay" u PT who will take the humble beings to heaven..

i praise the "Bhairava" U PT who has given me a lot of strength and removed the fear of the survival among the hungry wolfy society that i am in

i praise the "Suryaay" U PT who is the light in the sun...

i praise the "Shanaey" U PT with so much of discipline and righteous mind that even lord shani bows to U..

i praise the "Ketavae" U PT who shows us the marg towards moksh..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You are always True.

Kṛtti kā said...

oh yes ! going towards HIGHER is The Answer !

Wow !!! Your words are such beautyfull invaluably Precious gems to read and listen to and speak!
Your every Plog is so wholistic, Your every word is PerfecTly coherent, they make the most sense and logic, Your answers are the most humbling and heartening ! You are the most straightforward most enjoyably blunt and honest Being! Your amazing overstanding and truth checks impel one and all to become humble!

All Pleasure and bliss is found in all that You are and all that You teach and You all the activities You do !
Your divinely PassTimes are the most Pleasurable and blissPhull to behold!
words emanating from You are so musical and uPlifTing! Everything coming from You is ever evol-loving!
Such an amazing opportunity for us to get out of our boring blissless lives and move towards The All BlissPhull One that is You! its the most appealing and Promising choice anyone can make!

You so comPasionaTely make Yourself so accessible to all the beings, and freely share Your amazing PassTimes,PerspecTives nd teachings and everything!

one bows to Your ever comPassionaTe lotusPheeT /\

Kṛtti kā said...

Higher and Divine that is You is the only destination worth making the journey towards! All beauty, bliss and Phun are abound where ever You are /\

i bow /\

Kṛtti kā said...

PaTh that does not align with You ~ Divine, with multiverval laws only leads to suicidal tendencies and further descent into hellish states! There is amPle proof and experience for beings to observe the outcome of anti-divine ways...
PaTh that alings one with You brings the much searched for excitement, interestingness, Phun and bliss /\ /\ /\

Norlha said...

WOW so TRUE lord ����
The way you articulate words are truly amazing
❤️❤️❤️ l bow ��‍♀️

nicolas said...

your words are the best words! you are TruTh
your words are so liberating! i love how clear and comprehensive your writings are
you are the highest of all

i bow to you all gnoing one