Wednesday 16 December 2009

all the good people

most people here

are pretty sure

that they are good people

its the rest of the world that is mad & bad

it doesn't add up

a world consisting mainly of good people

cannot be mad & bad

which it clearly is

the only logical conclusion therefore is

that the majority of people are not as good as they think

nothing is more traumatizing to

people than the revelation

that their self is not good

in fact for many it is a ball of negative qualities

they defend and they cry and they scream

some say they are just pawns in an evil system

thats true but why would good

willingly become pawn in an evil system

if only they could

admit gracefully

to the inherent evil within

their road to redemption won't be so tough


sarah anne said...

pure genius. the pretentiousness of this type of thinking is so tiresome and boring. it is easy to point out other peoples flaws, but no one wants to look in the mirror, for some reason. It is so cool to see this stated so unequivocally. this blog is such clear mirror.

pinx said...

too good too good ! Your writings are brilliant, Your findings as always so insightful !

You understand the nature of people so well ! You are the most observant & enlightened being ! You diagnose the madness and offer the cure !

it is so true what You say ! nothing is more traumatizing to people than the revelation that their self is not good ! and it is so great that You are here to lend a clarifying hand in the matter :)

how important it is to admit to the truth gracefully. springs to mind the line from 'no country for old men' - "you should admit to your situation, there would be more dignity in it"

it really is a blessing that You are here ! You expose the evil within that we otherwise dare not face. the path to redemption is indeed not possible without this crucial step, one must first confront what one needs to be redeemed from.

I Bow to the One that clears the PaTh to redemPTion !

Anonymous said...

i bow.

miragegirl said...

You are the ‘All Gnoing One’
You are Divine

PsingulariTy said...

You are 'Saakshee, The Witness'
of PeoPle's deeds, of their way of being

You are the All Seeing One

Unknown said...

Truth spoken- Blindness doesn't help, never did any good to anyone!!

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

Your eyes see through the people and their evil yet you offer your divine wisdom and teaching to let them improve on themselves. You show the mirror in which our ugliness reflects. It is us who keep faltering and yet you extend your glorious divine light to correct oneself and get on the right path to the divine. You are the most benevolent and generous. Pranam.

sarah said...

You have defined good actions in such a clear way. You have educated that unless the foundation/basis is there, every single action will be wrong. You put an end to delusions.

Anonymous said...

You write awesomely. You make PoinTs that are too awesome
You are such a beautifully Phenomenal being
without coming across Your beautiful, wonderful writing and films one would just be lost in the sea of goal-less time wastage
so extremely awesome of You to show the way
You are so Precious
i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! i bow s

Anonymous said...

the majority of people are not as good as they think just wants to imagine that one is good..everyone is always imagining that they are good
yes one has so many negative qualities that makes one evil
only You make one imProve
You are the One who is Pure
You sPeak and sing of such PuriTy
You are so above this worlds nonsense
You are so above it all
You are so beautiful and comPassionaTe
the songs You sing are celestial and full of otherworldly beauty
You are magical
You make so much sense
You're the best
i bow

sarah said...

Your words pave the road to redemPTion !!!
Your comical wit is so enlightening !!!
You eviscerate the daft pseudo morality of muggle beliefs !!!

veena iyengar said...

very true and you are the only guide..
thank you..

Gita said...

Yes so true ! the Ego stops people from accepting who they really are ! .. The Ego should be killed... So grateful that u bring out such beautiful msgs..

I Praise the Nrityapriya - PT the one who loves dancing..

I Praise the Anagha - the one who is PerfecT and is without any fault..

I Praise the Omkara - The Master behind the creation of AEIOUM...

I Praise the Ananthadrishti - The one with infinite vision , who can see everything and anything in the multiverse...

I Praise the Palanhaar - The one who protects everyone like a hero :) ...

I Praise the Augadh - The one who loves to enjoy ...

I Praise the Bhaavah - He who is Moving and Non Moving

I Praise the Pootaatmaan - You who have the most extremely pure essence..

I Praise the Paramathman - The Divine Super Soul...

I Praise the Muktaanaam paramaa gatih - You being the final goal for all the liberated souls...

I Praise the Avyayah - The undeclinable / the one who cannot be destroyed...

I Praise the Purusha - The Masculine Soul manifested to help the spirits :) ..

undecided said...

I bow. One must accept the fact that there are demonic ways about themselves before one can rise above them. aeioum

NavdeeP said...

O lord!!! Your wordshild the power to help the spirits to free from evil system they are carrying inside the rest of the world will be take care of itself. Your plots have changed my way of thinking. Yes I was dreaming, crying and fed up of this evil system but your words save my inner world and lighten up the spark inside me. These plugs are telling the true wisdom spoken through you. Each and every word hold enough energy to rise a spirit .you are the true GURU. I am feeling blessed.
I bow down into your pheet, O!!! Higher Being.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes... Being sincere and admitting to one's current bad/trapped state is the first and very imPorTant step in the journey of going inwards.

On this PlaneT only you are Phree.

ankita said...

Your Plogs are real liPhe giving Plogs
Your Plogs are such bright, beautiPhul PosiTive truthfulness
Your words really liPhT the heart uP and give it hoPe..there's so much light in Your PassionaTe words
You make so much Possible by being here
so kind of You to give beings a chance to make uP for wasted time
Your Plogs are suPremely uPliPhTing

You make so much sense!
Your Plogs bring relief to the heavy being
Your words are all the twinkling shining hoPe and Promise
how soothing it is to read Your words of truth
the feeling that Your truth is Powerful and all untruth is powerless is such a wonderful feeling kind of You to share Your beautiPhul and wonderful clarity with beings here
Your words are sacred Precious PosiTive and uPliPhTing
Your words are the ultimate refuge
Your words are so unburdening
Your words shine
Your words make so much Possible
Your words give sanity
Your words give the most wonderful feeling
reading Your Plogs is the most incredibke exPerience ...its just so great to get time to read Your kind of You to give beings time and sPace
You are such overPhlowing beauty
You are so full of kindness and comPassion
Your words are the real medicine

You are such brightening clarity
You are the only real good
You see things as they are and thats so relieving
i bow

sarah said...

this is so refreshing to read every time. the amount of good people out there is overwhelming. You are the only refuge.

nicolas said...

amazing post! most think of themselves as good people whereas the reality is far from it
beings cannot be good when disconnected from divine

your words convey TruTh in such an insPiring way
your logic is flawless
you are goodness
you are the best that walks the Earth

i bow to you supreme lord

ankita said...

ePic words of truth
i 🙇

amanda said...

one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

Divines logic is undeniable.

"a world consisting mainly of good people
cannot be mad & bad"

one is so ashamed to have not admitted to ones state with grace.
one is so ashamed to have allowed ones toxic state to fester and become uglier than it already was.
one is ashamed to have been so foolish and thought one was good while doing nothing but bad and becoming more insane and mad.

Divine PT is the only true Phorce of good in this world.
Divine PT is the only ONE rooted in absolute truth.

one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

Shruthi said...

Your words jolt one out of all the conditionings and misconceptions. So imPortanT to acknowledge the inherent evil within and work towards rising above it. You give courage to face reality of the self with grace and dignity. You are the truest guru in every sense. one bows to you most elevated one.