Thursday 10 December 2009


the absolute root of

all of this world's problems


the one single delusion

people carry

that they can generate bliss and happiness

using their own self's

ideas, tools & calculations

without bowing down to the divine

the fact that they can't

stares back at them all the time

from the time when they were kids and came off

a themepark ride feeling empty

to when they are teenagers

and come back home feeling sick

after a nightout with socalled friends

people are usually old & bitter & twisted

before they even mildly confront this fact

even than they still

just clench their teeth

which is supposed to be seen as a smile

and carry on pretending

till they can pretend no more (death)

if one is really asleep & dumb

one may ask how is pollution

& millions of other problems related to this

it is easy to trace

the root of each of these problems in

negative qualities like greed etc.

which in turn

emanate from the self's absolute belief in itself

the clear gnoing of what will make it happy

and how to get it

in those whom this self-belief is dwindling

& rightly so

evil's minions are there to

reinforce it

disguised as friends, counsellors & preachers

in this time called kaliyuga

one is surrounded by this

reinforcement setup called society

& thus

needs to have a strong sense of honesty

about one's own state

to not listen to the evil's sermons

who is just looking for recruits

in its battle with the divine


asha Pi arTi said...

Pow wow words ! Your words knock one to the ground they are so humbling and Powerfully true !

You are honesty manifest and give such simple and clear solutions to all world's problems... the first step being honest.

Your words are like the ignition switch for change to happen. i bow.

sarah anne said...

I completely agree with this brilliant observation. Anyone can have self esteem, and make boring predictable choices based on that lie. By being honest and accepting there is no logical basis for such predictability, one moves closer to the truth. I bow.

pinx said...

Profound words ! that 'self-belief' is the root of the world's problems is an amazing revelation ! nowhere else can this wisdom be found ! nowhere can one find this degree of honesty and clarity about the state of affairs !

what You PoinT out makes so much sense ! to stubbornly persist in one's own self belief as opposed to bowing to Divine & seeking its guidance can lead to no good and is clearly responsible for causing a whole lotta raucous in this world !

it is really so great how You get to these findings ! in a world where self encouragement & ego boosting is rife it is so great to read the honest words of one who can call it out for the detrimental nonsense that it is !

it all seems quite sinister when seen in the light of a battle with Divine ! truly the functionings of evil are ever present in this world !

Dhanyavad P for Your amazing wisdom and words of truth ! You are a real light in this dark age of Kali Yug !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

All Praises to PT! Dhanyavad for reminding us and showing us how pathetic life is without Your Divine Presence. Your words, Your music, Your flawless insight, Your beauty, Your light, all of You is an explicable gift. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow! Your words hit hard and heavy P. You helP one see how comPleTely insignificant the self is and the many masks evil wears to keep one caught in false belief in the self. Your Pure raw Truth is the greatest gift and does not allow for one to continue to live in false belief. this Earth is blessed to host the One who can Truly see and guide the way to real freedom. i bow at Your infallible Divine feet P. dhanyavad. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!!!

Your words are the fountain of truth to drink from constantly P!
always guiding one to turn to Divine, to always be clear and honest about ones state, to recognize there is no place for belief in the faulty self or others and see clearly the trap that is society!
such Powerful guidance You Provide P!
'in this time called kaliyuga
one is surrounded by this
reinforcement setup called society
& thus
needs to have a strong sense of honesty
about one's own state
to not listen to the evil's sermons
who is just looking for recruits
in its battle with the divine'

You are the only source to Trust in a world of beings gone mad! such an overwhelming relief it is to have found the refuge of Your feet P!
the only Place one ever want be.
i bow to You constantly.

miragegirl said...

wow !

what my liPhe has been, what decisions i had made i can see in a much better light after reading this Plog !

its actually thinking that one would do alright away from Divine which is never going to be the case
its a reflection on the PhuTure too !

out there in the world, it is but serving evil in someway or the other, a world running without Divine's involvement as it is right now ! & even otherwise when Divine is here & one has an oPPorTunity, not being around him & serving him is evil only !

Praise of Divine is cure for all ailments ! Physical or otherwise !

turning towards Divine, being conscious of the 'ultimate reality' is liPhe & evolution !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine
the most beautiful
absolute !

Unknown said...

People give more importance to the things which is not important at all, only the divine can help and guide all of us!!

sarah said...

so nice of You to spell out the basic PoinT regarding the self having a false sense of assurance regarding what will make it happy. so great that there are oPTions outside of the self.

