Friday 24 July 2009

21st May Story


JacLee said...

Daughter of the Wind Clan, totally blown away by the Bird Man. :> I'm very happy and thankful to have been able to hear and see this P-log and video. i bow

JacLee said...

This is Atomic! You Rock P! GO P GO! Let the Cosmic Ball Game Begin!


miragegirl said...

what a luxuriously rich awe inspiring sound creation !

you created the plumed serpant with such ease

the whole video is totally stunning

with wonderfully rich sounds

you tell who real Mayans are too

you are immensly Powerful in all respects

you are the Quetacoatel

you are the Pahana

you are every Hero

awe inspiring beautiful story

with great visuals also included

your coat of many colours is so stunning

ladened with rainbows

magical sky colours

unseen colourful entities surrounding

brilliant aura

stunning array of PleasanT feelings / emotions

quetzacotel crop formation


"from dark to yellows to browns to reds" on your body

and much much more

you are the blue-hued lotus eyed Lord MahaVishnu

you are Kalki with firey red glowing eyes

riding a horse white as snow

with sword in hand sharp as a diamond itself

you are the Aquarian Hero for the Age of Aquarius

you are the Mightiest

fortunate we are to hear your conch resounding as well

Victory to you !!!

i bow !!!

miragegirl said...

aap Param Pujaneeya hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

wictory to you !!!

i bow !!!

Anonymous said...

i bow to the Ultimate Rock Star who's Presence is critical for all evolution. dhanyavad for Your ePic existence P! i bow at Your Plumed feet. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

You are the one and only best criTic PresenT right now on this PlaneT.

You are the Phiery shining newsun.

21st May becomes the most imPorTanT day of this world.

You are the evervictorious divine.

i bow to you.

Anonymous said...

Chichenitza signifies the imPorTance of your Presence on earTh.

जय श्री शिवनारायण PTअवतार🙏🙇🙌