Wednesday 28 October 2009

emergency of emergence

souls/beings here seem to have

no sense of emergency

when it comes to

breaking out of this collapsing matrix

rather than take action immediately

they need to actually think about it

long and hard

when searching for the reason behind this

one comes to realize that

they have other urgent matters to attend to

like paying bills in time

meeting office deadlines

changing oil in the car

sense of emergency is already reserved


catching flights & trains

getting to appointments on time

problems with the mobile

emergency = emerging from a contingency

they do act like they have no idea

what the contingency is

so there is no question of emergence


starchild said...

considering the span of human life...these are words we need to pay attentiont to...

asha Pi arTi said...

wow P ! Your words are so intelligent and so passionate ! had to look up what the word contingency even meant. Your observations are so clear and honest.

P so glad You are here to get one aware of the clock ticking and what the real priorities are, freedom is a real thing now !

* bowing to the Truth *

asha Pi arTi said...

LotusOcean shows the emergence
the words are so full of intelligence

a series of events in sequence
nothing compares to the evidence

P is setting a new presidence
hence all nature's fury has entrance

making Truth and Seeing relevant
and making this time monument

when Omnipotent Divine is here on this earth
to live on here now means to show one's worth !

* bowing in gratitude for the eyes You give *

pinx said...

How true Your words are !

such a great definition of emergency - 'emerging from a contingency'. Your realisations are profound !

how misdirected the sense of emergency is ! You bring out the urgency of the situation so well, defining the contingency very clearly ~ a collapsing matrix ~ that really puts things into perspective & makes one reassess one's priorities !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow.

miragegirl said...

Your Plogs are ProacTive
it would do good to all to Pay ProPer heed to them esPecially now as time is almost comPleTely running out !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Enlightened One

Unknown said...

You always guide with your golden words, clearly said what kind of emergency one should have

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

You are so kind and generous to alarm the beings here even when they drown in their ignorance. Your wise words are a way for us here to look beyond the trivial things we pursue. You are the ever compassionate to be guiding us. I bow. Pranam.

Anonymous said...

You're the One who makes one aware of the precarious condition of the world . You give common sense like no one else..You help one face PhacTs like no one has ever done before..Your scriPTures are the best in the world.

sarah said...

You are so helPful to highlight how necessary it is to emerge from the contingency.

ki vernee said...

beautifully put ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

yes so great that You give a chance to break free of this collapsing matrix
one can actually escape all this if one follows You
You give the most PosiTve message
how great it would be to be free of all the psychological, physical and emotional nonsense for ever
You are the most imPorTant and beautiful being ever
You bring real beauty to this world
You are the best
You make liPhe so much worth living
You give beings the greatest opportunity to break out of this Plane by being here
being in the world of evil is such a precarious condition and yet muggles want to be busy with triviality
there is so much at stake
there are enough reminders around and within ones mind of how sick and horrifying things can get
You help one understand how absurd and ridiculous this world is
Your observations and PersPecTives are eye oPening
one can get further and further entangled in the spider web so easily
only Your wisdom, knowledge and music can save one
You are the saviour
You are the seer of seers
You are the greatest
You are the most comPassionaTe
i bow at Your beautiful PheeT

Anonymous said...

You are so kind to reveal how absurd this situation actually is!
You reveal how ridiculous it is to not want to get out of this prison like body in this toxic world full of bad habits ..
You write so comPassionaTely
You are so kind to reveal and make one see how scary things are in this world
You can so clearly see what's going on!
and no one else can!
You are very kind to show a way out of all the pain and torture and all the craziness that makes beings want to continue in this situation
one can't hide from pain and torture
You sPeak ultimate multiversal truths
You are so kind and so comPassionaTe to reach out to beings and share Your suPreme gnowledge with beings who are signing up for pain hell and torture
You are the kindest and the most comPassionaTe . i bow

sarah said...

Your Phrasing is ePic as always.
You are so eloquent and substantive.
You are the master of PrioriTising.

veena iyengar said... explain things uniquely..
thank you..

undecided said...

I bow. We are so grateful you are offering a way out of this terrible matrix on the verge of collapse. It would seem like the rational position would be to be outside of it instead of the inside! aeioum

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i did not gno that emergency= emerging from a contingency. Wow..Your logic is always beauTiPhul. You are so sensible..
You are the one and only to gno it all..

i bow to you coz divine=you.

nicolas said...

such a beauTiPhul imPorTant PoinT! it is a real urge to get out of here!
you are the kindest one to give beings a chance to get out of this 3D prison
you are the most merciful! your words are divine words
no being is at your level as you are ParamaTma

i bow to you the divine avatar

ankita said...

so kind of You to show a way out. ..
really a being can get distracted by so many things if it doesn't gno that it's house is going to collapse anytime . .so kind of You to show a way out of absurd situations lack of gnowledge creates. .it's all such a huge waste of time in hellish situations if one is not doing the do to get out of hell. . so kind of You to give beings an oPPorTuniTy to work for their betterment. . so many reasons to not get distracted and just work to get out of here and be of more service to You instead of getting caught up in nonsense of the mind ... one just has to work to get out of this collapsing building. .to not be born here in this situation where one can be in rePeaTed cycles of birth and death for hundreds of lives ...You are so kind to help beings understand that anyone can get out by doing the right actions no matter what their matter what ones state or what the past has been, one can still use the PresenT moment to Praise bow and serve with all ones being. .it's very much Possible to be able to do PBS ProPerly someday now that You are here ..You are so much hoPe.. You are so kind to help beings rise above negative mentality and notions of never being able to get out or get to a Place where one would get to be around You even in the PhuTure ..You are all that matters. .and no matter how much time has gone by, one can still use whatever time is left ProPerly to be of service to You or imProve oneself's not impossible for anyone and not even one... hell is not guaranteed for one if one works to get out of it. ..through Your grace beings have been given time and the tremendously Precious giPhT of Your most amazingly Divine encomPassing Presence.. i bow

ankita said...

yes if one had the idea of the contingency fully and ProPerly and the emergency, one wouldn't waste time getting distracted by the funniness of others instead of imProving ones own sincerity and funniness ..only You are all the Phun and no funniness... so kind and full of PaTience when You have the Power to remove one from this Plane ...You are the true rePosiTory of Pure PrinciPles kind of You to helP beings get to meaning 'i bow'fully
..its so dishonest to say 'i 🙇 if one is not really fully bowing to You ..You are simPle and uncomplicated
i 🙇

libra cliche said...

only You fully overstand all the contingencies, and what an emergency it is should things go wrong. this is so helPful to Provide a chance to stop and reflect.

ankita said...

You are the only One in this whole world who tells it exactly like it is !
this is such a strange world full of crazy mad people who don't want to get out of the limitedness of this matrix where pain is a guarantee...on top of all this the people made society is collapsing ! You're so right ...people who don't want to get out of here are absolutely cuckoo! You're so eye oPening ! how can anyone stop to chase fleeting pleasures here when it's such a terrifyingly uncertain place that guarantees pain ! You are the suPreme eye oPening Phorce and the only One who is telling all this ! You are the Only One who cares fully and totally! You're so enlightening
one bows

Shruthi said...

Not gnowing what an emergency is is such a sad state to be in. You are so kind to highlight the sense of urgency that should be inherent in beings and how to acknowledge and tend to that. It is so true that the matrix creates enough situations to mask the fact that it is collapsing and keep you from tending to the obvious, but you help to see things as is which is a big blessing. You are the only one who really gnows. i bow to you and am gratePhull for you always.