Anonymous said...

wow that's an awesome, awesome analysis of why the world is in the state it is
Your words are extremely awesome
You have great overstanding
what an extremely awesome Plog
You write awesomely
You are a Phenomenal being
You're so right
one trusts oneself too much despite the fact that one can't handle anything or understand anything properly
this self belief that can turn into conceit can be the cause of so much viciousness and chaos
You are extraordinary
Your words are so extremely imPorTant and awesome
Your Plogs are great

Anonymous said...

yes self belief is a huge problem for one
one gets into such negative states when one uses ones own ideas, tools and calculations
one thinks one can protect oneself using ones own faulty brain when it is not so
one can't listen to ones faulty machine that is so confused and can't really figure anything out
one is really incapable of generating any kind if bliss..none whatsoever

so kind of You to give one a chance to PracTice letting go of the belief in ones retarded faulty machine
You make such great PoinTs
You are so wise
Your words are the most imPorTant words
Your teachings are so great
i bow

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right
how true!
You can figure everything out
You are the highest intelligence
everything You say is so correct
You make so much sense
this Plog is just Phenomenal!
You have the greatest overstanding
You are brilliant!
You gno the root of all problems
this is an amazingly wonderful Plog!

one goes so astray while functioning from the dumb self
it's the one single delusion that one carries that one can generate bliss and happiness using ones ideas, tools and calculations without bowing down to the Divine
wow Your words are the greatest treasure
wow Your words are truly the greatest words ever
Your words are beyond legendary!
how true this is!
such great revelations

one cant function through ones faulty machine
it always leads one astray
You make one see PhacTs
You make all the sense
no matter how far away the mind goes from You it has to be brought back to You for You are the only One worth PuTTing attention on
rest is all pathetic nonsense
there's no virtue in this world
none of them are good people
all are bad

the negative qualities like greed etc emanate from the selfs absolute belief in itself
the clear gnoing of what will make it happy and how to get it's so true..You get to the root of it all
all the so called intellectuals and psychologists could never get to this You are so effortlessly intelligent
Your gnowledge and observations are mind blowing
You are the best
Your words are ePic!
i bow

sarah said...

so much truth !
no theme park or night out can ever cancel the existential dread.
only divine grace can alleviate the misery.

Gita said...

People thinking that they can generate bliss on their own is like expecting a cow to milk itself and drinking the milk from the tumbler...

PerfecT example of how lack of knowledge can lead one to dumbness...

Grateful to you for sharing us with the knowledge and helping us to get to the bliss...

i praise the "MAHADEVA' the greatest of the divine beings

i praise the "UMAPATI" U the swami of all Uma s and opening the eyes of all women

i praise the "MAHAKALA" U being the lord of all times and kal's

i praise the "VACHASPATI" u motivate us to speak the Praise , u the master of speech.

i praise the "Mahamaya" the huge maya that you are in to help us speak to you fluently:)

i praise the "Vajrahasta" PT u who creates the thunder and lightening <3

i praise the "DHATURRUTTAMA" U being greater than the creators.

i praise the "Aprameya" you who is beyond all manmade rules regulations and cannot be defined,

i praise the " HRISHIKESHA" u being the lord of all senses..

i praise the "padmanabha" U who has a lotus growing from your naval from which the multiverse evolved...

i praise the " amara prabhu" you being the lord who are forever immortal.

i praise the "vishwa karma" you who created the multiverse..

i praise the "manu" you who are here to judge the Manukula..

I bow to you i bow to the VIRAT ROOPA THAT YOU ARE !! PT

Kṛtti kā said...

Never again will this sPiriT go against You ~ Lovely Divine ♥️
Nope not at all, never again! one just can't afford it any longer!
Never again will one partake in evil's propaganda, and one now gnows very clearly that where real Bliss lies :)
All ones liPhes are for Divine as it should be and should have always been!
i bow /\

Anonymous said...


nicolas said...

such a beauTIPhull P log! only you are the reason of Pure bliss!
your words are the best words! it always feels so great to read them because they convey real TruTh only
you are the best that walks the Earth and no being is like you
you are the highest of all
the gnowing of your Presence on this plane is filling one's eyes with wonder
you make all better effortlessly and one feels so fortunate to have been given senses to experience you
you are PerfecTion and all that you do shines this PerfecTion of yours
your liPhe is the most amazing Phenomena that one can witness here and now
when one comes across you, one's world shakes as the Path becomes clear
you are the one all should desperately strive to serve because all that you are is marvellously Pure

i bow to you supreme lord

ankita said...

wow..these are the most ePic revelations of the century!
Your Plogs are truly liberating
Phenomenal words of truth
all that a being needs to read and hear!
the ultimate and Phinal words
so clearly You sPeak the truth
how enlightening You are
You are mind blowing!

ankita said...

this is such a Phenomenal revelation!!!
You put an end to wondering about what is going on
You have the answers not found anywhere else and You make total sense!
these Plogs are crucial
these are the words to read!
there is truly nothing else left to read after coming across Your Plogs
You have covered everything
You are the only real intelligence and what Your reveal is amazing!
how beautiPhully You reveal the truth Phlowing Your words are clear You are! such blazing clarity!
the greatest ePic Divine and clariPhying observations
nothing is hidden from You
what is going on is not gnown by other beings here but nothing escapes You!
You are the only One who truly gnows what the situation is ..You are real Divinr intelligence ..You are so above anyone and everyone here
i bow at Your great Divine PheeT

Shruthi said...

You are the only one to PoinT out that dwindling self-belief is a very good thing. It's so true that there are so many set-ups to actively recruit beings back into hellish pursuits. You are so kind to emphasize on the importance of being honest with one's state of affairs and surrender to the higher and divine as a way out. one humbly bows to you most beautiPhull one.